Recently, I have been running through Purcell Park during part of my runs. Normally I am a road running, I hate sidewalks because I personally can really feel the difference in my knees (asphalt has more give). Purcell’s paths are covered in a decent layer of really fine gravel and it kind of reminds me of running on sand. I can actually feel the difference in my legs that different muscles are working and are sore the next day. I also like integrating it in my run because there aren’t any cars there so I’m inhaling less exhaust while running. I wish I had bigger parks to run around because I think I’m starting to like that the best. I think I’m going to look into trail running.

Also, tennis balls are the best way to massage your feet. ever.

Mileage – 6.25 miles

QOD – I run because it’s so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.

Sun and Weather are confused.

So today, it was pretty cloudy and cool all day. Around 7pm I go out for an evening run. It is the first time I’ve run late in the day in a very long time. About 2 miles into my run….it’s suddenly dark and HOTTER?! Yes that is correct – the darker the sky got, the more hot and humid it became outside. Unacceptable. Alas it is now too late in the year to run in the evening without my reflective vest that my very thoughtful boyfriend gave to me. But tomorrow is my rest day from running, and I get to swim, so if it is hot outside, AWESOME, if not, AWESOMER. FALL IS ALMOST UPON US!!!

Also, I just surfed around the MCM website today I’m pretty excited. 38 days!


Mileage – 6 miles

QOD – Happiness is doing what you love, not an end goal to be achieved.


Only 7 miles away!! Yesterday I ran an exciting 19.2 miles. My first 16.1 or so were done on my own. Let me say I began my run in relatively cold, foggy drizzle. The entire first mile I was thinking to myself that I could be curled up in my bed with a delicious egg and cheese sandwich or watching HGTV in my comfy arm chair with nutella and peanut butter on toast. Instead, I was running. Eventually those thoughts disappeared and I really got into it. Actually I felt so great I didn’t even need to stop for water or a bathroom break until 8.5 miles in. Then I just kept running around H-burg/the park until I went onto campus and participated in the JMU Triathalon club’s Donut Dash.

This 5k race involves several donut stops along the route and your goal is to eat as many as possible. For every donut you eat, you knock minutes off your time. Unfortunately, 18 miles in for the day and having eaten 2 donuts, I was nearly done. It was basically just the adrenaline that carried me to the end of that race. But I definitely can feel a difference when running alongside other people and I’m excited that that will keep me going during the marathon. I stretched a lot and basically laid down and did nothing the rest of the day, at least I tried to move as little as possible. My hips don’t even feel bad really, just an occasional ache. I think after shrieking in the cold shower yesterday following my run I’m going to stick to a hot bath tonight.

Hopping on an elliptical later today to flush out some bad toxins and read my homework, get some energy going and a little strength training in.


Mileage – recovery day!

QOD – It always seems impossible until its done.

12 minute swim….

To sum up my past few days

Saturday – 18 miles attempted, only 14 miles completed. my hip bursitis really flared up and I was definitely in some pain by the end of 14 so I cut it short to be safe.

Sunday – I rested, my legs hurt a lot.

Monday – I ran around campus, alas it was not part of my training.


Today I woke up, hopped out into the AMAZING chill for a brisk 2.5 miles just to get my body warmed up. Did some yogaaaa. Planned out my meals for the day so I can actually stick to this training eating plan. And then I went to GKIN. So I took the swimming section of GKIN so that I could get myself back in the water because I’d like to start training for triathlons after the MCM. Today was our cardiovascular test of seeing how long we could swim in 12minutes. I would’ve really liked to have passed the “High Performance Zone” bench mark of 600yds but unfortunately, I only did 500 yds so I am in the “Good Performance Zone”. I definitely think my distance running helped, but it goes to show you, not all cardio activities are created equal and I definitely need to work on my swimming skills. ¬†Also, I’m going for a 21 miler on saturday…hopefully my hip will be nicer to me this week!

Mileage – 2.5 and cross-training

QOD – The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.

Running in the Rain!!!

Surprise!! It’s fall apparently….So yesterday (I know I should’ve blogged about this yesterday, but I suck at this) I went out and ran in the rain and it was amazing. Although I did wear a cold gear top because I felt pretty chilly at first – big mistake, I was SOOO hot by the end of the run. I like 5-8 milers around Harrisonburg because I get a much better feel for my flat speed because I can map out routes with little to no incline. Columbia was a nightmare trying to find flat runs. Anyways, today is a big week… I have to run my first 21 miler…so basically I’m trying to mentally prepare myself all week. I think I’m kinda psyching myself out though, so I guess I’ll focus on making it through the week first. I guess that’s all for now…

OH! I had no idea how many people actually read my running tangents. But as people talk to me about it… I just wanted to say thank you for reading :)! you guys are awesome.


Mileage – cross training

QOD – Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends.