Delicious and Simple!

This week’s meals have been really simple and I actually made only 1 meal for dinner! But I’m here today to share my breakfasts and lunch for the week! 

Now that I have eaten all of my smoothies I had to find a new breakfast that is much more grab and go. This week and next week’s breakfast are getting me in the mood for fall – Pumpkin Oat’n’Honey Muffins! I of course added raisins but I whipped it up a notch with chocolate covered raisins! 

My lunch for the week is still a soup but this was not from Weight Watchers, it’s a Pintrest recipe that grabbed my attention –Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup

My workout on Wednesday’s is riding the bike at the gym and upper body strength training. Tuesdays are a longer run day and Thursdays are time and tempo dominated rather than exact mileage so I like the chance to be in the gym on Wednesdays and Sundays! It also gives me the opportunity to study and read my materials for my thesis WHILE working out! 

Mileage – Bike, upper body strength training 

QOD – “Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”

fitness IMG_5278

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