Helloooo October! (1 week late)

Yesterday was the final performance of Baylor’s production of Into The Woods! I was playing in the pit, which made for a crazy two weeks since we had only 1 night off in the almost two week run (we had tech rehearsals the first few nights of week 1). It is an amazing show though and I had a blast playing Sondheim’s music! I’m pretty excited for the movie coming out in December! Anyone else?! Official Trailer in case you haven’t seen it!

During the show I managed to get in all of my weekday runs and workouts except 1, I was just too exhausted that morning. Most importantly, I ran a 9.25 miler and a 12.5miler on the two Saturdays. I knew if I didn’t make it through the show weeks my training plan might be ruined – but I survived!
I’ve also been working on a scholarship application for a possibility after graduation, which is due THIS week. On top of class, recital prep, and thesis writing. So it’s been pretty insane in my world, but hey I’m a busy bee kinda-gal.
But I made one healthy meal for my lunches this week that is super delicious so I had to jump on here and share. Honey Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Corn. I made this sweet potato taco filling sans honey, and I am eating it on it’s own with some avocado and it’s just too good!
I also made an incredibly delicious and easy breakfast pastry (not clean but not too terrible for you). Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. I didn’t use all the butter and I didn’t make the frosting, which makes them a smidge healthier. I only kept 3 out and froze the rest to have for breakfast the next 2 or so weeks.
Mileage – 7 miles
QOD – “So many people are insanely busy nowadays, and it’s easy to say, ‘Ah, I’ll workout tomorrow.’ But you have to set aside a time and stick to that schedule.”

laziness therapy copy

Running in Rome!

Today I went on my first run in Rome! I remembered Rome’s drivers being a little crazy from my first trip here, but after my reminder last night when we arrived I was actually a little nervous about running.

I did a little research before I ran out and it took me no time to figure my current hotel is near one of the best running parks in all of Rome – the best part is that it is mostly car free! Villa Borghese, the zoo, and several other parks are all linked by roads and trails and make for a great spot while I’m in this section of Rome!!! There were plenty of other runners out and about plus tons of dogs and owners playing!



I did not wake up early enough but I needed the sleep! It was already a warm 75 when I got outside, but it’s a fairly dry heat compared to what I’m used to. I wore my water cloth around my neck and did just fine! I guess it’s good practice for my return to Texas!

Mileage – 4miles, workout challenge

QOD – Just keep swimming.

Last Day in Assisi! Plus running in the rain.

Today is my last day in Assisi before I make my way to Roma!!! I’m sad to be leaving such a beautiful town with some of the kindest people – we’ve met many shop owners, restaurant employees, and religious men/women who are generous, welcoming, friendly, and helpful.

The weather hasn’t been the kindest to us the past few days but I’ve kept on running around the city and added a path outside the city towards the surrounding neighborhoods. Today the fog was crazy and yesterday was my day off.


But on Sunday I got rained on and when the rain was coming down hardest an elderly Italian gentleman stumbled upon me and offered to share his umbrella. I accepted and then went on my way when the rain lightened up. It was actually really therapeutic to run through the mountains with the light rain coming down.

Yesterday we went to the gorgeous Lake Trasimeno and took the ferry to the Islo Maggiore, where we wandered the beach, had some delicious pizza, and ate gelato on a pier before a storm came and rained out the rest of the afternoon.


Tonight I’m page turning for the pianist during the final opera performance and then my group of friends is celebrating the end of the festival!

While I’m sad to be leaving I definitely plan on doing the festival again and I’m so looking forward to Rome!!!

Mileage – 5 miles, workout challenge

QOD – Run in the rain.



Fitness Friday (a little late) from Assisi Part 2

Lack of internet means late posting! The adventures of traveling!


How does your body change when you do yoga? Check it out!






SarahFit brings you more great workout moves for the bikini body crazy!  





Mileage – Running rest day, Yoga for Runners (so happy I have working YouTube because these hills are killer) and workout challenge

QOD – Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.

Running Hills of Montmartre!

