Fitness Friday!

Brought to you from a cozy cafe in Northern Virginia post race packet pickup! Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon tomorrow! 


A 5 minute arm toning workout from Women’s Health! 

20 minute bootcamp workout from Peanut Butter Fingers! 



A simple yoga routine from RealSimple! 


Want to start running? Here are some tips on how to start

Emotional when you start running in new shoes?? Me too… Apparently others are too! Check this out


Mileage – REST DAY! (Race day tomorrow!) 

QOD – Run for wine, not for time! 


I am home! Sortof… Currently I’m at Bethany Beach at my family’s place but that’s essentially a second home for us! I will really be home tomorrow. I was reunited with my adorable puppy who I haven’t seen in 4.5 months! 

Sorry for the lack of Sunday Grubday, my dad and I were driving 12 hours from Atlanta, Georgia to Bethany Beach, Delaware! Plus I honestly haven’t planned any meals since we’ve just been snacking on fruit, yogurt, and mini chicken salad sandwiches on the beach today and my dad is grilling for dinner tonight. 

This is just a quick check in – I’m off to enjoy a cocktail or 2 on the deck with my family! 

I did go on a warm run this morning up to downtown Bethany and the public beach this morning – it felt great after being in the car so long these past 2 days!

I hope everyone in the States is enjoying their Memorial Day and remembering those who gave their lives for the safety and liberties of our nation! 

Mileage – 5k 

QOD – Heroism is not only in the man, but in the occasion. 


100 mile month check in!

I posted at the beginning of May that my goal was to run 100 miles this month, currently if I stay right on track from here on out I’ll hit about 98 miles. I’m probably going to tack on a few extra miles towards the end of this week to make sure I get to 100 but I don’t want to burn myself out before my half marathon next Saturday! 

I originally scheduled 120 miles for this month, knowing that things would happen and that number would give me wiggle room. Sure enough, I got that nasty cold and instantly lost 13 miles that weekend. A few late nights and super early mornings this weekend put me back another 4 miles, and there is another day that I scratched off at the very beginning of May but I don’t remember why. All totaled I lost 22 miles to life and I think it taught me a valuable lesson. 

When I under schedule my running or don’t write down a plan at all and life gets in the way, I’m really not running as much as I should be/want to be running. I really need to make sure to push myself to have the highest mileage goals. I finally feel like my body has forgotten my marathon enough to sign up for #2 and I feel confident I’m much better prepared this time around.

Since the Marine Corps Marathon in 2011 I have run 3 half marathons (and my 4th is in 10 days!), a 10 miler, a Tough Mudder, a 10k, and quite a few 5k or shorter races. I had only run one 5k before my marathon, and while I trained for 7 months, my body still wasn’t quite ready. Now I think I am. So my 5th half and 2nd full will be coming up in the fall/winter and I’m hoping that upping my mileage and adding a variety of training will help me with distance speed.

I’ve already planned on getting in about 70 miles in June before I leave for Europe and hopefully getting in at least 15-20 miles while I am in Paris for the remainder of June. I want to keep the consistency up as I head into marathon training at the end of July. 

Mileage – 3.25 miles, yoga, foam roll 

QOD -The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.



Fitness Friday!


Ever wondered how to get into Lotus pose? Here is a step-by-step guide!

Wake up with yoga! Just a few minutes can really make a difference in getting your body ready for the day! Check this 5 minute sequence out!  


SarahFit is back at it again with this great Tabata workout you can do virtually anywhere! 

Best way to get in summer (year round) shape? Full body workouts! Check out this one from Women’s Health!
The best way to keep up your running regime is to make sure to prevent injuries here are some great tips from Runner’s World on how to run healthy!
Mileage – 3.3 miles (Trail Run ohhh ahhhh), yoga, foam roll
QOD – Unleash your inner beast!

Running when you’re sick

I know I’ve tackled this subject once before because the beginning of last summer I decided to do a running streak and I was punched in the face by a cold and had to take a few days off.  

I said I was going to run 4 miles yesterday but I didn’t because I was too busy blowing my nose and coughing. I managed to sleep last night without NyQuil and when I woke up this morning my sinuses felt much clearer so I headed out for my run. I had mentioned I planned on doing 9 miles today, but my body wasn’t there yet and that’s okay. I managed to stay out there for 55 minutes, with three 3 min walk/cough up gross stuff breaks. 

So should you run when you’re sick? How do you get back into it?  

Well the rule I hear the most is that if you have a fever DO NOT workout. Your immune system is fighting off whatever you have in overdrive and exercise will only make things worse. Another rule to go by is the “neck rule” – if there are symptoms below the neck then take time off, if the symptoms are purely in your head such as a runny nose you are fine to workout.

However, according to some researchers whether you should workout or not depends on the severity of the cold and head sickness. Because I had facial pressure, headache, and a chest cough I chose to use the 72 hour rule and take 3 days off from running. Here is a great article from Runner’s World – Should You Run When You’re Sick?

Now to tackle how to get back into running when you’ve taken those few days off.

This time around I was lucky because Friday was my usual day off so I only missed 2 regular running days. Today I eased back into it by running longer chunks of time integrated with walk breaks, bringing water, and going a little slower. I ran for 17 min, walked 3, ran 12, walked 3, ran 7, walked 3, ran 10. By the end I still felt like I had worked hard but I didn’t think I had over worked my respiratory system. Some people go by the 50% intensity rule after a sickness – here is an article on that! 

Tomorrow is only 3 miles and weights so I hope to be able to do that run without stopping just a tad bit slower than usual and be back to my normal running self by Wednesday or Thursday! 

