I CANNOT believe the race is only 2 months away! I’m getting really pumped up.

So I was super tired the other night when I was blogging so there were some things I forgot to mention. Firstly, chaffing. UGH. I forgot to put on my gel and my legs hurt sooo bad. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as my first long run, but I will never forget my glide gel again. Secondly, it was SOOOOO hot. I was majorly struggling when it came to my body temperature, but cardiovascularly I felt great.

I’m currently sitting in my GKIN100 class, talking about the different types of fitness. I’m interested in seeing how this class goes. I am taking the swimming section, which I think will be great cross training.

Finally my new goal is to do yoga 6-7 days a week. I love how my legs and back feel after a good long yoga session and I think it’s an amazing way to stretch and relax. I’ve been reading articles about people who run and do yoga all the time and I think it could be a great way to balance the muscle building and cardio strength I’m gaining.


Mileage – 5 miles

QOD – The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.


Today I sunburned on my run. It was especially bright and sunny…. but the best part is that my red spots match with how I hold my arms when I run. Adorable I know. Anyways… I wasn’t interested in running today. But Allen accidentally talked me into it, then throughout my run various people (such as Chelsea) drove by me while I was running and it was a real motivation to get it done.

I cruised today despite the heat. I ran a 2:12 half?!?!?! Shock and awe for me, I never imagined running that fast. That puts me nearly 45 minutes ahead of my goal time for the marathon. AWESOME! And yes there were 2 breaks in there. But if it hadn’t have been hot, I really wouldn’t have needed them at all. So now I’m exhausted. Bedtime.


Mileage – 14 miles

QOD – Run like hell and get the agony over with.

3 Things I Don’t Like….

Sure, people complain about being sore, their muscles hating them, difficulty walking up and down stairs after a long run…but none of those things bother me. I mean you did choose to go running. However, there are 3 less than fabulous after effects of running that I really don’t like.

1) The feet blisters….My toes look like a pointe dancers. My toes are bruised, peeling, cracking, just generally gross. The rest of my feet are fine, need the occasional massage but my toes are so gross. And considering I hate wearing shoes it’s hard trying to keep my toes looking normal. Painting some hotpink nail polish on my toenails should help I guess.

2) The need to sit in a bath of ice or spray your legs with water at Arctic temperatures. I hate cold water. I have a pretty powerful aversion to it, and the fact that freezing water is the first step to recovery for your muscles….is not my favorite thing about this sport.

3) Guys don’t have to worry about this… but running is the most damaging activity to a woman’s breast tissue. If you aren’t out there with the best, most constricting sports bra or running top, not only will they hurt, but it’s damaging your breast tissue for later in life. Tears, pulls, rips. Wish I knew that one before I started…

Despite all these, I think I’m still hooked. Running it is. Anyways, I’m back to running in H’Burg and it’ll be nice to have some people to hit the pavement with (Chelsea!)


Mileage – 8 miles

QOD – I don’t believe in a burnout. I believe in losing your appetite.

Analyzed Running Stride and NEW SHOES

While I was attached to my pair of Adidas that have carried me through my training thus far….I felt like I was dragging bricks for feet. My shoes were wayyy too heavy for my liking. As many of you know and some of you may not, I really don’t like shoes. Not that I don’t love a great pair of heels or adorable sandals – because if society necessitates that I wear shoes, they ought to look great – but I just prefer not having anything on my feet. I enjoy being as close to the ground as possible. Yes I do have the tendency to walk around campus barefoot and I am especially prone to being barefoot while playing bass. So I went to get new shoes to remedy this unfortunate situation.