Montmartre is my favorite place in Paris, I love Sacré-Coeur and the winding streets around the church! But the best part to me is probably the hills and how even on rainy dreary days you can look over the whole city without climbing a single tower and the rest of the city can always see the white dome of Sacré-Coeur in the distance.


That also means it can be brutal to run there. First of all the cobblestone streets take some getting used to for your ankles. I did 2 runs in Montmartre after my runs in the suburbs and at the other park. The first run was along the main road which takes you past the Moulin Rouge, through the famous red light district (which is quite empty at 7:30am) and to the famous Montmartre cemetery where many famous artists, musicians, and writers are buried. This run only had some gentle inclines.

My hard run was from my hostel at the very bottom of the mountain hill up to the church. Then I ran up and down the staircases that go straight up to the church 3 times before heading back down. They are rough but there were several other people doing a similar run as mine and we kept passing one another on the stairs.


I managed to run 20 miles in Paris so I’m hoping I can maintain that kind of mileage the rest of the trip!

Now I’m on the train headed to Rome to meet up with my group to then venture to Assisi where I will be playing a ton of music for 2 weeks!

Looking forward to music and more running in the hill country of Italia! And gelato, pizza, past, and vino of course!

Mileage – run rest day & workout challenge

QOD – BONGIORNO (in Brad Pitt’s Inglorious Bastard’s accent hahaha)

Running in Paris and Fitness Friday!

Today’s run took me to the beautiful Parc Buttes Chaumaunt! The park features a man-made lake and waterfalls, and has a beautiful gazebo that looks over the whole city on an island mountain in the center of the lake! There are a variety of trails, hills, bridges, and roads (for the few houses and gorgeous restaurants tucked in the park). The great thing to me was that the park was filled with other runners!

If I live in Paris, I will definitely run here regularly because the hills are very challenging and the views are amazing. It’s nice to be nestled in the trees and hearing running water! Hopefully I will go again once more before I leave!


Since I’m doing a lot of hiking around with a backpack and hopefully will hike the mountains in Italy here are some Yoga Poses for Hikers! 

I don’t have too much time for strength training or access to weights so here is an awesome Yoga Move to work the whole body! (And yes it may take some time to get it!) 


Runner’s World the 25 Golden Rules of Running



I love kettle bell workouts and this is a great one from Pumps & Iron (Sorry if I’ve shared this twice I love it!) 

I’ll be back at the beach in July and August so here’s a great workout to get yourself toned for the beach! 

Who doesn’t love an ab workout?! Here are some flat ab secrets




Mileage – 4 miles, vacation workout challenge, stretching

QOD – “For me, running is both exercise and a metaphor. Running day after day, piling up the races, bit by bit I raise the bar, and by clearing each level I elevate myself. At least that’s why I’ve put in the effort day after day: to raise my own level. I’m no great runner, by any means. I’m at an ordinary – or perhaps more like mediocre – level. But that’s not the point. The point is whether or not I improved over yesterday. In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.” Haruki Marukami


Fitness Friday!

Hey all! 

I’ve stocked up on my Fitness Friday articles and workouts so I’ll have plenty to share while I’m out drinking eating running my way through Europe! And of course I’ll be playing plenty of bass. But here are today’s picks coming to you LIVE while I lay on the ground pretending to stretch after my run… (I promise I’ll do my yoga later!)


As a musician and someone who has had surgery on both wrists I love this – especially for difficult balance poses like crow! How to protect your wrists in yoga!



Another great workout from Pumps & Iron for stairs/stadiums – think they’ll let me do this workout in the Colosseum?! 

I haven’t tried many but I love the concept of these 30 minute video workouts – Bikini Workout from FitSugar


Here’s an AMAZING plethora of motivational posters from Runner’s World… I have to share but I will probably be using some of these again and again! 






Mileage – 7.15 miles, Yoga for Runners, foam roll 

QOD – Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time.

Vacation and Travel Running & Fitness

After spending 4 great days in Las Vegas with my family I only have 5 days at home before I’m on a plane across the Atlantic for my European adventure! 

