Marathon Madness



And so it begins. Training for Marathon #2. I’m finally physically and mentally ready to go 26.2 again. Plus I really need to get started on the fulls if I want to run 10 half and 5 full marathons before my 30th birthday! I love half marathons so much I’ll probably be closer to 12 or 15. But the full…that’s a totally different story. 

Why now? I think now is a great time, even though I’m incredibly busy – just like when I trained for my first one. Training while I’m busy ensures that I will actually workout and make time for myself, which means I won’t go insane. Running and working out makes a huge impact on my mental health. I also have another idea about this race, but that will be kept under wraps until all the details are complete. 

I’m trying a new method of training for this race with only 3 days of running longer distances, with 2 days of cross training (one of them being long and intense), and 2 days of rest where I’ll be incorporating yoga. I’m hoping the increased cross training and space between runs will help prevent injuries. I’m also hoping it will curb my hunger pangs because I will be running less time. 

School has been insane, but hopefully the marathon will keep me inspired to post more frequently!  

Mileage – 5 miles 

QOD – You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming.


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