Things I’d forgotten about Marathon Training.

I’m 2 months into training for my 2nd marathon – Whoooo – but I’m remembering all the things I forgot about the first time I trained. Certainly many things are different since my first marathon was actually the first race … Continue reading

Fitness Friday (I’ve survived my semester!)

Life Update: 

My recital was last Saturday, my family came which was SO wonderful, they even surprised me and brought my little brother!!!! The morning of my recital my brother, dad, aunt, and I went for a quick, fun run which helped me shake out the nerves and I had a great recital (if anyone wants to see it I have video) and then we went to Austin to celebrate!! 

Quick shout out – Thank you  Mom, Dad, Pete, Aunt Annie, Uncle Pat, and Aunt Debbie for making my birthday/recital weekend so wonderful! Thanks so my amazing friends and family that tuned into the live stream to watch too! 

This week I spent pretty much every waking hour, of which there were more awake hours than usual, on my term paper for my Baroque Music Seminar, I submitted my paper yesterday and presented today – which means I only have 1 test left of the semester!!! So I’ve returned to the world of working out and blogging. Now onto the good stuff! 



I’ve been stressed lately so I love these two sequences for my Upper Back and Neck

Gym Workouts Cardio and Weights! 

Treadmill HIIT workout from PBFingers! 

If the elliptical is your jam – check out these great workouts

YouTube Workout Channels! I’m starting to really get into YouTube yoga workouts and I’m sure it’s a great way to get strong at home too!

Pumps & Iron Lower Back and Legs Kettlebell Leg Interval Workout!  


Stretches for Runners 

Endurance for Runners 



Mileage – 3.25 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – Just run. 

I survived TMEA Tour!

Here I am!!! Alive, significantly healed, and completely done with TMEA tour. TMEA was great – but going as a graduate assistant was rough, I actually only got to see 2 concerts (they were both AMAZING). I missed out on all the classes and clinics because I was in our extra rehearsals, hunting down places to return keys, and manning our storage room. But the symphony’s performances were all wonderful and had a great impact on our audiences from what I’ve heard. I thoroughly enjoyed performing in the theater there (it was probably one of the largest audiences I’ve ever performed for with an orchestra!) and I had an overall positive musical experience even if I was exhausted by the end of the week with all the additional work.

Although I spent most of the tour recovering from two infections, a stomach bug, and a cold (medicated with a Zpack, dayquil, nyquil, and a Vick’s inhaler) I did manage to get in 2 easy workouts at the hotel gym! Thankfully I didn’t miss more than 7 days of running so I won’t have lost any progress I’ve made towards the half marathon in March that I’ve been training for under the radar.  I haven’t totally committed to the race yet because I need my recital to be my priority right now, however if I can get up to 11 miles by the first weekend in March I think I’ll be in good shape.

Last week I missed Fitness Friday and didn’t have time to catch-up with Sunday Grubday either – although this week I only have 1 new recipe I’m trying. I went back to my new favorite tomato basil soup for lunches, my usual eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, and simple salads for my solo dinners. It will all be revived and then some this week! I have some great post ideas brewing. 

Last night I wanted to watch the Bobsledding and Ice Dancing Free Dance but I have recently rid myself of my horrible cable service. I decided to go to the gym (it was a cross training day anyways) and workout on the cardio machines while I watched the Olympics. I didn’t realize how LONG I was going to have to be working out to be able to watch Meryl and Charlie’s program which was last! I ended up on 3 different cardio machines, totaling 1 hour and 46 minutes of cardio. During commercials and a longer break from the competition I managed to get in a deadlift and calf raise cycle, bent-over rows, and an ab workout. That was between the treadmill and the cycle-fit-thing-I-don’t-know-what-it-is machine. But after 2 hours and 15 minutes in the gym I had seen the Americans win the bronze in bobsledding, listened to the Jamaican bobsled song, and watched some amazing ice dancing!!! I had forgotten my water bottle so I was really thirsty but overall I really enjoyed my workout and being able to watch the Olympics – I’m just one of those people who enjoys multi-tasking. 

Mileage – 3-4 miles (later tonight), yoga

QOD – Just do it.