100 mile month check in!

I posted at the beginning of May that my goal was to run 100 miles this month, currently if I stay right on track from here on out I’ll hit about 98 miles. I’m probably going to tack on a few extra miles towards the end of this week to make sure I get to 100 but I don’t want to burn myself out before my half marathon next Saturday! 

I originally scheduled 120 miles for this month, knowing that things would happen and that number would give me wiggle room. Sure enough, I got that nasty cold and instantly lost 13 miles that weekend. A few late nights and super early mornings this weekend put me back another 4 miles, and there is another day that I scratched off at the very beginning of May but I don’t remember why. All totaled I lost 22 miles to life and I think it taught me a valuable lesson. 

When I under schedule my running or don’t write down a plan at all and life gets in the way, I’m really not running as much as I should be/want to be running. I really need to make sure to push myself to have the highest mileage goals. I finally feel like my body has forgotten my marathon enough to sign up for #2 and I feel confident I’m much better prepared this time around.

Since the Marine Corps Marathon in 2011 I have run 3 half marathons (and my 4th is in 10 days!), a 10 miler, a Tough Mudder, a 10k, and quite a few 5k or shorter races. I had only run one 5k before my marathon, and while I trained for 7 months, my body still wasn’t quite ready. Now I think I am. So my 5th half and 2nd full will be coming up in the fall/winter and I’m hoping that upping my mileage and adding a variety of training will help me with distance speed.

I’ve already planned on getting in about 70 miles in June before I leave for Europe and hopefully getting in at least 15-20 miles while I am in Paris for the remainder of June. I want to keep the consistency up as I head into marathon training at the end of July. 

Mileage – 3.25 miles, yoga, foam roll 

QOD -The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.



2014 Goals! (Resolutions are so dramatic!)

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions…for those of you that do them – GREAT! But since my world still revolves around school, I tend to look at the start of each new semester as an opportunity to revamp my habits. This semester I feel like I’m already going in strong, so I’m not changing too much – although I am considering getting a juicer (thoughts anyone?)! I’m actually probably going to meal plan my first 3 or 4 weeks of school before I even get on the plane back to Texas because I have a gig, mini tour, group recital, and 2 major concerts all within the first 2.5 weeks of classes and another extended tour in February. Oh, and I’m taking 2 more credits than last semester while preparing my thesis prospectus and 2nd recital. I just keep telling myself I’ll make it out alive. 

Despite all the craziness I do like to set goals to accomplish each year. Goals don’t necessitate immediate change, or even require changing really. They are just new things to reach for. I set both musical goals and fitness goals along with a few some financial goals too.  

My running goal for 2014 is to run: 

775 miles!

According to my Nike+ I ran 374 miles at an average distance of 3.5 miles and average pace of 10:18 in 2012. In 2013 I ran 563 miles at an average distance of 3.9 miles and average pace of 9:47. So I’m just aiming to continue the pattern and up my mileage to 775 miles with an average distance of 4.5 miles. My average pace goal is going to be probably 9:20, because my other goal is to run 3 half marathons and 2 full marathons (plus other races of course). I think my marathon pace will sit closer to a 9:40 (to sneak below 4:15:00) while I’d love to get my half marathon pace between 9:00 and 9:15 to get a sub 2:00:00 half time eventually! 

My non-running fitness goals mostly pertain to CrossFit. I’d like to be able to do 5 handstand push-ups. I have to re-evaluate some of the others, but that’s for certain. Currently I can only hold handstands (about 45 seconds – 1 minute) so I’d really like to be able to move towards the push-up part. Right now when I try I can barely bend my elbows, and when I do bend them, I usually lose my balance. 

My musical goals for this year are to perform 3 recitals; while two recitals are required for my Master’s, I’d like to give another recital in Maryland where more of my family and friends can see me perform since I haven’t performed on the east coast in almost 2 years. I also have a goal to be accepted to a minimum of 3 music festivals/camps for this summer and be able to finance attending them on my own (this is more difficult than it may seem because several I am auditioning for require flying to Europe).

I have a few other musical goals but sharing details of my bass playing/practicing is very difficult for me sometimes as I see it as a very sacred and personal relationship. I know that sounds weird but music is where I store, release, and experience many of my emotions and it can be hard to share those things with others – I’ve gotten better, but it is still very intimate for me. 

Do you have any goals?!
Of course I’ll recommend running a half or full marathon to anyone because those experiences changed my life – and I even have a few friends who are registered for their first half marathons this year already (you go girls!). And if you so choose to do that (everyone should HERE’S WHY) here are 2 great training resources: 

1) Hal Higdon Training Programs – HERE 
2) 16 week Marathon Training Program – HERE 

Everything in the article about 26.2 reasons to run a marathon is true. That experience changed my outlook on life and despite injuring myself in the race I wouldn’t have traded it for anything (plus it means my 2nd marathon and probably even my 3rd will most definitely be PRs haha!) 