Today I went to Charm City Run which is a great running store that has a couple of locations in and around Baltimore – aka Charm City for those of you who didn’t know. And yes it is a weird nickname for one of the most dangerous cities in the country, it apparently used to fit the city well back in the day though. ANYWAYS, I went this store to buy a new pair of running shoes because everyone there seemed very knowledgeable when I went in there to buy my fuel belt a couple months ago. So first I walked around, had my feet measured and we established that while I’m a little flat footed, my feet are basically neutral. For whatever reason, I still think that’s awesome, because nothing I do/have is ever neutral or normal. After trying a few pairs, I picked the two that were the lightest and the least cushiony (I hate cushion in my shoes) and hopped on a treadmill. They video taped my stride and slowed it down and we got to analyze it and watch each movement my feet made. IT WAS SO COOL. Also I was excited to learn, I don’t pronate or supernate and I keep my feet in great ski-line (thank you marching band). I mean I could’ve been running way wrong or bad for me this whole time and never known.

In the end one pair was much closer to the ground than the other, but I only noticed it when I put one of each shoe on. I now am the proud owner of a great pair of Mizunos. I went running this afternoon in them, and I’m totally in love.


Mileage – 6 miles

QOD -Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.


Dogs and Dragging.

My dog loves to go for walks/runs like most dogs. If he hears the word “walk” in any context he runs to the garage door with such speed that he generally can’t stop himself and runs into the door. I decided yesterday that I had about 1 mile left in my run around the neighborhood, so I’d stop by the house and get him and bring him with me. I still can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing though! Running with the dog (he used to heel and wouldn’t leave our sides, but we’ve gotten lax about that intense training) has some serious pro’s but a few cons for sure. We alternate dragging one another. He loves to gallop along and move quickly from one tree to the next, however that means when he wants to stop, I nearly yank my arm out of its socket because he’s stopped short and I continue to run. But it’s motivating and distracting, which at the end of a hot run is nice to have the dog there to keep you off the heat. I’m almost motivated to run faster too so he can go home and get some water. I think I like it, however he’d need to be re-trained a little bit and now that our dog is older (still entirely energetic  however I forget most of the time that he’s 8 years old!) I wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt him.

In other news, I ran around noon or so yesterday. It was 75, cloud cover, breeze, low humidity. It was absolutely gorgeous. TODAY I ran at 8 am and it was only 65 degrees but the sun was killer and it was incredibly muggy. Gotta love the mid-atlantic weather. Finally, I am getting new shoes on Friday. I AM SO EXCITED.

Mileage – 7 miles

QOD – Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

Rest Week!

This week begins the lovely rest week in my cycle of every month. While I’ve had to take a minor rest for injury recovery, it’s not the same as knowing you aren’t missing any runs and the 5 miles every other day are meant to be nice and easy. My easy week will abruptly end however, because my next long run is a 20 miler. Since I missed my  first 18miler due to injury I think I might knock this run back to a 17 or 18 mile long run so I don’t overdo it. I also like rest weeks because I get in a lot of great cross training and this is the perfect week for it since I am working a decent amount. I can’t believe the race is really less than 3 months away. I am really hoping I’ll make it haha weird to say since I’ve been working on this so long, and I do think I can do it, I’m just really going to have to work on time management from here on out.


Mileage – cross training

QOD – A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.

Do you need a training partner??

So I’ve been reading a new book on training for a marathon and lots of magazine articles about it. I’m kind of addicted to researching things. But one topic that keeps coming up is having a training partner or running in clinics/groups – so my question is… is this absolutely necessary in reaching my goal?? Almost every article or book I’ve read has mentioned it at some stage. I love  running with someone from time to time, like Chelsea, Allen, and my dad. But really, I like running for me…for me. I like the time I get alone with my thoughts and building my confidence on my own. At this point, I’ve trained so much on my own I don’t know if I would want to settle into a pace with someone else all the time. For this race at least, I think I’ll continue my occasional social run, but stick to running for me.  I will definitely research clinics and running groups in the future though and see what that could mean for me once I’m done this first marathon.

Also….this week I am buying new running shoes. I am super excited.

Mileage – 6 miles

QOD – We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves…The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. No one can say, ‘You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.’ The human spirit is indomitable.