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A couple years back I decided to run a marathon… I had no idea what I was doing. This year I decided to eat clean, I yet again I had no idea what to do. But I’ve found some pretty great resources over the past few years and I get a lot of people who ask for my help or advice and so I thought I’d share some of my favorites .



 I love Runner’s World. I buy the magazine and check the website regularly, lots of great stretches and answers almost any running question you could have. 


This is a great site for figuring out the distances of your run, with long runs you can’t just wing it the first few times until you get used to the distances and surrounding areas. 

3) Marathon and Half Marathon: The Beginner’s Guide by Marnie Caron 

While I don’t do the run-walk method, which the author suggests here, the other advice is INCREDIBLY valuable and this was one of my greatest resources in running my full and half marathons. (See Picture!) 



Yup, Pintrest. That’s one of my favorite ways to find great recipes and websites. It’s a matter of self control, so I do pin my clean food separately from other foods. 


This is an AWESOME clean eating website. Really great explanations and grocery lists, along with tons of recipes that you wouldn’t even guess are clean and healthy. 


While some of the food on this site is overly indulgent (although probably incredibly delicious) there are some really great healthy recipes you can easily make clean. It can also lead to some awesome food blogs since it’s a compilation site like Pintrest. 


Mileage – 3 miles, lift, abs 

QOD –  Number one is just to gain a passion for running. To love the morning, to love the trail, to love the pace on the track. Image


Today was a long Monday. I hardly slept last night, maybe an hour. So I am just glad to have made it through the day, practicing, and through my run tonight. The taco soup I made yesterday tastes AMAZING, I hadn’t tried it until tonight. I would’ve eaten the entire pot of of it, except I had to go run. After my run I rewarded myself with – a little – all natural frozen yogurt and fruit. Gotta stay on track with being clean AND WW as of right now, which is a lot of work some days. 

Mileage – 4 miles, abs 

QOD – You must begin to think of yourself becoming the person you want to be. 

Cooking Day!

Sundays are my cooking day and I plan everything out on my weekly meal planner. I make 2 or 3 clean meals for the week, and alternate them for lunch and dinner. I also prep my breakfasts and try to pre pack my lunch every night before I go to bed so I don’t feel rushed in the mornings and give in and buy on campus.

Today was also recovery run day, in GORGEOUS 73 degree weather. I could even wear a tank top and needed my visor. That run also mean I ran 20 miles this week!! I’m super excited about that number. I think I’m really back in running business! My legs feel pretty good too.

Sampling of this weeks meals
Clean “Taco” Soup – whole grain shells, lean ground turkey, black beans, and corn.

Baked tilapia (with lemon, capers, olive oil and Herbs de Provence) with mixed steamed vegetables and quinoa.

Mileage – 3 miles, yoga

QOD – If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one that comes up on the short end.



Long Run!

Approximately 10 weeks ago I recall tweeting something along the lines of “I may have underestimated this ITB injury” since then I have run one MAYBE two 5 milers and I had to drop out of the Waco Marathon (which would have been tomorrow). And the one 5 miler I had to walk a couple times  – it was also 85 degrees at 3pm, ooops. Since then my ITB has healed well, but my legs have been struggling and it’s been a long road of rest, run, tension, rest, run, repeat until I decided to take action and see a physical therapist before returning to Texas. 

Not surprisingly, the physical therapist found my hips were out of alignment (which I had blogged about occurring two summers ago when training for the MCM). She realigned them and did a few more tests. Come to find out, I had seriously taut hip flexors and I wasn’t stretching them properly. Also, yoga had been my running savior but when I got too busy I stopped last semester, so the therapist thought this is what caused my injuries.  The therapist recommended new stretching and strengthening exercises which I have been doing religiously. 

As a result today I ran my first 6 mile “long run” in 10 weeks!!!! My legs felt great. It wasn’t my fastest pace, but significantly faster than I was expecting. This will have been a 20 mile week for me, which I’m very excited about. I am looking to crank up my long runs by 1-2 miles per week and take every fourth week as an easier week, just like my marathon training schedule. Hopefully I’ll be back doing real long runs in 4-6 weeks!! 

Mileage – 6 miles 

QOD – “To know what you are doing, to know that you are a complete athlete, begins with believing you are a runner.”


I love motivational pictures (and quotes if you haven’t noticed) so I’m going to start throwing some of those on here too. Maybe make it a regular Friday thing as motivation for a healthy weekend?!

Mileage – 0! Yogaaaaaaa

QOD – “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”


Almost Weekend!!

First gig tonight with the group I joined, Solid State. It went well, stoked to have shows both Friday and Saturday night this weekend!

Went and bought some organic shredded wheat to replace toast at breakfast. A little bland, but hey I don’t really notice flavor at 6:30am I’m just trying to get out the door on time.

Attempting my first 20 mile week since the injury, so tomorrow is my day off from running and lifting. I’m so ready for a looong yoga and foam rolling session.

Mileage – 3 miles, weights, abs

QOD – Everything is fine, I ran today.


Lesson…or a few…learned.

So today I have learned several new things, thanks to a series of unfortunate events. 

1) Breads without preservatives don’t last very long,  especially when you’re a single roommate-less grad student who only eats one slice a day. It tastes great and I hate wasting food 😦 So I’ll be looking into this dilemma or maybe finding a smaller recipe with less servings? Because it’s hard to eat 16 slices of bread in 5 days. My loaf is in the freezer now with the hopes of keeping it fresher a little while longer. Also, I could eliminate bread all together and find another carb for breakfast? Note: I hate oatmeal (I tried to force feed it to myself, just not an option). 

2) My hair does not curl. Unless I sleep with it in about a dozen damp tiny twists over night. Today I attempted to curl my hair since I had a spare few minutes, alas it was straight-ish again in about 30 minutes. 

3) When you alter the amount of one or two liquid ingredients in a salad dressing, appropriately adjust your seasoning. I just consumed some very pepper-y and salty salad dressing… Yes it’s common sense, but I thought there would be enough of the other ingredients to balance it out. This will be an unfortunate week of salads. 

HOWEVER, there are some positives! I discovered last night that quinoa cooked with a broth is more flavorful; definitely never going back to using water. And sorry east coast friends, I just have to say I am in love with this  65-72 degree weather and it makes winter running a hell of a lot nicer. 

Mileage – 4 miles 

QOD – “I run because if I didn’t, I’d be sluggish and glum and spend too much time on the couch. I run to breathe the fresh air. I run to explore. I run to escape the ordinary. I run to savor the trip along the way. Life becomes a little more vibrant, a little more intense. I like that.”

All things new!

It has been 6 MONTHS since I last blogged. I had fallen off the bandwagon even before then and it might not have been for the best. My few devoted readers and all the other friends who read my blog helped keep me accountable training for my first marathon! And I think it’s about time I crank this back into high gear.

Since I last shared my fitness life with y’all, I have moved to Texas for graduate school at Baylor University (Sic ‘Em Bears!), completed a Tough Mudder, sustained a really sucky ITBand injury, and recently gone “clean”.

I figured since I was starting fresh on some fitness goals and going to be including a lot more nutrition (and photographs!) I’d give the page a facelift. Thoughts?!

“Clean eating” has become popular for it’s holistic values, elimination of processed foods, and general health benefits. It essentially eliminates any manmade substance from your diet. Preservatives, food dyes, “flavorings”, really anything that be considered too far from the original source to provide health benefits. For my own purposes, there are two things I am not completely eliminating from my diet. One is cheese – I will definitely be pulling back to primarily soft, part skim cheeses, but it’s a food I truly can’t entirely relinquish. The second is alcohol – I have decided to almost completely eliminate beer from my diet however. While I love IPA’s my body isn’t fond of beer and a constantly growling stomach gets real awkward in a 6 person class. Other than that I’ve tried to drop everything else. I even made my own bread!!

Also, since I last blogged about my health and fitness I gained about 15 lbs 😦 BUMMER. But having lost 5 lbs already thanks to clean eating (and WW – it really works) I’d like to get down to my March weight of last year which would involve losing about 15 more lbs. I’m not setting a time limit, although it would be great to accomplish this goal before the end of the semester. Also this time the weight is coming off and staying off. I think clean eating as a lifestyle will really help me maintain my weight. Plus a lower weight means faster speeds.

So far I only have one race in the future scheduled – Color Run Dallas – but I’m looking at running the Austin 10/20 and repeating my favorite race so far – the Marine Corps Historic Half.

Alright that’s enough blabbing for now, but I’m excited to be back in action.

Mileage – weight training, abs, yoga

QOD – Food is your body’s fuel. Without fuel, your body wants to shut down