Today my mama and I took Zumba for the first time at the Sea Colony gym. The instructor was so intense! The class was great, I absolutely loved it!! It did put a little strain on my feet which are used to being flat when I run and I think it was because I was wearing my running shoes rather than a cross training sneaker. I had so much fun though just dancing around and shaking it. SO FUN. Definitely going to take the class again, even if it’s not my regular cardio – it was fun to mix it up. I think mom and I are going again tomorrow and Wednesday before we leave! 

Aside from that I’ve done some running on the trails throughout our new beach condo’s community and on the beach as well. Killer leg workout. It’s also been nice to walk everywhere here, I haven’t driven in days and I love that feeling! When I get home/out to Texas I’ll need to start ramping up my mileage again in preparation for the Tough Mudder. But I’ve really tried to amp up my lifting to improve my upper body strength for the obstacles. I’ve started lifting heavier weights for more sets and trying to incorporate some flexibility/agility and jumping exercises into my routine to help with the obstacles as well. I’m already trying to figure out what my routine will be like in Texas although that is hard to do without a class schedule or wok schedule yet. Shhhhhhh but *I can’t wait to move, I’m finally excited* 

I still have a little ways to go but I’m feeling much better about my body again thanks to going back on WW. I feel more confident in my swimsuits at the beach and it makes me excited about when I get to my final goal! I’ve done it once so I know I can do it again. 

Mileage – DANCING 

QOD (fitting to my beach vacation) – I would rather be covered with sweat at the gym then covered with clothes at the beach! 

Too long!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I last posted on here and I’ve been doing all sorts of exciting fitness things!

I continued running to train for my July 1st 10k with my Dad! That race was crazy hot! The start time was 8:15 which was wayyy too late in my opinion. It was 92 degrees and climbing the whole time. The race itself was small and the course was on the shoulder of a major road and a trail. It was a loop of 1.5 miles downhill and then 1.7 or so up a very steep hill done once for the 5k and twice for the 10k. I think a lot of 10k runners bailed after just one loop. The most exciting part is that I finished 13th out of all the women in the race!!

The weekend of the race however we were out of power! So awful, so the next day I started back swimming again. 35 minutes of laps alternating free and breast stroke then a 5 minute back stroke sprint worked allllll new muscles for me. I think it will be nice to incorporate swimming into my workouts in Texas.

I’ve started researching weight lifting as a more serious addition to my work out rather than just my usual free weight routine. I’m also going to a trial CrossFit session in a few weeks! Currently however I’m trying to squeeze in some runs during JMU Summer Band Camps which is an awesome, fun, and exhausting 18 hour a day job for 5 days!

Sticking to WW while at camp has been rough but I’m trying to track everything again after falling off the wagon for a few days.

Mileage – tons of walking!!

QOD – Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.