Hills and Sprints

My legs feel like jello… I did hills and sprints today over 2 miles and it was KILLER. But I’m trying to ramp my mileage back up this week and next before I settle into my half marathon training. It was so nice outside I could wear long sleeves and shorts!! Maybe even shorts and a tshirt tomorrow! I’m super excited. This new ab regime has made my core a lot stronger but I’m still waiting to see some toning results. Yesterday I did a 5k, but I was dumb and hadn’t drank water the night before and I was SOOOO dehydrated. Big mistake. I drank so much more water when I was training really hard and when I hurt my foot and was pretty lazy I really stopped drinking the same amount of water. Granted it was really annoying to crutch to the bathroom all the time those first 2 weeks!

It’s so hard to rack up miles and practice how I want to for my grad school audition. Bass always has to come first so getting good distance in my runs has fallen to the wayside. I really hope after doing maybe 10-12 miles this week and another 15 next week. I can get myself in better condition because half marathon training starts the day of my last grad school audition. YAY! Isn’t that awesome how life works out so well like that?? But I also read that hardcore violin playing burns like 500 calories an hour….so bass players have to burn more than that in epic practice sessions right? No offense but our instrument is way more physically demanding. Bass as a way to get even more fit…I like it. I sure got a workout carrying my bass through the airports this weekend.

Mileage -2 miles

QOD  – The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.


Registration for the Marine Corps Historic Half starts WEDNESDAYYYYY. There is also a 5k, which I think I have convinced Allen to do. I think it will be fun. I’m so excited, back to researching training programs. Thankfully I won’t have to start until my grad school auditions are over and most of the preparing for my recital. Also, I ate 2 very delicious meals yesterday (Mr. J’s and a Cinnamon Bear sandwich yummy)…alas the chipotle sauce didn’t sit well with me and I had one of my cramp attacks, thankfully I still had medication from my hospital trip last February and the pain had subsided by this morning in time for a quick run before work and ensembles!

I was faked out this morning, I got warm while running in the 38 degree weather. This led me to not wear as many layers when I was walking to class. That was a mistake. Darn you sweating. Hopefully taking Cardio Dance with Liz tomorrow, never done it before so this could be very interesting!!

Mileage – 2 miles

QOD – Clogged with yesterday’s excess, the body drags the mind down with it.


I’ve magically lost like 3 lbs since I came back to school this semester?! whoop whoop can’t complain, because that puts me closer to finally losing those last 10 or so lbs I wanted to knock off, but never happened while I was on WW. That weight loss definitely wasn’t going to happen during marathon training – a girl’s gotta eat on long run days – so before I start training for the Marine Corps Historic Half (REGISTRATION STARTS WEDNESDAY!) I want to finally finish this weight loss goal I started a long time ago.

Ironically about all this I haven’t been running a lot, at most maybe 3 miles a day, or on some days not running at all – just doing abs, yoga, and maybe some leg work/jumping jacks in my room. BUT I have really stuck to the whole eating clean plan. Aside from one meal out last night, I’ve been cooking my own food in my new crock pot (THANKS MOM AND DAD) and nothing is processed except for my pumpernickel bread, some of my food is even organic or all natural, and I’ve really cut back the red meat. I didn’t really notice the weight loss, but I have noticed just feeling generally better – less sluggish, tired,  and frustrated. So I’m hoping to continue this eating plan once I kick the running back into high gear because now that I’ve done the marathon and lost the weight, it’s all about time improvement, fitness level, and some hardcore sculpting. I don’t want to be jacked or anything, no body building for me, but being more tone and in shape is going to seriously help my bass playing I think. Especially good core, back, and shoulder strength. More muscle means more weight I can put into the instrument with a greater ease and less tension through my arms.

Mileage – 2ish? miles

QOD – Living a healthy lifestyle will only deprive you of poor health, lethargy, and fat.

Race recap?!!? FINALLY.

So here it is. My recap of my first marathon. WAYYYY late. But as I get ready to throw down for my next big race – The Marine Corps Historic Half – it’s nice to reflect.


Woke up early and ate half a bagel thin – as my usual long run routine… I’ve learned eating makes my stomach incredibly upset, so I generally avoid food before my run. It was so cold, I didn’t wear too many layers because I knew I would get hot running and I didn’t get the whole “wear cheap layers and just throw them off then they’ll get picked up and donated to charity” memo before hand. (HINDSIGHT now I know). I felt really great the first half of the marathon, I took it very easy to start and I killed the hill at mile 6 and 7, didn’t stop running and just tried to enjoy the experience. At mile 10 in Georgetown I saw my parents!!! I got to throw off my ear warmer and gloves and long sleeve top to them and that made me feel so much better. Around mile 12 I got caught in the terrible trap of having to pee and that took all of 25 minutes. UGH. I still had some great energy by the halfway point but that had faded by mile 16. I finally saw my amazing fan club (Mom, Dad, Allen -with a sign he made me, Catherine, and Aunt Sue) but I was almost crying and so ready to give up. They all cheered me on and I was still making decent time. When I saw them at mile 19 I was in much better spirits and back to kicking butt. Then I BEAT THE BRIDGE! I had passed the gauntlet with plenty of time to spare and I was so excited, but around mile 21.5 that was killed. My right foot made a weird popping feeling, I stopped for a minute, but after walking a few yards it felt normal so I went back to running, that was short lived and my struggle to the finish began.

Sidenote: I dislocate the middle of my foot all the time, happens a lot in my sleep or when I have my foot in certain positions for a long time, which is why I wasn’t as concerned as maybe I should have been.

I walked /jogged the rest of the race. It was miserable. I had worked so hard to beat 5:00 or at the very latest 5:30…. now that was totally dashed. I tried to remember my cousin Chris’ advice, he told me just to enjoy it and not worry about a time. So all that mattered was finishing. I finished in 5:57. I probably didn’t help my foot by sprinting the last .2 miles but I wanted to go out strong. I experienced every emotion possible during that race, it was the most mentally, physically, and emotionally draining thing to get through – it also tested my very limited concentration. And despite limping and crutching around on a micro-fractured foot for the 2 weeks after the race, I can’t wait to do it again. This time I will make sure my foot is wrapped and while I might focus a little more on time, at least I really know what I’m in for now. I must say that finishing that marathon rivals performing on bass for an adrenaline rush for me…good thing the two things coexist peaceably!!


Mileage – 2.5 miles

QOD – Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant, since it’s hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same time. Also, there are those hours of clear headedness that follow a long run.

Stomach Virus to Ring in the New Year!

I was well until about 5am into the new year. Then it was shakes, chills, vom, and etc. The usual 24-48 hour bug symptoms.

This afternoon I was feeling better, I had kept down all my food, and the sky looked pretty, despite it being cold. Obviously, that means I’m interested in going for a run. Alas my first run of the new year was not to my liking. I almost vommed around mile 2 so I quit there, I figure that’s substantial enough to keep my lungs in gear.

But I am excited about my winter running because I think I’m going to buy some YAKTRAX….which are chain like things that you attach to your running shoes to prevent falling/slipping in ice and snow during runs. As a certified klutz I am also looking forward to using these on all my shoes to walk to school when JMU refuses to delay or close because they are oblivious to all of us who commute — particularly by foot.

So I will finally do my race recap soon, seriously, honestly, I promise. I’m going to make a shadow box of my medal and race bib, bad ass-ery mixed with domestics. YESSS.

Happy 2012 🙂

Mileage – 2ish miles

QOD – Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going.