I just ate a delicious mixed berry, banana, and greek yogurt smoothie and an egg while typing this up so now it’s time to do my running yoga and get ready for the rest of the day. Happy Monday! 

Mileage – 5 miles, yoga

QOD – To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. (Buddha) 



Not my recipe, but equally delicious! 

Sunday Grubday (2 Recipes)

This past week’s awesome meal was definitely the massive chuck roast that made 4 night’s dinner for Ben and I! I used the Mississippi Roast recipe from Table for Two.

We ate the roast along with baked potatoes and fresh green beans! I’m so glad green bean and corn season has begun! Corn on the cob and grilled green beans are two of my favorite summer dishes.

I’ve been trying to find more recipes for the crockpot for meat besides chicken because while I LOVE chicken, I like to mix things up. This beef recipe was perfect. We’re trying another one later this week – but I’m not sure how it will work out so I’ll save that one to share later if I approve.

However tonight we’re going back to chicken and this pesto chicken sounds (and already smells) delicious – here is the recipe!

I’ve been fighting a seriously nasty cold this week so I had to take yesterday off so I’ve moved my long run to Monday since I don’t have classes. Hopefully I’ll be able to breathe better tonight while I run.

Mileage – 4 miles, yoga, foam roller

QOD – ‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.




Fitness Friday!


How to run faster and make new friends! 

What it feels like to train for a marathon – I’ve been reading lots of these lately because I’m about to start prepping for marathon #2 and it’s been a few years and it feels like #1 all over again! 


It’s almost bikini season and here’s an awesome yoga workout for a bikini body


Ever wonder how to design your own personal workout? With the summer vacation season coming up and visiting friends and foreign gyms perhaps here’s how to develop a personal workout

Great chest and back workout from SarahFit! 





Mileage – Yoga for Runners and foam rolling

QOD – How do you get a bikini body? Put a bikini on a body!


How many miles a week should you be running?

Since I’m currently on my mission to run a lot more miles this month I figured I’d check out how many miles I should be running a week for the different types of races I run. While they say that you should run the least number of miles a week but make the most out of your workouts I still figured I’d be a little on the shorter side. But I am SERIOUSLY on the shorter side apparently…. Check it out here:

How much should you be running a week? 

Now that I know I need to get my act in gear and make this month the bare minimum for my half and full training seasons I also wanted to check out how to make my runs longer in a more efficient fashion. And I found this great article! Runner’s World is one of my favorite resources for running and I love all the great things I find there. 

How many miles do you run in a week?? 

Mileage – 3 miles, Arm Shredder workout 

QOD – Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.



100+ Mile May

For the months of May and June I’ve challenged myself to run over 100 miles each month. I’ve currently got 115 miles on my schedule including a surprise half marathon on May 31st! I wrote down a schedule on a blank calendar, which I haven’t done in a long time and didn’t do for my last race. But I need to start again because I looooove checking things off – I mean I make a list for every grocery store trip. 

I wanted to do this 100+ for several reasons: 

1) I’ve never run more than 75 miles in a month according to my Nike+ stats and I would love to increase my mileage for 2014 to 750+ miles for the year. My goal for 2015 is 1000 miles. 

2) I won’t have access to the gym after next Tuesday until I get home at the end of May so I need some motivation to keep me running. 

3) I think that if I crank up my frequency I can improve my speed. (my 2 short days are always 3 miles and I want to focus on speed those days) 

4) It will help me stay in race training shape consistently. I think that if I can maintain higher mileage all summer that training for my 2nd and 3rd marathons this coming fall will be easier. 

I work out and run a decent amount. But other than training for my marathon I’ve never really had 25 mile weeks frequently. I’d love to eventually get to 30 mile weeks. I also love how my legs look when I run 6 days a week. My legs are pretty muscular naturally (I love them no matter how they look btw) so when I was doing CrossFit and not running as frequently my legs bulked up a bit. When I was running constantly my legs leaned out a bit and I really liked the definition that I had. 

In addition to the running I will be doing yoga 3 days a week, with one of those days being a rest day, and on my 2 short run days I’ll be doing Nike Training Club workouts (mostly upper body and abs). 

Mileage – 3 miles, arm workout 

QOD – The best way to predict your future is to create it.



Fitness Friday (I’ve survived my semester!)

Life Update: 

My recital was last Saturday, my family came which was SO wonderful, they even surprised me and brought my little brother!!!! The morning of my recital my brother, dad, aunt, and I went for a quick, fun run which helped me shake out the nerves and I had a great recital (if anyone wants to see it I have video) and then we went to Austin to celebrate!! 

Quick shout out – Thank you  Mom, Dad, Pete, Aunt Annie, Uncle Pat, and Aunt Debbie for making my birthday/recital weekend so wonderful! Thanks so my amazing friends and family that tuned into the live stream to watch too! 

This week I spent pretty much every waking hour, of which there were more awake hours than usual, on my term paper for my Baroque Music Seminar, I submitted my paper yesterday and presented today – which means I only have 1 test left of the semester!!! So I’ve returned to the world of working out and blogging. Now onto the good stuff! 



I’ve been stressed lately so I love these two sequences for my Upper Back and Neck

Gym Workouts Cardio and Weights! 

Treadmill HIIT workout from PBFingers! 

If the elliptical is your jam – check out these great workouts

YouTube Workout Channels! I’m starting to really get into YouTube yoga workouts and I’m sure it’s a great way to get strong at home too!

Pumps & Iron Lower Back and Legs Kettlebell Leg Interval Workout!  


Stretches for Runners 

Endurance for Runners 



Mileage – 3.25 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – Just run.