Things I’d forgotten about Marathon Training.

I’m 2 months into training for my 2nd marathon – Whoooo – but I’m remembering all the things I forgot about the first time I trained. Certainly many things are different since my first marathon was actually the first race … Continue reading

100 mile month check in!

I posted at the beginning of May that my goal was to run 100 miles this month, currently if I stay right on track from here on out I’ll hit about 98 miles. I’m probably going to tack on a few extra miles towards the end of this week to make sure I get to 100 but I don’t want to burn myself out before my half marathon next Saturday! 

I originally scheduled 120 miles for this month, knowing that things would happen and that number would give me wiggle room. Sure enough, I got that nasty cold and instantly lost 13 miles that weekend. A few late nights and super early mornings this weekend put me back another 4 miles, and there is another day that I scratched off at the very beginning of May but I don’t remember why. All totaled I lost 22 miles to life and I think it taught me a valuable lesson. 

When I under schedule my running or don’t write down a plan at all and life gets in the way, I’m really not running as much as I should be/want to be running. I really need to make sure to push myself to have the highest mileage goals. I finally feel like my body has forgotten my marathon enough to sign up for #2 and I feel confident I’m much better prepared this time around.

Since the Marine Corps Marathon in 2011 I have run 3 half marathons (and my 4th is in 10 days!), a 10 miler, a Tough Mudder, a 10k, and quite a few 5k or shorter races. I had only run one 5k before my marathon, and while I trained for 7 months, my body still wasn’t quite ready. Now I think I am. So my 5th half and 2nd full will be coming up in the fall/winter and I’m hoping that upping my mileage and adding a variety of training will help me with distance speed.

I’ve already planned on getting in about 70 miles in June before I leave for Europe and hopefully getting in at least 15-20 miles while I am in Paris for the remainder of June. I want to keep the consistency up as I head into marathon training at the end of July. 

Mileage – 3.25 miles, yoga, foam roll 

QOD -The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.



Fitness Friday!


How to run faster and make new friends! 

What it feels like to train for a marathon – I’ve been reading lots of these lately because I’m about to start prepping for marathon #2 and it’s been a few years and it feels like #1 all over again! 


It’s almost bikini season and here’s an awesome yoga workout for a bikini body


Ever wonder how to design your own personal workout? With the summer vacation season coming up and visiting friends and foreign gyms perhaps here’s how to develop a personal workout

Great chest and back workout from SarahFit! 





Mileage – Yoga for Runners and foam rolling

QOD – How do you get a bikini body? Put a bikini on a body!


How many miles a week should you be running?

Since I’m currently on my mission to run a lot more miles this month I figured I’d check out how many miles I should be running a week for the different types of races I run. While they say that you should run the least number of miles a week but make the most out of your workouts I still figured I’d be a little on the shorter side. But I am SERIOUSLY on the shorter side apparently…. Check it out here:

How much should you be running a week? 

Now that I know I need to get my act in gear and make this month the bare minimum for my half and full training seasons I also wanted to check out how to make my runs longer in a more efficient fashion. And I found this great article! Runner’s World is one of my favorite resources for running and I love all the great things I find there. 

How many miles do you run in a week?? 

Mileage – 3 miles, Arm Shredder workout 

QOD – Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.



100+ Mile May

For the months of May and June I’ve challenged myself to run over 100 miles each month. I’ve currently got 115 miles on my schedule including a surprise half marathon on May 31st! I wrote down a schedule on a blank calendar, which I haven’t done in a long time and didn’t do for my last race. But I need to start again because I looooove checking things off – I mean I make a list for every grocery store trip. 

I wanted to do this 100+ for several reasons: 

1) I’ve never run more than 75 miles in a month according to my Nike+ stats and I would love to increase my mileage for 2014 to 750+ miles for the year. My goal for 2015 is 1000 miles. 

2) I won’t have access to the gym after next Tuesday until I get home at the end of May so I need some motivation to keep me running. 

3) I think that if I crank up my frequency I can improve my speed. (my 2 short days are always 3 miles and I want to focus on speed those days) 

4) It will help me stay in race training shape consistently. I think that if I can maintain higher mileage all summer that training for my 2nd and 3rd marathons this coming fall will be easier. 

I work out and run a decent amount. But other than training for my marathon I’ve never really had 25 mile weeks frequently. I’d love to eventually get to 30 mile weeks. I also love how my legs look when I run 6 days a week. My legs are pretty muscular naturally (I love them no matter how they look btw) so when I was doing CrossFit and not running as frequently my legs bulked up a bit. When I was running constantly my legs leaned out a bit and I really liked the definition that I had. 

In addition to the running I will be doing yoga 3 days a week, with one of those days being a rest day, and on my 2 short run days I’ll be doing Nike Training Club workouts (mostly upper body and abs). 

Mileage – 3 miles, arm workout 

QOD – The best way to predict your future is to create it.



