THE RACE IS TOMORROW!!!! 9pm bedtime here we go…. I’M SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS AND KJSh;askghj;ashgopshg:JKSF

Thanks everyone for your support!!! The blog won’t end here 🙂

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Down to the Wire

As I continue to blow my nose and feel pressure in my sinuses I’ve decided choking on mucus or not, I’m running this marathon on Sunday. I’ve been training for nearly 7 months, spent my own money on this race, and planned so many things around THIS race, that I am 100% determined to do it. So this week I’ve logged a few miles to get myself loosened up again and get my joints moving on the pavement. I plan to run 2 more time, short distances, before the race on Sunday. I’ll definitely be on the elliptical too.

I’m really freaking nervous. I have 4 days until the marathon…it’s crazy trying to finally figure out where to meet up with my parents on the course to throw them the long-sleeve shirt I’ll start in because it’s cold or what markers I’ll want to stop at for water. AHHHH I just want it to be here and over with so I can stop stressing about it. My heart is in a tangle over this race.


Mileage – 2miles

QOD – What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the days give us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate.


Good thing I don’t need a voice to blog…mine is almost entirely gone. Awesome.  After fairing pretty well this semester, a few days of sniffles barely hit me, I’ve been smacked by a full blown cold. Sunday I lost my voice and pretty much spent most of the day blowing my nose. Despite being a great show (towards the end, YEAH JOSH TURNER!) standing in the cold in shorts probably didn’t help my situation…

So today I continued coughing, choking on post nasal drip, blowing my nose, avoiding speech, and feeling generally crappy. But thanks to Dayquil I managed to make it through the day and even got in some cross training. I did abs and did interval training on the elliptical for almost an hour which I think will really help me stay in it since I’ve been out of running commission for awhile now. I mean I know I’ve built up the running ability over the past 7 months, but not running really hits my confidence. It’s all about the mental challenge.

13 days!!!

Mileage – cross train

QOD – Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Now For Something Completely Different

Okay so the beginning of this post has nothing to do with running. I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY GET A NEW PHONE! the new iPhone is being released in a week, and I am getting one. I will no longer have the broken case everyone makes fun of me for or have my phone randomly put people on hold or mute or just drop calls for no reason. I have been waiting for the release since I was eligible for an upgrade in June.  Now back to what you all actually enjoy reading about… my running tangents.

I was a total slacker for most of the semester so far and when I got really into running… I stopped training otherwise. I wasn’t lifting weights or doing abs or strength training my legs – which was an entirely dumb decision because weak smaller muscles and sucky core muscles really don’t help, if not hurt, your running abilities. So I picked up my resistance bands last week and started working on my shoulders again and started doing some abs…. Now if you had seen my workout routine when I was losing weight last fall, I was a weights and abs maniac. Sure I did like 45 minutes of interval training on the elliptical but I spent over an hour doing planks, crunches, free weights, and leg machines. Muscle boosts your metabolism so it definitely helped my weight loss, but I wasn’t getting the actual physical results I wanted, so when I started the marathon running I sortof gave up on that stuff. I’m going to try combining the training and the running since I’m on my taper now and see what difference it makes in my running (I’m looking to increase my speed JUST a little bit).


Mileage – probably none (because I’m busy with KANSAS)

QOD – We are different, in essence, from other me. If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon.

Toes :(

My toes still hurt from Monday. My second toe on both feet are blue and black and my toenails are incredibly sensitive to touch. It sucks. I was lucky I didn’t really experience this much of this until now…oh well.

Yesterday I woke up and my body felt like I had been hit by a car from the waist down. I had, for once, followed all the rules for recovery after my 23 miler (cold bath, food within 15 minutes, stretching, walking in the evening). I stretched, felt so much better and continued on with my day. After 6 hours of rehearsal and an hour and a half of driving, I felt like I had gotten hit by a car again, except my whole body was now included. I set no alarm and went to sleep… I woke up this morning and thought before I even got out of bed “This is going to hurt so bad”. But I actually felt okay!! It was cold but I forced myself outside anyways. I was a little stiff, but really I felt not that bad at all – minus my toes still hurting. Anyways, I’m getting more and more excited about the marathon…maybe it will be different once I do it(?) but I can see why people run races and don’t just run. It’s motivating and gives me a lot of direction.

Mileage – 5 miles

QOD – Everyone who has run knows that its most important value is in removing tension and allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring.

23 = TAPER TIME!!!

Today I ran my last long run before my taper begins. 23 MILES!!!

I honestly didn’t think I could do this when I started running after I signed up for this race. Well actually I did think I could finish, but not in the time it’s looking like I could accomplish. Finishing my 23 miles in 3:51 puts me finishing the race at about 4:30. That’s an hour under my goal time of 5:30, which I set because the average woman can finish in 5:34, so I’d like to beat that. I would make my goal 4:30 at this point but I don’t want to push myself and get disappointed.

This morning it was about 45 degrees outside and raining, on and off, but with some force the entire time I was running. GROSS. I also had forgotten to buy chews (which I had tried to remind myself a million times) so my energy was two tootsie rolls and some pretzels. Around mile 19.5 I thought I was going to die, I finally hit that block I’d been reading about. It was miserable, I stopped back at my house around mile 20.5 and gave in and put on my iPod. I know, I know. I’m supposed to be doing this without music….but without the adrenaline of a race and the lack of energy, I really needed it. It pulled me through to mile 22, where all the sudden, I felt so much better. Knowing I finished strong at 23 miles will really mentally help carry me through that road block on race day.

Also, I ran longer at Purcell than usual and the wet gravelly path REALLY sucked and I’m not doing that again. Also, I already set my alarm for buying chews several days before the race, so I won’t forget them. In conclusion, my taper has finally begun and only 27 days until the race!!!


Mileage – 23 miles

QOD – People tell me I’m insane. I don’t try to change their minds. I just run.