Double Digits!

My goal for today was to run 9 miles in preparation for the Austin 10/20 on April 14th. It’s been pretty cool here in the mornings recently and there’s been decent wind most days so I decided not to set an alarm knowing I’d wake up around 8. MISTAKE. I rushed to get out the door once I checked the weather and realized the last 1/3 of my run would be in 73 degree sunshine. Thankfully there were a lot of trees on my run and the sun really wasn’t bad until the last 2 miles or so.

I mapped out my run in advance as an out and back and found both my 9 mile turning point and a 9.6 mile turning point, which were on a monster hill. The hill was killer – I’d never run that far into Cameron Park before! – but y’all know me, I never turn down a challenge, so I ran to the top to make the 9.6 mile turning point. And then when I hit 9.6 running home I just kinda knew I had to run the extra few blocks for the 10 miler. It wasn’t easy, but I feel so much better, any run in the double digits makes me feel like I have the beast mode engaged. Yup, super cheese-tastic, oh well haha.

Now for a more controversial topic – eating before a run. When I run at night, obviously I have eaten before my run, I don’t starve myself all day. However, I never eat before I run in the morning, especially before a long run! At first I used to feel really guilty as if I was doing something wrong, everybody always talks about fueling up for their runs. But overtime I’ve come to realize running isn’t about following all the rules, it’s just about running and doing what’s best for your body.

Yes, there are times I agree with the “rules” and recommendations laid out in articles. For example, not stretching after a run is a bad idea, without stretching your muscles are more prone to tears, strains, and knots. Contrarily, an ice bath after a run isn’t necessary for everyone, maybe icing specific joints or stretching in a cool room works for you. So today on my long run I was very aware of my hunger early on in the run, however I held off until it was time to eat my Honey Stinger chews, which are incredibly easy to digest and much better tasting than gels, and my hunger subsided. I do eat relatively soon after a run, usually a full meal if it’s a long morning run because I don’t want to skip meals, and just a piece of fruit and some peanut butter if it’s a night run. Food helps your body heal more than you think!

Today’s run was also a success because I tanned a shade or two! Whoop! It’s going to be hot and sunny so you can bet I’ll be outside on my balcony soaking up the rays while doing research. Then when the night comes I’ll go beast it out in the practice rooms, which I love on breaks because I can always find a music stand!!!


Mileage – 10miles, abs, yoga

QOD – We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

IMG_2882 IMG_2879


So Monday’s Crossfit workout might have been great for me, but yesterday’s – not so much. My personal mistake may have been that I ran a quick 5 miler on Tuesday after Monday’s speed runs so my legs were hurting, but I actually think this is a good thing for me. If I feel fine after all my workouts and I’m not hurting between or during the next one, I probably haven’t been working hard enough. So anyways, yesterday’s workout consisted of power snatches, 3 rounds of burpees, box jumps, wall ball squat and throws, and finally 3 rounds of 400 sprints and dips. The power snatches weren’t too bad, I just need to continually work on my form. I hate burpees, they were killer and by the time we got to the run, I was exhausted. I drank too much water between some of the intervals and almost puked. It was terrible. HOWEVER, I feel much better today having done the workout. I like when I can’t achieve what I want the first time because it forces me to keep working and improving. I went home, ate a small dinner, took a bath, and went straight to bed – my body was not happy with me. 

This morning I was so sore I could barely touch my toes while stretching, so I tried some gentle yoga to start and that helped a lot. I have a 4 miler, maybe 4.5, this afternoon so I want to get my legs loosened up before that. My neck and shoulders are also really sore and I’m not sure what that’s from, possibly a mix of workout and bass playing. I want to keep my eye on that though because I’m not trying to sustain anymore injuries. 


Mileage – 4-4.5 miles, abs, yoga 

QOD – If you become restless, speed up. If you become winded, slow down. You climb the mountain in an equilibrium between restlessness and exhaustion. 




Morning Practice

I absolutely love when I wake up in time to get in a good morning yoga practice. I feel much better when I’m practicing, rehearsing, and running later in the day. It’s great when I can stretch and balance to my heart’s desire with a big mug of green tea to sip on – best way to start my day! Today is jam packed so I feel much better having woken up and gotten some time with myself in early. I’ll post again later, I have a ton of stuff to talk about this week!



New Groove

Long time no talk! 