While my trip to Europe contains quite a bit of “work” musical awesomeness – performing in a music festival – and some scouting for post-grad opportunities I’m also looking forward to seeing friends and vacationing. For someone like me who doesn’t sit still very well fitness has started playing a role in my trips. When hiking, rafting, and other adventures were packed into family vacations for years I grew accustomed to seeing the world and new places on foot. 

On other shorter trips to more urban areas I’ve just hopped down to the hotel gym to get a quick workout in, but staying in hostels, ancient towns, and friends’ places on this trip doesn’t give me that opportunity. So I’ve decided to incorporate running into my routine as a way to see different parts of the city and feel more immersed in the culture. As I’ll be starting marathon prep not long after I get back, this is also a good time to get myself off the elliptical and onto a variety of surfaces running regularly. Plus I’ll be in some very hilly places so the hills will be good for my speed. My goal is to run a little more than most people on vacation probably – 20 miles a week – but since I will be in one place for a longer period of time I think this is reasonable. 

How does one keep up running on vacation? Here’s a great article from Runner’s World on just that! 

I also researched running tours in major cities such as Paris and Rome – which you can find here! However they were way out of my budget!

Since I don’t totally want to neglect the rest of my body I also built my own 30 day challenge for upper body and core strength! I blended several challenges into one to personalize a quick 15-20 min post run workout that will keep me doing something even on the days that moving from one city to the next may get in the way of a longer run. I’ve included a downloadable PDF for your own summer vacation workout regimes!
Vacation Fitness Challenge PDF

Mileage – 4 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.


Fitness Friday (On Saturday oops!)

I know I’m a day late, but I’m out in Las Vegas with my family so I’m giving myself a little slack! Here are some fitness tips for your weekend!


Think Crow pose is too hard to achieve? Think again! How to get into Crow Pose!

Yoga isn’t just for flexibility – it can be used for weight loss too! Here is a great 40 minute yoga workout


Yes I run distance races, but I love 5k races too! Here’s why lots of other people love the 5k!




When I travel I don’t have weights and I don’t always feel comfortable enough with the area to run. But a hotel gym or room can provide some hardly bearable time on a treadmill and then I can do one of these power workouts: 




Mileage – Rest Day! 

QOD – No excuses. 

Virginia Wine Country Half Race Review (Finally!)

Saturday May 31st, I ran the Virginia Wine Country Half with several wonderful women!!! The race is part of the Destination Races series and seemed like a very cool concept. The race itself is a half marathon with no other distances offered. At the end of the race there is a wine tasting with the local vineyards in the area you are running. They have other races in places such as Oregon, Napa, and Santa Barbara. 

My first thought about the race was EXPENSIVE. However with a wine tasting at the finish I figured it was worth it – until I found out you have to pay an extra $20 for a glass and the wine tasting on top of the original race fee. I personally didn’t think the race fee was worth it, the water stations weren’t that great, the wine wasn’t included, and the goodie bag wasn’t great either. 

That being said, I did enjoy parts of the race. The race course itself was beautiful but definitely more dirt and gravel roads than I was lead to believe on the website. The tree coverage made the sun much more bearable and despite some course crowding initially and when the course narrowed, I didn’t think the number of participants allowed to race was too high. I didn’t expect to run a PR but I did and that was pretty exciting! I tried to hold myself back initially and I think that helped a lot towards the middle of the race. 

The wine tasting was unorganized unfortunately and we waited in long lines and only ended up going to 3-4 out of the 16 vineyards booths because we were hungry, hot, and exhausted. 

I probably wouldn’t run this race again just because of the value, but I don’t regret running it at least once! 


I’ve been working like a crazy person and performing and practicing this past week so I’ll post more soon. Also I’ve suspended my Sunday Grubday posts until I return to Texas and will actually be cooking. Instead I’ll probably be posting pictures of the food I’m trying and the runs I’m going on when I’m off making music in Paris and Italy! I’ve already been scouting running routes in Paris and Assisi for my trip! 

Mileage – 4 mile run, 2.75 mile walk with mama, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – Run for wine, not for time!