Helloooo October! (1 week late)

Yesterday was the final performance of Baylor’s production of Into The Woods! I was playing in the pit, which made for a crazy two weeks since we had only 1 night off in the almost two week run (we had tech rehearsals the first few nights of week 1). It is an amazing show though and I had a blast playing Sondheim’s music! I’m pretty excited for the movie coming out in December! Anyone else?! Official Trailer in case you haven’t seen it!

During the show I managed to get in all of my weekday runs and workouts except 1, I was just too exhausted that morning. Most importantly, I ran a 9.25 miler and a 12.5miler on the two Saturdays. I knew if I didn’t make it through the show weeks my training plan might be ruined – but I survived!
I’ve also been working on a scholarship application for a possibility after graduation, which is due THIS week. On top of class, recital prep, and thesis writing. So it’s been pretty insane in my world, but hey I’m a busy bee kinda-gal.
But I made one healthy meal for my lunches this week that is super delicious so I had to jump on here and share. Honey Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Corn. I made this sweet potato taco filling sans honey, and I am eating it on it’s own with some avocado and it’s just too good!
I also made an incredibly delicious and easy breakfast pastry (not clean but not too terrible for you). Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. I didn’t use all the butter and I didn’t make the frosting, which makes them a smidge healthier. I only kept 3 out and froze the rest to have for breakfast the next 2 or so weeks.
Mileage – 7 miles
QOD – “So many people are insanely busy nowadays, and it’s easy to say, ‘Ah, I’ll workout tomorrow.’ But you have to set aside a time and stick to that schedule.”

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Last Day in Assisi! Plus running in the rain.

Today is my last day in Assisi before I make my way to Roma!!! I’m sad to be leaving such a beautiful town with some of the kindest people – we’ve met many shop owners, restaurant employees, and religious men/women who are generous, welcoming, friendly, and helpful.

The weather hasn’t been the kindest to us the past few days but I’ve kept on running around the city and added a path outside the city towards the surrounding neighborhoods. Today the fog was crazy and yesterday was my day off.


But on Sunday I got rained on and when the rain was coming down hardest an elderly Italian gentleman stumbled upon me and offered to share his umbrella. I accepted and then went on my way when the rain lightened up. It was actually really therapeutic to run through the mountains with the light rain coming down.

Yesterday we went to the gorgeous Lake Trasimeno and took the ferry to the Islo Maggiore, where we wandered the beach, had some delicious pizza, and ate gelato on a pier before a storm came and rained out the rest of the afternoon.


Tonight I’m page turning for the pianist during the final opera performance and then my group of friends is celebrating the end of the festival!

While I’m sad to be leaving I definitely plan on doing the festival again and I’m so looking forward to Rome!!!

Mileage – 5 miles, workout challenge

QOD – Run in the rain.



Running and Music in Assisi!

Assisi is a beautiful city, full of religious history, tucked in the mountains of Italy. Since the town is essentially built into the side of a mountain the city is incredibly hilly and full of steep stairs.
Running here is definitely the COMPLETE opposite of my super flat runs in Texas but I’m sure running here for 2 weeks will definitely help with my speed when I get back to the flat land haha!

My first two runs I ran several out and backs on the long main roads down to San Francesco and back to the Piazza Communale near my hotel.

But the past 3 runs I’ve been using a route one of the fellow musicians discovered when they stalked followed a local runner. It’s a gorgeous 3 mile loop around the upper exterior of the city on some mountain roads and comes back into the city at San Francesco. I ran it twice for my long run 2 days and just a single loop yesterday plus alternating walking and running up the final hill/part of a mile to give my legs a “recovery” day.


Today I cranked the mileage back up just a bit to meet my 20 miles per week goal.

Musically I’m having an AMAZING experience!

I’ve been working on solo and chamber works, rehearsing with the choir to sing in a Masses during our time here, and practicing for the opera pit. It’s been so much fun making music with old and new friends and realizing how small the music world truly is!


It’s also pretty cool staying in a hotel and hearing all the music coming from everyone’s bedrooms – like being back in the practice rooms really!

I’m already hoping to find another year to come back and enjoy this amazing festival. I’ve fallen in love with Assisi!

Mileage – 4.85miles, workout challenge, yoga

QOD – “There is an itch in runners.”



Since I’ve Been Home…

Since I’ve been home I have: 

– been to 2 O’s games, once with my cousin and once with my family. I love a great day in Baltimore at Camden Yards 

– performed in an alumni concert with my high school band. It was such a blast playing and catching up with old friends! 

– practiced my music for Italy and my next recital. 

– gone on some runs and walks around Centennial Lake with my mom and been on a run with my dad! I love working out with my parents and I’m looking forward to hopefully hiking with them and my brother this weekend! 

– been to Virginia and visited some of my family and best friends and had some of my best friends visit me!!!! 

– seen one of my favorite musicians live in concert FINALLY. Jamie Cullum is amazing. If you don’t know him – you need to listen to everything he’s done. It’s amazing. Also his live shows are just the best. 

It’s just been a great time home so far! 

Mileage – 3 miles, yoga 

QOD – There’s no place like home. 

Fitness Friday (I’ve survived my semester!)

Life Update: 

My recital was last Saturday, my family came which was SO wonderful, they even surprised me and brought my little brother!!!! The morning of my recital my brother, dad, aunt, and I went for a quick, fun run which helped me shake out the nerves and I had a great recital (if anyone wants to see it I have video) and then we went to Austin to celebrate!! 