Mileage – Treadmill interval workout, squat cycle, pull-up work, foam roller 

QOD – What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.




Reaching Goals…and moving beyond them.

The past few weeks I’ve achieved a lot of goals: 

– Played a performance to my potential in a anxiety inducing setting
– Started networking for more music gigs 
– Eaten clean 80/20 for 4 weeks 
– Fit back into my size 2 shorts (First time in 14 MONTHS!) 
– Maintaining my early morning workout schedule for 3 weeks 
– Started budgeting and eating out 1 time a week or less!  
– Getting accepted into the Music History Department (I know I already told y’all, but SO excited) 

But sometimes achieving goals can almost make your life harder, you know? Especially when some of them you’ve been working towards for months or years. Some of my goals I can continue to pursue or maintain, such as my clean eating 80/20, but others need to be modified. I need to move on to a new piece of clothing to fit into, start thinking of thesis options, or prepare more music for a high quality performance. Lack of motivation can set it.

Anyone else have some new goals for the school year or life that you are working on? Share them in the comments! 

That being said I finally have a date for my half-marathon! October 19th in Huntsville, Texas. I’m so excited to spend some time with my friends Michael (one of my running buddies I’ve mentioned) and Caleb, they are going to house me that weekend! It will be so nice to have the ability to take a running break the week of my recital and allow my body some resting time, which will be greatly needed. 

Today was a CrossFit day and we worked our arms, which was nice for me because I have a longer mid-run tomorrow and my last long run on Saturday before my taper! It’s been hard to get up super early somedays as the semester goes on and the nights get later, but I think this early morning workout schedule guarantees I’ll get a work out in and it helps me get started on practicing and the rest of my day earlier. 

More recently on Sundays I’ve been posting recipes I’ve made for the week. This week had a few repeat as well as 2 new dishes. The one I’d most like to share with you guys are a new flavor of pancake from Averie Cooks Apple Pie Pancakes

I made these pancakes without the butter, with skim milk, used whole wheat flour, and of course left out the maple syrup, and they are DELICIOUS. I managed to get 12 smaller pancakes out of the batter and have 2 for each morning. I’m so in love with these oat and whole wheat pancakes this year. It is so easy to whip up enough for the week and microwave them, plus I never get sick of the flavors.

Mileage – CrossFit, yoga

QOD – You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.



Thank you clouds!!!

Today my dad and I made a second attempt at a double loop that we originally tried 2 days ago – thanks to the clouds this time we were successful!

On Saturday it was 83 degrees outside, felt like 87 degrees and had a 78% humidity. Without clouds or a breeze, it was just too much for wither of us to handle and we only made it about 2/3 of the run. Today it was only 80 degrees and 81% humidity, but it was the clouds and breeze that really helped us make it. I’m absolutely terrible at running in the heat (yes I know going to Texas for school was poor planning) but cloud cover and a little breeze makes a world of difference for me. 

Saturday afternoon I was especially inspired to go to the gym since we weren’t going to the beach that day and my parents were playing tennis. I did 100 push-ups (modified when I’m doing that many), wall ball squat throws, a few over head presses, worked on pull ups, and dead lifts. I tried to push my dead lifts and worked my legs and back pretty hard Saturday with everything that I did and I really felt it yesterday. It was really nice to be over with the running streak and just be able to take a rest day, I think it made a world of difference in running today. 

I have some awesome food pics to post and a great blog post by a friend to share with you guys tomorrow so be on the lookout! It’s going to be awesome! 

Mileage – 4 miles 

QOD – In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.

(My most recent pair of running shoes are Saucony’s and I just love this picture!) 




^^ This is the plan for Texas once the school year starts so I don’t lose my consistency like I did last year when I moved out into the heat!


Sprints and Vinyasa Yoga!

Yesterday I hopped on the treadmill for the 3rd time this week – I know it’s crazy! But I’ve been waking up early to dog sit and been too tired to get out the door before it gets too humid so while recovering and running such low mileage I’ve resorted to the treadmill. I also always run on the treadmill at an incline of at least 2 to create more resistance similar to what I experience outside. Yesterday I did an interval workout that I really enjoyed it looked like this: 

Walk 2 min – Run 1 mile (10 min/mile) Walk 1 min
Interval 10 push-ups and 10 bicep curls (10lbs)
Walk 1 min – Run  .75 mile (9:14 m/m) Walk 1 min 

I continued to shorten the distance for each running interval and repeated this until I ran 3 miles and had done 50 push ups and curls . Then I did jumping pull-ups and kettlebell intervals. It was a great work out. 

