Fitness Friday!

Tomorrow I’ll do a recap of my juice cleanse, but for today – here are some great fitness related apps, photos, workouts, and links! 

Weight Training

The Nike+ Training App! Sorry men, it’s technically for women. I finally tried this after reading about it on other blogs and I love the 15 minute focus workouts, I haven’t tried the other longer ones yet, but I love that I can listen to music and hear all the instructions right through my headphones so I’m not stopping to read things constantly or need a place to set my phone. 

This great medicine ball workout – every gym has them and they are a great tool anyone can use because there are lots of weights to choose from! 



Yoga for Strong Legs! 

Pre-run hip opener yoga! 



I love Pumps & Iron’s idea of doing a half marathon all on her own – I definitely need to do that when I’m not training for a specific race. Check out her 8 week training plan and give it a try! 

How to get in outdoor workouts plus runs! Stairs are a great way to build strength and speed after or during a run! 


Mileage – 3 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – Because weights. 

Why I don’t buy “I don’t have time”

I don’t believe people when they say that they don’t have time to take care of themselves. Not just fitness or eating well, but even de-stressing, spending quality time with family or friends, going to religious services, or just generally doing something that makes you happy is so important to our mental well being. Sometimes several of these things all align and that’s great!!! 

I didn’t think about this too much until Sunday. I had just gotten home from a gig rehearsal when a friend texted me and asked if I had been to Mass yet. I said I hadn’t and he said I should come to 9pm since he was playing. My first thought was yes. My second thought was “you have a paper due at 9am that you haven’t written yet.” It was only 3 pages, but still. So I responded saying I didn’t think I had the time, to which my friend replied that it was only an hour. I knew he was right and I’m really glad I went despite Mass definitely going longer than an hour since it was Palm Sunday. I realized afterwards that I had almost tried to pull my least favorite card of all time – the “I don’t have time” card. 

I firmly do not believe people when they say they don’t have time. That phrase actually means things like “I’m too lazy”, “I don’t want to make the time”, and occasionally “I have other things I need to prioritize higher than this right now.” Obviously it annoys me most when people say they don’t have time to workout. I understand my peers and friends are busy sometimes with other rehearsals, papers, etc when they can’t attend a concert or party, it matters to me when people are “too busy” to take care of themselves. 

Most people do have the time. They don’t choose to make time. I understand I don’t have children or a full time job, however I was raised by parents who were always going to the gym, running, playing tennis, playing golf, and doing all sorts of active things despite having jobs and two kids who enjoyed doing the most time consuming activities as possible (I’m sorry Mom and Dad….). 

Fitness isn’t my career. I’m getting two Master’s degrees simultaneously, working as a graduate assistant, playing gigs regularly…oh and giving a recital in 2 weeks. Despite all this I still manage to get 5 -6 workouts in a week because I MAKE time for it.  I understand making time for something isn’t instant and takes some building of new habits. It took training 7 months for a marathon to engrain the habits in me personally. But once you get there it improves your quality of life greatly, exercise is so important to our physical and mental well being. 

I think it’s all a matter of time management, choosing a healthy lifestyle over nighttime TV or afternoon web surfing. Maybe it involves shortening your shower and waking up a little earlier to squeeze in a morning workout (that’s what I had to do this morning). My dad packs a lunch and works out on his lunch break sometimes. It’s all about choices – you choose how to spend your time. Choose to improve your lifestyle! 

Mileage – Elliptical warm up, Arm Shredder Nike+ workout, rower cool down, abs 

QOD – Just do it.





Sunday Grubday! (Protein Bar Recipe)

As I mentioned yesterday I will be doing a Pressed Juicery cleanse this week. To clarify, while I did say yesterday that the cleanse is to jumpstart getting off my weight plateau, I do not think in any way that a 1 day juice cleanse will help me lose weight. I understand it’s all water weight and that weight could come back. I’m not a magic pill or secret lose weight fast seekers.

However, I think this cleanse will really help though because I did my research on their website and learned there is eating preparation that you should do so the cleanse isn’t a complete shock to your system. They suggest no refined carbohydrates, no dairy, and going vegetarian the 3 days before you start your cleanse and maintaining that diet 3 days after, eating lots of raw or steamed vegetables, fruits, and soups. This means that there is a whole week of eating that is drastically different than my current eating habits which I think will make a huge difference. 

Cleanses also help reset your body because in my case for the 6 days surrounding the cleanse and the cleanse itself – no alcohol, no sweets, no caffeine. This really eliminates cravings which I’m hoping will help me maintain some new habits easier. I’m generally not a sweets person, most of my cravings are savory, but if I start eating sweets too frequently I do begin to crave them.

So this weeks meals are primarily plant based and everything for the most part is pretty basic. Salads with avocados, steamed asparagus and spinach with broth, and finally on Friday night – FISH! However I do finally have the protein bar mash up recipe!! 

Protein Bar Recipe (no bake – inspired by RunEatRepeat and PeanutButter Fingers)
- 1/2 cup fresh pressed (or all natural) peanut butter 
- 1/2 cup local honey (local is good for your allergies!) 
- 1 packet vanilla protein powder 
- 1 cup oats 
- 1 1/2 TBSP chia seeds 
- mix-ins! (raisins, dried fruit, coconut, choco.chips) 

- Put honey and peanut butter in large microwavable bowl and microwave for 1 minute 
- After heating stir the peanut butter and honey together, once blended stir in the protein powder (I recommend using a plastic spatula to stir)
- Next stir in oats, followed by chia seeds, then finally mix-ins. I think doing this 1 ingredient at a time blends the ingredients better. 
- Line a small cookie sheet (I used my toaster oven baking sheet) with parchment paper and create a rectangle with the batter. 
- Put in freezer, let set for about 45 minutes, cut into bars and wrap in foil to store! 

Mine makes about 6 bars and they stay good throughout the week! 

Mileage – 3.2 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD - He that can have patience can have what he will.



Wonderpot Recipes and 1 week Vegetarian!

This past week at school has been insane – tons of concerts, recitals, my recital hearing, a presentation, short paper, long paper, etc. So I really haven’t had much time to blog. However I managed to sneak in 2 nice and fast runs, my final workout with Camp Gladiator, and a yoga session during my weekdays so all was not lost! 

I tried a great new “wonder pot” recipe – which if you follow the recipe is vegan and all cooked in one pot! YES! I hate doing dishes! It was a spinach and artichoke pasta and the sauce came entirely from simmering and cooking down some vegetable broth – it was really flavorful! My version wasn’t vegan because I didn’t use any mushrooms since Ben and I don’t like them and threw some chunks of chicken breast on top. But it would be just as good without the chicken, it was so cheap and easy to make and super delicious. It is definitely going on the “go-to” tried and loved recipe board I have on Pintrest. 

While I managed to jump start my weight loss this semester I’ve gotten stuck at the same number for about 2 weeks now so I’ve decided to make a change this week and try something totally new! This week I’m going vegetarian and on Wednesday I will be doing a 1 day juice cleanse I purchased from Pressed Juicery! I read SarahFit’s review of the 3 day cleanse and I was mostly interested because some of the juices sound so delicious! I initially wanted to try the 3 day, but I’ve never done a cleanse before and I just couldn’t quite afford the 3 day right now. Considering how they deliver the juices and the fact that the S&H is included in the price I think the cost is incredibly reasonable and I can’t wait to try it and let you all know about my experience!

Mileage – 6.3miles, Yoga for Runners, foam roller

QOD -If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.

Catch-Up Monday

I finally got my computer back late Friday afternoon and spent the whole weekend playing and listening to some AMAZING music. I played my usual Friday night jazz gig then packed up and went a few blocks away to play another gig. On Saturday I had rehearsal for my recital and went two fabulous recitals – a tuba recital and a cello recital. So many different styles of music and both performers played wonderfully. Then on Sunday morning I watched a great filmed performance of Handel’s opera, Giulio Cesare, followed by another rehearsal, and then played a sweet gig with a friend. We played some classical solo rep and jazz standards then got a great meal and drinks, which are always the best gigs. I swear almost all musicians love food just as much as being paid, it makes a bad gig good and a good gig great!

