MCM FAQ – “Can I run with a walkman on” “No.” ….. uhoh.

Today I ran without my iPod for the first time ever. I added nearly 2min to my mile time….I guess music is a pretty awful crutch. Now to face the reality of running for the next 36 weeks without headphones, completely unplugged from my motivation.

So how do I motivate myself to run? What about those days that I really don’t want to wake up early enough to beat the hot sun? What about when I get bored or I am just too exhausted? ¬†Well, for now, I am a champion of quotes. I love quotes. I have cut out over 100 quotes and placed them folded up in a jar next to my bed to read when I need the motivation and encouragement. I’d also love some running partners, you don’t have to be in for the long haul, but on a 3-6 mile day I’d love to have someone to run with.

Mileage Today – 3.5miles

QOD – You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.

Well, here goes!

After nearly 21 years of life…I’m about to tackle my craziest project yet…. Run a marathon.

Sure people do it all the time, but coming from someone who used to ask their mom to get the doctor to test them for asthma, it’s certainly a surprise. But as my father wisely said (again and again) “You don’t have asthma, you’re just out of shape.” Several years ago I took my dad’s words to heart and picked up his pastime of running. July of 2010 has been the peak of my running career thus far – 7.5 miles, a quarter of my new goal. But it was exhilarating, an adrenaline rush, a sense of accomplishment because it was something I alone controlled. Ever since, the thought of running a major race has been tugging at me.

I waited for awhile for many reasons, ¬†ranging from I wanted to make sure I would have time to devote to the run – to -I wanted it to be in a good time of the year. But the biggest reason I waited was that I wanted to get in better shape first. Running this marathon is a step in a process to becoming the healthiest-me I can be. I’ve shed 20 lbs, and from reading and researching I know that running may not help you lose a lot of weight (you get pretty toned though!), so I wanted to get rid of the excess first. Especially with running a marathon, you can’t live on a greens only diet and expect to be able to have the energy to run. So here’s to my heart health and a strong core!

But the most intriguing part of this process will be balancing the running and the practicing. My bass is a monster of an instrument, physically demanding to play, even exhausting at times, so how will the running affect my playing? Hopefully not at all – or even in a positive way! I’m going to battle the exhaustion, soreness, and mental frustration with some yoga and breathing. A few friends, running partners, and well deserved breaks along the way will make the adventure just as meaningful as crossing that finish line.

Thanks Chelsea Cockburn….if it weren’t for you I may not have clicked that “Pay Now” button!