Today I got on the treadmill…again…it seemed just a bit easier to me today. I ran 1 mile, trying to get closer to my mile goal for the summer of a sub 8:30. Today I ran a mile at 8:40 and I’m really excited about this!!! I didn’t feel like I was totally spent after the mile, I almost felt like I could run another mile at that pace which means I’m getting close hopefully to running my summer goal of a sub 27:00 5k!

After running I took what our gym calls Flow Yoga or Yoga for Cyclists. It was the instructors last class with our association, which makes me sad because I love her classes and always try to take a few when I’m home. The class is based on Vinyasa Yoga, which means “connection” or “flow”, and is related to doing motions in coordination with your breath. There’s a lot of motion in the class and the class is roughly divided into strengthening, balance, and stretching. I looooove the stretching portion of the class because we do some intense deep stretches that work on the hips, quads, and IT Band which is what I really need to keep my hips aligned. I also think my knees feel a ton better after that class. No pulling in the surrounding muscles or any sort of pressure in them – WOOHOO!! Tomorrow I’m considering a 5.5 mile run which I would love to accomplish after a week where 3 miles has been my longest distance. 

Mileage – 1 mile, Flow Yoga class

QOD – The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.




Sorry for my absence from my blog!!! Today I am typing away at the kitchen table of my parents place in Bethany Beach – I’m here for a week with some of my girlfriends from college! So far my running streak continues, and today is my vegetarian day so I’m staying on track.  

Yesterday my friend Grace joined me on part of my run before the derecho hit!!! It was disgustingly humid and we went to the beach towards the late afternoon, because the rain hadn’t come all day. On our walk back, the dark clouds rolled in and less than 10 minutes later we were in a full fledged storm. It was crazy!

Today I went on my run solo and got stuck in the rain BUT it was sooo nice and cool. Then Kayla, Catherine, and I went to the gym here where I was rudely glared at by several women during my workout. I was lifting today but I don’t throw my bar down because thats generally frowned upon in general gyms – however putting down my weights still sounded loud I guess and so these women glared at me. They could clearly see I was just putting my bar down gently and it was a lot of weight so it was just loud. Ugh. Rude. 

Tomorrow it is a 9 mile day for me, hopefully I didn’t push my legs too much at the gym. 


Mileage – 2.5 miles, overhead press, deadlifts, and squat challenge.

QOD – Never quit. 


D-Day, Vegetarian Day, and then some….

First things first, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and remember all those who served in WWII (like my Pops) and today particularly those who served in the Western Arena during the Normandy Invasion. I have been to the beaches and the American cemetery in France; it was a truly overwhelming experience. The men at Omaha, Pointe du Hoc, Juno, Gold, Sword, and Utah beaches risked their lives for the Allied cause and helped to protect our nation as well as the rest of the world. 

Now onto food… One of my summer goals was to eat vegetarian one day a week – which may not seem hard to some people, but I am all about protein in animal form. I often talk about local produce, but local grass-fed or organic meat is just as helpful to the environment and encourages more ethical, natural, and local farming practices. But since I’m running everyday and working out a lot, I still need my protein.
This is where quinoa comes in. I consider it a miracle grain because you really can do anything to it. It’s like rice but more nutrient rich and MUCH higher in protein content, I also like how quickly it cooks! Last week’s veggie day quinoa dish (which served me several lunches) was quinoa with sautéed spicy carrots, green peppers, and celery. My dinner that evening was a salad. Tomorrow will be my vegetarian meal day for this week and I’m looking to try a new quinoa recipe from my pintrest board of clean eating recipes! 

Also today I got pretty frustrated with my Nike+ band, it constantly fluctuates in mileage! I know it’s just a first world problem and it’s not that huge of an issue. However, when I’m trying to log mileage through the dang thing to meet the 144 miles goal I created on the Nike+ website it’s going to ruin meeting my goal simply because it won’t calibrate well. Dumb. 

ALSO! Started my new squat challenge! Check it out, much easier starting point for anyone interested in jumping in with me! Plus it isn’t for any specific month so you can start anytime you’d like! 

Mileage – 4 miles, squats, push ups 

QOD – America’s fighting men and women sacrifice much to ensure that our great nation stays free. We owe a debt of gratitude to the soldiers that have paid the ultimate price for this cause, as well as for those who are blessed enough to return from the battlefield unscathed.


Omaha Beach

Squat Challenge!! 



National Running Day!!!!

Today is National Running Day! It is always on the first Wednesday in June and I must say, it’s a great day! And there’s plenty of time left to get out there and run today!

I went for a beautiful 5.5 miler this morning. It was only 67 degrees outside with a great breeze. While I did have to catch my breath and hack up some left over phlegm from my cold  a couple times, it was otherwise great to be outside on a mid- run again. Then when my mom got home she asked to go for a run again!!!! So we laced up and did another run, shorter than yesterday because her legs were sore from her first run. 