I managed to squeeze in a run Friday morning and an elliptical workout on Sunday between everything. The recovery time is over though and this week I got right to work with a fast run this morning and I’m planning to start piling on the miles. I have a new goal in mind for May but I’m going to save announcing it until after the insanity of my recital and paper are over. 

In the food world I’ve had a few creative genius moments over the past few days. On Saturday morning I was trying to figure out a way to dress up my eggs for breakfast and all I had left in my fridge were pizza toppings, baby carrots, and kiwi…. So I made PIZZA EGGS.  I chopped up some pepperoni and tossed it in with the eggs just as they were finishing cooking to get some of the flavor in there and heat up the pepperoni. Then I put some grated parmesan on top of the eggs and dipped my forkfuls into some tomato sauce. It was the perfect late brunch. 

Tonight I tried out a new homemade breakfast bar idea and I think it turned out amazing. No-bake protein breakfast bars! I’ll post the recipe tomorrow with photos, but I’m super excited because I tried just a taste before forming the bars and I loved it. 

Time to study like crazy for a String Chamber Literature exam tomorrow (sounds fun right?!?!)

Mileage – 3.75 miles

QOD - You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.



Weight Loss Rights vs Wrongs

Apparently my hard drive crashed on Tuesday despite my computer screen showing that the hard drive was fine. It will be repaired FO FREE! but I won’t get it back until tomorrow afternoon – Oh the horror of being without my laptop for 2 days (that was sarcasm). 

One of my FAVORITE bloggers Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat wrote this great post on concentrating on the rights of weight loss and healthy habits rather than the wrongs. I want to go run a race in California just so I can meet Monica – I seriously love her blog, all her advice, and her hilarious sense of humor. 

She encouraged people to think about the things they do right when it comes to weight loss rather than focusing the things that they might have messed up on. And she’s dead on in saying we love to focus on the negatives. My usual thoughts when it comes to my weight loss habits: 
“I didn’t work out hard enough today and I still got frozen yogurt. That was dumb. ” 
“I drank alcohol, there goes all my hard work” 
“I can’t eat any sweets until this weekend *proceeds to stare at the bag of chocolate chips meant for cookies and then fails and eats half the bag rather than a normal human portion*” 
“If I don’t count every calorie I won’t see progress” (when I miss one meal I fall off the bandwagon entirely) 

I know all of those thoughts are totally skewed. I love food, I think it is a great joy in life and a way of sharing culture, love, and community. However, I used to have a poor relationship with it because I abused it for a variety of reasons and ways. My relationship with food has finally gotten to a comfortable place for me over the past few months and I’m hoping to maintain that. So I’m going to share with you all the things that I think I do well when it comes to health and weight loss.  

1) I work out 5-6 days a week and I’m really proud of that because it means I’ve made it a priority in my ridiculous double master’s student schedule. 

2) I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I love citrus, berries, and apples and I even force feed myself 1 banana almost everyday. I choose to eat spaghetti squash and I actually crave lettuce and broccoli sometimes. 

3) I don’t drink any soda. I don’t like the taste of soda (except Ginger Ale which conveniently isn’t very popular so I never ask for it) and so I drink almost exclusively water and herbal teas

oh…and alcohol…  

4) I make 80% of what I eat myself. I’ve really tried to devote myself to the 80/20 clean eating and I can really feel the negative difference internally when I eat out or indulge too much.

5) I eat breakfast everyday, no exceptions. I think this has greatly reduced the binge meals in my life and especially stabilized my eating on the weekend when I tend to swap focus for fun. 

6) This doesn’t relate to food, but I wear facial moisturizer with SPF 15 sunscreen everyday and I feel good about protecting my skin from the sun. 

What are your healthy habits that you’re proud of?? Share them with me! 

Mileage – CG workout, foam roller 

QOD – Be positive, patient, and persistent. 




Fitness Friday


Why Humans are the Only Animals that can run marathons! 


PB Fingers works her magic again but this time with an AB WORKOUT! 

Pumps and Iron AMRAP Workout – this girl works you hard with these workouts! Love them! 

Deck of Cards workout!!! I LOVE this idea for traveling or a group workout even?? I can’t wait to try this! 


You can do anything with yoga… even get rid of a MUFFIN TOP

I love this list of ways to motivate yourself to workout! Motivation rulessss. 
28 Little Ways to Convince Yourself to Workout! 