2014 Goals! (Resolutions are so dramatic!)

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions…for those of you that do them – GREAT! But since my world still revolves around school, I tend to look at the start of each new semester as an opportunity to revamp my habits. This semester I feel like I’m already going in strong, so I’m not changing too much – although I am considering getting a juicer (thoughts anyone?)! I’m actually probably going to meal plan my first 3 or 4 weeks of school before I even get on the plane back to Texas because I have a gig, mini tour, group recital, and 2 major concerts all within the first 2.5 weeks of classes and another extended tour in February. Oh, and I’m taking 2 more credits than last semester while preparing my thesis prospectus and 2nd recital. I just keep telling myself I’ll make it out alive. 

Despite all the craziness I do like to set goals to accomplish each year. Goals don’t necessitate immediate change, or even require changing really. They are just new things to reach for. I set both musical goals and fitness goals along with a few some financial goals too.  

My running goal for 2014 is to run: 

775 miles!

According to my Nike+ I ran 374 miles at an average distance of 3.5 miles and average pace of 10:18 in 2012. In 2013 I ran 563 miles at an average distance of 3.9 miles and average pace of 9:47. So I’m just aiming to continue the pattern and up my mileage to 775 miles with an average distance of 4.5 miles. My average pace goal is going to be probably 9:20, because my other goal is to run 3 half marathons and 2 full marathons (plus other races of course). I think my marathon pace will sit closer to a 9:40 (to sneak below 4:15:00) while I’d love to get my half marathon pace between 9:00 and 9:15 to get a sub 2:00:00 half time eventually! 

My non-running fitness goals mostly pertain to CrossFit. I’d like to be able to do 5 handstand push-ups. I have to re-evaluate some of the others, but that’s for certain. Currently I can only hold handstands (about 45 seconds – 1 minute) so I’d really like to be able to move towards the push-up part. Right now when I try I can barely bend my elbows, and when I do bend them, I usually lose my balance. 

My musical goals for this year are to perform 3 recitals; while two recitals are required for my Master’s, I’d like to give another recital in Maryland where more of my family and friends can see me perform since I haven’t performed on the east coast in almost 2 years. I also have a goal to be accepted to a minimum of 3 music festivals/camps for this summer and be able to finance attending them on my own (this is more difficult than it may seem because several I am auditioning for require flying to Europe).

I have a few other musical goals but sharing details of my bass playing/practicing is very difficult for me sometimes as I see it as a very sacred and personal relationship. I know that sounds weird but music is where I store, release, and experience many of my emotions and it can be hard to share those things with others – I’ve gotten better, but it is still very intimate for me. 

Do you have any goals?!
Of course I’ll recommend running a half or full marathon to anyone because those experiences changed my life – and I even have a few friends who are registered for their first half marathons this year already (you go girls!). And if you so choose to do that (everyone should HERE’S WHY) here are 2 great training resources: 

1) Hal Higdon Training Programs – HERE 
2) 16 week Marathon Training Program – HERE 

Everything in the article about 26.2 reasons to run a marathon is true. That experience changed my outlook on life and despite injuring myself in the race I wouldn’t have traded it for anything (plus it means my 2nd marathon and probably even my 3rd will most definitely be PRs haha!) 

Mileage – Treadmill interval workout, squat cycle, pull-up work, foam roller 

QOD – What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.




Yet again, I’m alive! Sunday Grubday! (Recipe)

Now that I’ve had my 13 easy (mostly haha) days to repair my body from that not so kind half marathon course, marathon training officially begins tomorrow. Oh lawd. 

I’ve been MIA due to my recital, my amazing parents coming to visit, working on a paper, and toughing out a horrific stomach flu. Now that I’ve regained my hunger and a little bit of my sanity, I’ve returned to actually cooking for myself. The week of my recital I pretty much only ate soup and this past week I occasionally ate some bread, so I returned to one of my old favorites for the meal of the week – Crockpot Zesty Italian Chicken! 

4 chicken breasts 
8 oz. Nuefchâtel or cream cheese 
2 cans cream of chicken soup (I use low-fat, low-sodium)
1 packet dry Zesty Italian dressing mix 

Cook on low for 8 hours in crockpot. Serve over pasta. 

I’m serving mine over rice and sautéed spinach because I already had those ingredients in the house and I’m poor. But you could serve it over any type of noodle with some cheese on top, it’s really good with broccoli also! 

My plan for marathon training is pretty similar to my half-marathon training. However, I think part of the reason I didn’t beat my goal time is because I didn’t focus enough on speed runs. So every Monday, Wednesday I will be doing speed runs with Ben to help with that. I also tapered wayyyy too soon for the half, which was mostly due to stress and recital related events, so hopefully I can fit in every long run this time around and this marathon will also be a PR! Oh and I will be spending a lot of time running the hills here and actually training on the course since I have that advantage! 

Mileage – ….walking around the grocery store

QOD – Methinks the moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow.