Sunday Grubday

For the next two weeks I will be playing in the pit orchestra for Legally Blonde (the musical)!  I am soooo excited to be able to play this show – mostly because I love the music, but also I think it will be a great chop builder for my electric bass playing! However, with super long tech rehearsals the next 3 nights and then 11 nights of shows with only 1 night break, my free time is going to be very limited  non-existent. So I’ve meal planned the hell out of this week and next to make sure I don’t eat crappy when I need to be on my physical A-game and make sure I actually have food to eat. 

For breakfast I made my usual baked eggs, but rather than oatmeal or pancakes, this week I went for muffins – still made with oats of course. I made the Spokane Dinner Club’s Pumpkin Oat n’ Honey Muffins. I’m not the biggest fan of honey but as the batter came together the spices and pumpkin seemed to mask the overt sweetness. Mine did not look anything like the website photo, my oats weren’t ground finely enough for that. But they smell delicious and I made enough to freeze 6 for next week’s breakfast as well! 

For lunches I LOVED whipping up the easy one-pot chicken quinoa soup from Runner’s World. I’ve made this soup before without the mushrooms and using couscous instead of quinoa. It smelled delicious and I’m looking forward to eating this everyday. Sidenote: I always use chicken breast instead of chicken thighs in any recipe, just personal preference. 

For dinner I will be having salsa black bean chicken on top of a salad with spicy lime dressing. This recipe is insanely easy! 
2 chicken breasts 
1.5 cups chunky hot salsa 
1 can rinsed, drained black beans 
(1 bag frozen corn optional) 
Put all ingredients in a crockpot. Cook on high 4 hours or low for 8 hours. (EASY RIGHT?!) 

I’m hoping that I won’t end up being out too late with all the rehearsals and shows because I NEED to get my workouts in this week (11 mile run on Saturday morning too!) and I have a ton of music to learn for my recital which is in 33 days!!! 

The weather has been SOOO gorgeous this weekend. I’m sure we will return to the heat that I love  struggle to love, but it was amazing to have both of my runs this weekend be in upper 60’s weather. 

Mileage – 3.3 miles, yoga 

QOD – To lengthen your life, shorten your meals. (Not sure if every culture would agree with this haha) 





Reaching Goals…and moving beyond them.

The past few weeks I’ve achieved a lot of goals: 

– Played a performance to my potential in a anxiety inducing setting
– Started networking for more music gigs 
– Eaten clean 80/20 for 4 weeks 
– Fit back into my size 2 shorts (First time in 14 MONTHS!) 
– Maintaining my early morning workout schedule for 3 weeks 
– Started budgeting and eating out 1 time a week or less!  
– Getting accepted into the Music History Department (I know I already told y’all, but SO excited) 

But sometimes achieving goals can almost make your life harder, you know? Especially when some of them you’ve been working towards for months or years. Some of my goals I can continue to pursue or maintain, such as my clean eating 80/20, but others need to be modified. I need to move on to a new piece of clothing to fit into, start thinking of thesis options, or prepare more music for a high quality performance. Lack of motivation can set it.

Anyone else have some new goals for the school year or life that you are working on? Share them in the comments! 

That being said I finally have a date for my half-marathon! October 19th in Huntsville, Texas. I’m so excited to spend some time with my friends Michael (one of my running buddies I’ve mentioned) and Caleb, they are going to house me that weekend! It will be so nice to have the ability to take a running break the week of my recital and allow my body some resting time, which will be greatly needed. 

Today was a CrossFit day and we worked our arms, which was nice for me because I have a longer mid-run tomorrow and my last long run on Saturday before my taper! It’s been hard to get up super early somedays as the semester goes on and the nights get later, but I think this early morning workout schedule guarantees I’ll get a work out in and it helps me get started on practicing and the rest of my day earlier. 

More recently on Sundays I’ve been posting recipes I’ve made for the week. This week had a few repeat as well as 2 new dishes. The one I’d most like to share with you guys are a new flavor of pancake from Averie Cooks Apple Pie Pancakes

I made these pancakes without the butter, with skim milk, used whole wheat flour, and of course left out the maple syrup, and they are DELICIOUS. I managed to get 12 smaller pancakes out of the batter and have 2 for each morning. I’m so in love with these oat and whole wheat pancakes this year. It is so easy to whip up enough for the week and microwave them, plus I never get sick of the flavors.

Mileage – CrossFit, yoga

QOD – You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.



Songs that Define Me Link Up! (PLUS Double Digits!)

I’ve stumbled upon quite a few of my blogging friends linking up with Helene in Between and her post on songs that define us as a person and how could I not join it?! I mean I am a musician! So here are some of the songs that define me: 

Childhood Me
R.O.C.K In the USA  by John Mellencamp
He was one of my favorite artists growing up, my first concert, and I knew all the words to his music as a toddler.

Teenage Me 
I’m Just a Girl by No Doubt
Gwen is my idol. She’s kickass, has a killer voice, she was my first fashion inspiration, HER ABS, and is still kicking ass. I struggled with the challenges of being a girl, I’ve always leaned on the tomboy side of the spectrum and this song couldn’t describe me better.

Internal Me
Pure Imagination performed by Jamie Cullum 
I dream big. I’m much more contemplative then people perceive. This song is how I feel about life.

Spiritual Me
Bogoroditse Devo by Rachmaninoff
This piece is from Rachmaninoff’s vespers and is the Hail Mary.

Musical Me
Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz
This is my favorite orchestral piece ever. EVER. It is amazing and it constantly inspires me, giving me creative motivation. I only posted the 5th movement though.

Physical Me 
I love to dance, love to move, my mom and I’s favorite band, Philip Bailey is amazing STILL, they give the best concerts, they are high energy, bass player rules. What is there not to love?

This was incredibly difficult for me. I kept coming back to the list. There are so many artists that I think have influenced my life and who I am… Ella Fitzgerald, Esperanza Spalding, The Who, Hanson, Harry Connick Jr, Brahms just to name a few haha.

Today I ran a rough 10 miles, being slightly hungover didn’t really help the situation, but it was mostly rough because I just started a little too late in the morning. BUT I DID IT. Double digits back in action, I feel totally confident I could do a fall half now but I just need to find one!

Mileage – 10.52 miles, foam roller 

QOD – You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face. 



Exciting Musical News! (And an epic running fail)

Let me tell the epic fail first! Today at CrossFit we were running sprints, which involved going off a curb, crossing the street, and going back up. I’m booking it, almost as fast as I can amongst a small cluster of individuals, and in my efforts to find space I miss the sidewalk ending and face-plant into the middle of the road. LUCKILY,  I did not injure my face at all, however I landed hard on my hands and knees. Oh and then I finished the last 2 sprints with my class. So my knees I could care less about okay I care a little bit about my knees… but my hands are VERY important. Thankfully my left hand had barely a scratch and my right hand has a few scrapes and bruising but nothing that affected my bass playing. 

This brings me to part 1 of my exciting news. I LOVED my tone out of my instrument today – and not just the tone of someone else playing it, but MY tone. I’ve been struggling to find the sound I want for a long time, and I think after a mini-lesson on Friday and a lesson today I had some sort-of breakthrough. I’m sure making the sound consistent, especially when the music is difficult, will take some time. But it wasn’t just once during my lesson, I played….beautifully…for most of my lesson. It was an amazing step in the right direction…

AND THEN I received my official acceptance to be a dual Master’s student in Performance and Music History. I am so relieved to have that acceptance in writing and begin my journey towards recitals, a thesis, and 2 degrees that will give me the start on a career path in music. I’m so glad all my hard work has paid off. I was already excited about my paper for my American Music seminar and now I’m just over the moon to be doing it from the perspective of part of my degree program – I’m writing about Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, and the absorption of national Latin American rhythms into United States jazz music. I’m not joking, talking about this topic gets me crazy excited!

So overall I think today was a winning day….and my busted up knees just give my knee caps a little more individuality! 

Have any of you ever had a running or work out fail like mine?! Share them in the comments! 

Mileage – CrossFit, ice, stretching, foam roller 

QOD – It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.






Clean Cooking Creations!