In my absence I have:

– Ridden a bus for 22 hours, arrived home at 5:30am

– Ran a 5k race immediately following said arrival home (Ran a PR – 27:28!) 

– Slept for a bajillion hours on Sunday. 

– Attempted to piece my life in Waco back together. I think I’m finally there…. 

Today was my first regular Crossfit session…and I was actually intimidated to go alone. I missed Sean! But when I saw the WOD I was totally relieved because it involved RUNNING!!! And if I can do anything, it is definitely running. The WOD was run 1 mile, row 2000m, run 1 mile. Then 3 x 15 medicine ball sit ups and 3 x 10 ring push ups. I ran both of my miles in under 8:30…which is essentially unheard of for me. And the rowing wasn’t awful considering I’d never done it before. The hardest thing for me was the damn ring push ups. They killed my wrists so I just did regular pushups to avoid injuring myself. Then in a crazy adrenaline inspired moment, I decided to go run another 2.5 miles after Crossfit….and I felt great actually! 

Soooo now it’s time to pass out because I’m still getting over tour exhaustion! 


Mileage – Crossfit (2miles), 2.5 miles, yogaaa

QOD – I run because long after my footprints fade away, maybe I will have inspired a few to reject the easy path, hit the trails, put one foot in front of the other, and come to the same conclusion I did: I run because it always takes me where I want to go.


On the Road

On the bus again, we’re about to arrive in Greenville, SC for a short afternoon rehearsal before hitting the road again.

So this trip we’ve been eating at a lot of malls. A LOT. Or student centers, maybe a gas station stop occasionally. It takes me back to the days of high school spring trip where my friends and I would buy $100 worth of junk food and eat it all throughout the trip. And I can say when the people around me on the bus rolled up with Nutty Bars – mmmm gurl – I was a little envious, but I ate my trail mix and was perfectly content. At the malls I just eat a chopped veggie delight salad from Subway with dressing on the side. I can’t say my eating has been particularly exciting, but other than the amazing dessert reception last night (I ate grapes and some delicious cookies) I’ve really been sticking to my guns.

This is especially important because I was too exhausted to run yesterday and today we had to wake up at 5:40 just to get to the buses on time so a run wasn’t happening. Then the buses were over an hour late. It was awesome. Not. Anyways I’ve been trying really hard and getting in a few runs and sticking to my salads, homemade snacks, and packed fruit has kept me feeling pretty healthy despite the cramped spaces, horrible lack of sleep, and long, intense rehearsals.

Tomorrow and Friday I will have the hotel gym and we can sleep in HOORAY!!!!

Mileage – 0…stretching and using my resistance band on the bus

QOD – Strive for progress, not perfection.



Today was our full day in Nashville! Last night we had a long night rehearsal at Vanderbilt, then we met our wonderful home stay lady Julie! She lives outside of Nashville on a golf course so I was up early this morning running around the most mountainous course I’d ever seen.

Today we had a 4.5 hour rehearsal with no break, then wandered downtown on Broadway St for an hour – it pained some of us to not get a drink in the bars we went in to listen to music. Then we had a million hour concert. Oh my gosh. I have no mental energy left. None. It’s bed time because I’m hellbent on waking up at 5:30 to run again tomorrow morning.

Mileage – 3 miles

QOD – May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back.

Outside the Grand Ole Opry!


Bus Ride Boredom

I’ve realized quickly that I did not bring enough things to occupy myself on a 4 day bus journey to North Carolina and a 22 hour bus ride back. Along with a few rehearsals that I think amount to beating dead horses, I’m in for a long week. But I’m trying to stay positive like I started out yesterday.

This morning our very kind home stay family was up bright and early and I managed to get in a 2.5 mile run in a hilly neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas. It felt really great to get in a run today because we’re going to be on the bus for another 6 hours. Now that I’ve managed it once I’d really like to run in at least 4 out of the 5 states we visit on our tour! South Carolina is only a day stop so I think I’ll actually be running in Nashville that morning.

Time to work on my research paper! Or attempt to at least…

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!!! Everyone should enjoy a few beers for me because I won’t get to celebrate St. Patty’s Day in proper Irish tradition, so to remind y’all that we celebrate him as a man of faith here’s a beautiful quote from St. Patrick, “Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.” You do seem to find the presence of God in some interesting places, and for me running and yoga are beautiful times to talk to Him.