I forgot to post a final wrap up for my Plank & Squat challenge so here goes!
1) It is definitely a great challenge, my legs burned after 150 squats and the planks eventually had me going until I collapsed and had to finish out the rest in a second plank.
2) But I would be concerned if someone started the challenge and had a knee problem or was doing the moves. The high level of repetition could really cause some harm, this is accentuated by the lack of rest days as well.
3) While I didn’t complete all 31 days I did complete 24 and am already contemplated my next challenge to go along with my run streak! I’ve found a new 30 day squat challenge that has lower reps (maybe I could even throw on some weight) and a couple rest days, which will definitely help me.
4) The thing I love about the body weight exercises challenge trend is that you can do these exercises at home, on vacation, at camp, anywhere really! 

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about my vegetarian days and my push-up progress! 

Mileage – 7.1 miles, pushups, abs, yoga 

QOD – Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the lion or it will not survive. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It doesn’t matter if you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be running. 






My “completed” Plank & Squat Challenge! 

My Mama (and my cold)

So for those of you who know MamaFav, you know she is in amazing shape. For those of you who don’t know my mama, she works out frequently, eats well, was a high school and collegiate athlete, and is in overall great shape. My mom loves to play tennis, go for walks, take kickboxing or BodyStep classes, or just do her own workout with cardio and weights. But my mom hates running. She will be the first person to tell you she hates it, it’s a big mental roadblock for her. 

A month or two ago my mom bought some running sneakers and went on a couple of walk/jogs herself, but it never caught on. Tonight however, my mom laced up her shoes and went running with me! I was willing to walk when she needed or go a little slower thanks to my crummy head cold- but I barely had to!  We ran 2.4 miles, mom walked .5 or .6 miles of it, and the rest of the time we ran! Sitting around a 10:41 average for the whole run, my guess is that we were running around a 9 mpm – NOT BAD FOR SOMEONE WHO HATES RUNNING! I was thoroughly impressed and proud of my mom, especially when she ran her way up some longer, tough hills. 

Friday – mid morning today I have been suffering from a dumb head cold and wasn’t able to run, particularly on Saturday and Sunday. So clearly my run streak will not be 39 days straight but here’s to hoping for 31 straight from here on out, and successfully running 36 of the days. I used to think running with a cold was no big deal, but I’ve read several times now that running with a cold can be a bad decision due to weakened immune systems, poor breathing, and coughing or wheezing. So this trip around the sickness block I tried to take it easy and give myself a break. I think I was much better for the wear, but I will definitely admit, I feel better in general when I run and it’s a crummy feeling not to be able to go out, especially when my legs feel great! 

Tomorrow I will get to run to my heart’s content hopefully, AND babysit 3 of my favorite kiddos on top of having nearly all day to practice my bass. I am thoroughly excited for my day off. 

Mileage – 2.5miles, stretch 

QOD – Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.

Me and my Mama (at Dallas Stadium of course!) 



And I LOVE this awesome motivational picture haha!!! So great! 



Workout Wednesday!

For some reason I decided running outside after work at 10am was a great idea – then again my alternative was the treadmill. So I braved the heat and survived 4 miles, then ran sprints for an extra mile+ on the treadmill. I don’t mind the treadmill as much for sprints because it gives me a better idea of the sprint paces I’m capable of and still need to work towards. But I prefer longer runs in general and I think if I’m going to run out in the heat I need to return to running with my water belt because it really helps me battle through the hot runs. 

After running I did planks and abs, and then arms. I worked on my push-press and kettlebells, which I upped my weight on! 

This week has been tough getting in the amount of workout and practice time I’ve wanted too by working both jobs. It’s left almost NO time for relaxing, which I’d really like after a rough semester. This is why I am SUPER excited to go to the beach/Eastern shore this weekend with my family – we’re going to have a crab feast, a cookout, and watch ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!! Plus it is going to be pretty cool in Bethany this weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to get some longer runs in, no bikini this weekend that’s for sure. 

I’ve set a new goal on Nike+ to run 144miles in the next six weeks, which equates to 24 miles a week, which should increase the average mileage I run every time I hit the pavement. I’d love to not only reach my goal but surpass it! Hopefully this increased distance and frequency will help me reach my other fitness goals that I listed out a couple of weeks ago! 

I’m going to get in my squats later by doing them during my practice breaks, helps me stay focused so I don’t get distracted by the internet in the middle of practicing! 

Anybody else get in a great workout today?! I’d love to hear! 

Don’t forget about the dress giveaway! There is still time to enter!!! HERE!!! 

Mileage – 5.01 miles, P&S, abs, arms 

QOD – Running is a mental sport, more than anything else. You’re only as good as your training, and your training is only as good as your thinking.Image