Over the past 24 hours I have made two delicious new recipes – Roasted Tomato Soup and a Paleo Mug Cake! The roasted tomato soup that I made is AMAZING. I was originally looking up recipes for tomato sauce and decided I would just make soup instead. Here’s how I made it: 

1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2) Place 6 roma tomatoes sliced in halve, 1 onion quartered, 6 cloves of garlic on a baking sheet.
3) Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  
4) Roast for 1 hour (or more depending on your preferences) 
5) Put the roasted vegetables in a blender and puree
   – I actually only used the garlic and tomatoes and threw out the onions because I’m allergic 
6) In a soup pot or dutch oven, pour in 4 cups of vegetable broth and heat over medium heat. 
7) Throw in chunks of vegetables of your choice (I used carrots) in the broth as well as the pureed tomatoes.
8) Turn up the heat to until the mixture boils. 
9) Toss in 2 cups of pasta of your choice and boil uncovered, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes. 
10) Turn the soup down to simmer and cover. 

BOOM. DELICIOUS. It made 5 servings for me, my lunch for everyday this week! 

The Paleo Mug Cake was from The Wannabe Chef, and it tasted like a brownie!!! However it was WAYYY too much cocoa powder for me since I’m not the biggest cocoa fan, so I would probably just cut back on that amount for next time. 

Today I went for a run and NONE of my joints hurt. It was a pretty big step for me after the past 2 weeks and it means I can start nailing down a fall half marathon since I had to change my date for my recital. My run today was at my goal half marathon pace too! Tomorrow we are doing squats at CrossFit – which means I’ll have to be super careful to protect my knees and keep them strong. 

Mileage – 4.25 miles, yoga

QOD – If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 


TGIF. Favorites Friday!!!

I am so happy it’s Friday!!! I cannot wait to see my friend Chelsea tomorrow who is visiting from Switzerland for 1 weekend only! (Crazy right?!) I’m also glad it’s a rest day! I took Wednesday off as well for my knees but I did a double yesterday. I went to CrossFit  and we did a lot of burpees – way too many burpees – and then while brainstorming for my seminar paper I decided to head to the gym and cycle while watching the Djokavic match. It was a wonderful Thursday night actually! So I thought I’d share with you some Favorites of mine on this wonderful Fridayyyy! 

1) This Buzzfeed list of 1 song workouts. I did it a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME. I loved it! Check it out HERE

2) Green Tea. I drink it everyday after my glass of cold water with breakfast and usually at least once if not twice more again throughout the day. It boosts your metabolism, gives me energy, I love the taste, and zero calories with nothing but water and tea. Can’t get much better than that! 

3) This adorable photo of a squirrel. It makes me so happy inside. 

4) THAT FOOTBALL SEASON IS  BACK!!!!!!! (Yes I am from Baltimore, no I don’t love the Ravens but last night… wow probably could’ve guessed that considering they dismantled their SuperBowl winning team) COWBOYS GAME SUNDAY NIGHT!Image

5) I got paid!!! It feels so nice to know I have the assistantship this year in the orchestra library and I’m finally getting paid to go to school! 

Mileage – Rest! Yoga and Foam Roller 

QOD – Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. 


So far…so good…

After taking Friday and Saturday off, I went for a regular recovery run on Sunday evening and made it 2.5 miles with two little sections of walking. My knee felt good although I could tell it wasn’t back to normal. I iced it before bed and woke up with it feeling great on Monday! I went for a 3.75 mile run last night and I only walked 2 even shorter sections during the run. I spent an extra long time stretching and foam rolling before I iced last night. Things are feeling pretty alright so I guess only time will tell. 

Last night I made a delicious soup (sorry I forgot pictures!) with tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, celery, carrots, garlic, onion soup mix, and chicken broth. I really wish it was fall weather so I could eat my soups, stews, pumpkin, apple, warm, etc dishes without feeling entirely dumb since it’s still 100 degrees outside. 

My left hand has been cramping a lot recently while playing bass. I can’t afford to take a break from practicing like I do with running since my recital is in less than 2MONTHS! But I’m going to use my massage certificate that my friend Erin got me for my birthday back in April! Hopefully some work on my legs and my shoulders will get all the kinks out. 

Hopefully as the insanity of school dies down I can post a little more frequently (I’ve also been a little distracted by the US Open! VAMOS RAFA!). 

Mileage – CrossFit, stretch, foam roller 

QOD – Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.