Mileage – 3.3 miles, yoga 

QOD - Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body.

Cajun Sliders Recipe and Tuscan Soup Recipe!

This week I made Cajun Sliders from a recipe I pulled out of a magazine. The recipe called for half ground beef and half ground turkey. But to clean it up I just used a whole pound of 99% lean ground turkey and it still tasted amazing.

Here is an image of the recipe page!

The best part was how easy the meal was. I was done in 20 minutes. I broiled my red peppers in my toaster oven for about 6 minutes while the sliders were done cooking in under 10 minutes. Talk about FAST. I was able to make the meal, serve up Ben’s plate and cover it with foil for him to eat later and wrap mine up and take it to go in no time. I served it with peas because I LOVE peas and the extra red peppers that didn’t fit on the sliders. We used whole wheat slider rolls and I halved the mayonnaise in the sauce to make it even healthier.

Now onto the Tuscan Soup! I’ve been eating soup everyday for lunch for the past 6 weeks or so and the weight I’ve been struggling to get rid of that I gained when I started grad school has just fallen off (more on that another day)!

Soup plus fruit, and sometimes a veggie if the soup doesn’t have a substantial amount of veggies, is my lunch 5 days a week and I think it works wonders. The past few soups I’ve pulled from my Weight Watchers cookbook and I loved them – this week is no exception. Here is a link to the soup I made this week (I used wine instead of water, which is in the cookbook!). I also split this soup into 4 portions and I have only needed to eat this and a piece of fruit to be totally full for hours.

Today’s workout was a 5:30 am Camp Gladiator workout with lots of running, lunges, squats, and resistance. I have a strong feeling my glutes are going to be a little sore tomorrow. Tonight I’m also going to do some yoga because I’m getting a massage this afternoon before a concert and I want to go to bed reaping all the relaxing benefits of my massage. I HIGHLY recommend massages for musicians and athletes alike – I feel like my whole body functions better after an intense full body massage! 

Mileage – CG workout, Yoga for Runners

QOD – Eating crappy food isn’t a reward — it’s a punishment.



Recovery Week and Upcoming Recipes!

After the strenuous race on Saturday, this week has been a recovery week! And a fun past few days because I got to see the JMU Women’s Basketball team in the NCAA tournament in College Station, TX! While they lost in the 2nd round, they won their first NCAA tournament game since 1991 (which is before some of the team members were born!) and really gave A&M a run for their money in the 2nd round game. I was so excited to watch my favorite JMU sports team play live again and hear the Pep Band – proud alum right here! That band is always amazing and makes every opponents fans fall in love with them because they are THAT good. 

I did my Yoga for Runners on Sunday and Monday morning and Tuesday I did a CG workout. For the most part I actually felt pretty good on Tuesday. I think making sure I wear my compression socks, doing yoga, and foam rolling immediately following a long run makes a huge difference in how I feel after a rough long run. 

Today was supposed to be my first run since the race, but I’m truly exhausted. I’ve hardly slept the past 48 hours and I may have accidentally given myself food poisoning with a bad bag of lettuce….oops. And since it was raining and cold – I have no time to get sick, my recital is 1 month away! – I decided to take it easy today and just go hard tomorrow morning in my CG workout and get a run in on Friday which is my normal rest day. I definitely need to get a full night’s sleep the next few nights to get my body readjusted. I’m normally pretty serious about getting proper sleep (but sometimes it must be sacrificed)!

I missed Sunday Grubday, but tomorrow I HAVE to post this delicious recipe I pulled out of a magazine (probably years ago) and finally tried for the first time this week. Cajun “Sliders” with broiled red peppers. OH MAN. The recipe called for a mix of ground beef and ground turkey but I was sneaky and used 99% lean turkey and the meat seasoning did an amazing job of flavoring. Ben loved it and had no idea that it was ground turkey! I’ll also try to find a link to the delicious (and Weight Watchers) Tuscan sausage soup I’ve been eating for lunch this week.

Mileage – Rest day!

QOD - Some people train knowing they’re not working as hard as other people. I can’t fathom how they think. (Alberto Salazar)