Mileage – 2.5 miles

QOD – The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Nothing intense today but this is a good quote for my meals at all these malls we’re stopping at.


Fitness Bloggers Unite!

So I’m sitting on a bus somewhere around the lovely city of Texarkana, a city that encompasses the Texas-Arkansas border – CLEVER. We’re also watching Skyfall which makes me happy because I love Bond movies, Daniel Craig is such an amazing Bond!!!! Anyways, the bus has WiFi and after a brief Pintrest bonanza I decided to start looking up other fitness blogs because in all of my time blogging about running and now food I’ve never actually read another fitness bloggers blog. I’ve stumbled upon several ones I really seem to like and will continue perusing over time. 

Here are my favorites:

Fitness tumblrs and twitters are popular too if you need some motivation or good quotes, but they give you much less of a story and personality than a blog can sometimes (except WSWCM, HDIPTG, WSWCGS, WSWCC, WIM, I love these amazing tumblrs). 

Woah, I rarely post twice in a day so I’m not sure how to wrap this post up?!?! 

Mileage – still 5k, abs, and oh I dunno a couple hundred miles on a bus 

QOD (2) – Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time. 

Sunrise Run

With the changing of the times, it was still dark here in Waco at 6:30 when I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement. I got to watch the sunrise, and I must say it made me feel better after an emotional spring break. I realized even with difficult things happening in life, there’s still beautiful things to pay attention to in life.

I also ran watch-less!! I have come to rely on my NikePlus watch to tell me the time, my distance, my pace, even calories. I think I look every 30 seconds sometimes if I’m not thrilled about the run haha. Other times I won’t look at all until it’s over and it can be a very judgmental process – I didn’t run fast enough or as far as I wanted. So I’ve read some articles about running sans technology and since I was all packed for tour, today seemed like a great day to try it. At first it was really scary as if my security blanket was gone, but I realized time or pace didn’t matter. I just wanted a hard workout before spending all day on a bus and running without the distraction allowed me to watch the sunrise and feel the breeze.

I ate a good breakfast to get me ready for tour and packed up all my fruit. On the bus I started my meal sheet for the week, so writing everything down and knowing in advance which meals are at malls will help me plan. The goal is to lose weight on tour – at least I can’t drink on tour so that will help some.

Mileage – 5k, abs

QOD – All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.

1) My new Lululemon top, I’m in love!!!
2) Stretching it out
3) Basses on the bus!!!





So I’m typing this post while pedaling away on light resistance on the elliptical, because despite 4 days of working out in a row, I’m scared to take a day off because of tour! Plus it’s nice to get your legs moving after a hard run, yesterday’s 6 miles of hills really gave my legs a hard time.

But back to tour…this coming Thursday the Baylor Wind Ensemble is performing at the CBDNA conference and Dr. Wilson felt this made for a great opportunity to travel and perform across the south and get exposure for the Baylor music program. I’m excited about tour and CBDNA of course, but with 3 races in the next month I’m obviously concerned about the tour’s impact on my training and eating habits. Most nights we are sleeping in home stay houses or on the bus even, so I won’t have the opportunity to use a hotel gym until next Wednesday. Our schedule is jam packed (a little excessively in my opinion) and so my hope is some of the home stay families will be cool with me running around their neighborhood.

My other concern is food. Everywhere we’re stopping is fast food oriented – malls, food courts, chick-fil-a, etc. This really doesn’t work for me. Even if I only eat 90% clean usually, I definitely can’t stomach fast food anymore (I tried once 2 weeks ago and it was horrible), let alone fast food nearly every meal for a week. I’ve made it clear on some of our pre-ordered meals that I don’t/can’t eat white flours – which I haven’t for a long time even before clean eating because my GI said my stomach couldn’t handle it. I’ve also already made my clean fruit and oat clusters, pre portioned trail mix packs, and bought fruit I can bring and eat if I can’t find anything healthy and close to clean. My current game plan is to find places where I can get salads without dressing, fruit cups, or grilled chicken breasts. I think I have to be even more careful about my eating habits over tour because we’ll be tired after long days and I think our first instinct is to eat junk during those times.

So hopefully if I crackdown extra hard next week I can shed the last pound or 2 to reach my next mini goal and finally get the massage I promised myself.

Mileage – Elliptical, Abs, yoga

QOD – True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington.

Photo day!
Here’s my fruit and oat clusters