Eating to Run

“So you want to be a runner? Well you have to eat like a runner.” That’s what I keep hearing…. but what do runners eat? The first thing that everyone says is “carbs”. Well Carbs are my arch nemesis. I have a very difficult relationship with carbs….there are so many different issues relating to carbs, such as:

~good vs bad

~fiber vs sugar

~white vs whole grain vs whole wheat vs multigrain vs another substance

~eating carbs makes you want to eat more, puts you in a bad mood, or makes you tired after the crash

~carbs make a lot of people gain weight

So how do you really know what to eat while training for a big run to maintain your energy, your weight, and your mood?

Well thankfully Runner’s World has recently put out a magazine on how to lose weight while running. But there has to be more sources out there on how to do this… I haven’t done much research yet but this is an issue that I’ve been struggling with lately. I never know how far before running to eat or what to eat, or what to eat after I run. Does the distance  your running in a day change your eating schedule? Definitely something I need to look into.

Mileage – 2 miles of hill speedwork and 1 mile of interval walk/sprints

QOD – My feeling is that any day I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy.

What exactly does REST mean??

So what’s in a “REST DAY”? Do you really have to abstain from any form of exercise or can you go for a gentle bike ride or cruise on the elliptical for a little while?

I have read about certain types of exercise that are definite no-go’s for runners, anything high impact for sure. I was going to try Zumba last week on a rest day and then I read that “high-impact dance aerobics” is something not to do while training for running.

I understand that swimming, cycling, and the elliptical are all great ways to still keep yourself moving because they are easy on your joints. But are these not to be done on rest days? How many days of complete rest do you actually need in a week? So I did some research. And here’s what I’ve established.

1) Rest days are meant to allow your body to recover from your runs, so if your body isn’t wanting rest you may want to push yourself harder on your running days.

2) Some low impact work is okay on rest days, particularly early on in training.

3) The higher the mileage you are running in a week, the more recovery time you will need, so really devote rest days to actually resting!

4) Make sure whatever work-out you are taking on has purpose in your training plan.

I got a lot of this information from Marathon Training websites and Running Advice and News on this blog site! So now I know I will be taking more time to rest on my actual rest days and really protecting my joints!


Mileage – Rest day!

QOD – If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience another life… run a marathon.


Today was only a 3 mile day…. but that hill up Port Republic is definitely not fun. It slowed my time down by nearly 3 minutes per mile. Well I know what I’ll be doing a lot more of…. But running down a hill is fabulous. I really have to maintain my speed and keep myself from getting too fast. You really have to keep your feet underneath of yourself rather than getting carried away after pushing up a long hill. This is my first 5 days of running week, so hopefully I don’t break down and get too tired after this added in run tomorrow. Not much to comment on today.

Topics to Come :
Rest Days, Strength/Cross Training,  Eating to Run, Carrying Carbs and Water Bottles


Mileage – 3 miles

QOD – Hills are speedwork in disguise.

Been Awhile…

So…it has been awhile since I last posted! Tragedy of midterm week and then coming home. Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped running though! I have officially begun my 33 week training program for the marathon.

– Training –

The concept is simple 14 weeks of running basic mileage….a long run on Sundays and then 3 shorter runs during the week, sometimes with a 4th day of running thrown in. That first process never has a long run of more than 10 miles. Then 18 weeks of building up to marathon distance, still running no more than 5 days a week. The 19th week is to run a marathon one week before the actual race, then rest the whole week.

Those first 14 weeks are for confidence. I know I can run 10 miles. I know I can run 7 or 8 miles. I’ve done that before. But being able to do it consistently – that’s what I need to build my confidence to running 26.2 miles come October 30th.

I will post more consistently from here on out!

Mileage – 3 miles, this afternoon around the lake

QOD – A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways they’re capable of understanding.

A Weekend Off

VBODA, Concert, Wind Symphony Tour, 3 days – 3 midterms, more touring….

there was no running this past weekend. hopefully from here on out, this won’t be happening again. I guess it was better it happened earlier on rather than later.

At least it was legitimate lack of time and not lack of desire that kept me from hitting the pavement.

Mileage – TBD for this afternoon I suppose, if I can run between my midterm and more touring.

QOD – The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.