Quick shout out – Thank you  Mom, Dad, Pete, Aunt Annie, Uncle Pat, and Aunt Debbie for making my birthday/recital weekend so wonderful! Thanks so my amazing friends and family that tuned into the live stream to watch too! 

This week I spent pretty much every waking hour, of which there were more awake hours than usual, on my term paper for my Baroque Music Seminar, I submitted my paper yesterday and presented today – which means I only have 1 test left of the semester!!! So I’ve returned to the world of working out and blogging. Now onto the good stuff! 



I’ve been stressed lately so I love these two sequences for my Upper Back and Neck

Gym Workouts Cardio and Weights! 

Treadmill HIIT workout from PBFingers! 

If the elliptical is your jam – check out these great workouts

YouTube Workout Channels! I’m starting to really get into YouTube yoga workouts and I’m sure it’s a great way to get strong at home too!

Pumps & Iron Lower Back and Legs Kettlebell Leg Interval Workout!  


Stretches for Runners 

Endurance for Runners 



Mileage – 3.25 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – Just run. 

Wonderpot Recipes and 1 week Vegetarian!

This past week at school has been insane – tons of concerts, recitals, my recital hearing, a presentation, short paper, long paper, etc. So I really haven’t had much time to blog. However I managed to sneak in 2 nice and fast runs, my final workout with Camp Gladiator, and a yoga session during my weekdays so all was not lost! 

I tried a great new “wonder pot” recipe – which if you follow the recipe is vegan and all cooked in one pot! YES! I hate doing dishes! It was a spinach and artichoke pasta and the sauce came entirely from simmering and cooking down some vegetable broth – it was really flavorful! My version wasn’t vegan because I didn’t use any mushrooms since Ben and I don’t like them and threw some chunks of chicken breast on top. But it would be just as good without the chicken, it was so cheap and easy to make and super delicious. It is definitely going on the “go-to” tried and loved recipe board I have on Pintrest. 

While I managed to jump start my weight loss this semester I’ve gotten stuck at the same number for about 2 weeks now so I’ve decided to make a change this week and try something totally new! This week I’m going vegetarian and on Wednesday I will be doing a 1 day juice cleanse I purchased from Pressed Juicery! I read SarahFit’s review of the 3 day cleanse and I was mostly interested because some of the juices sound so delicious! I initially wanted to try the 3 day, but I’ve never done a cleanse before and I just couldn’t quite afford the 3 day right now. Considering how they deliver the juices and the fact that the S&H is included in the price I think the cost is incredibly reasonable and I can’t wait to try it and let you all know about my experience!

Mileage – 6.3miles, Yoga for Runners, foam roller

QOD -If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.

Catch-Up Monday

I finally got my computer back late Friday afternoon and spent the whole weekend playing and listening to some AMAZING music. I played my usual Friday night jazz gig then packed up and went a few blocks away to play another gig. On Saturday I had rehearsal for my recital and went two fabulous recitals – a tuba recital and a cello recital. So many different styles of music and both performers played wonderfully. Then on Sunday morning I watched a great filmed performance of Handel’s opera, Giulio Cesare, followed by another rehearsal, and then played a sweet gig with a friend. We played some classical solo rep and jazz standards then got a great meal and drinks, which are always the best gigs. I swear almost all musicians love food just as much as being paid, it makes a bad gig good and a good gig great!

I managed to squeeze in a run Friday morning and an elliptical workout on Sunday between everything. The recovery time is over though and this week I got right to work with a fast run this morning and I’m planning to start piling on the miles. I have a new goal in mind for May but I’m going to save announcing it until after the insanity of my recital and paper are over. 

In the food world I’ve had a few creative genius moments over the past few days. On Saturday morning I was trying to figure out a way to dress up my eggs for breakfast and all I had left in my fridge were pizza toppings, baby carrots, and kiwi…. So I made PIZZA EGGS.  I chopped up some pepperoni and tossed it in with the eggs just as they were finishing cooking to get some of the flavor in there and heat up the pepperoni. Then I put some grated parmesan on top of the eggs and dipped my forkfuls into some tomato sauce. It was the perfect late brunch. 

Tonight I tried out a new homemade breakfast bar idea and I think it turned out amazing. No-bake protein breakfast bars! I’ll post the recipe tomorrow with photos, but I’m super excited because I tried just a taste before forming the bars and I loved it. 

Time to study like crazy for a String Chamber Literature exam tomorrow (sounds fun right?!?!)

Mileage – 3.75 miles

QOD – You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.



Musical Musings

While my musical postings are much less frequent than my fitness postings on my blog, music absorbs a good 80% of my life. I spend most days surrounded by music –  practicing it, taking classes on it, studying it in books or scores, listening to it for school, and even in my free time I’m listening it to my own enjoyment.  Music really is just as important to me as breathing, water, and eating. 
Recently I’ve started working with a therapist to work on my severe performance anxiety and some of my OCD habits attached to my playing and it has made a huge difference. Yesterday I had a really big breakthrough in therapy but I didn’t realize it until I had my lesson and everything positive in my playing was magnified by 5. I think the thing I learned was that I was being too cautious and scared when I played.  BASICALLY, I was so concerned with playing everything right and giving a “good” performance that I was playing timidly and cautiously which was hurting me in the end. 
I also figured out the reason that I have such a clear mind when I run is because I’m focusing my energy on other things like my legs, or how I’m swinging my arms. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts, but when I’m on a good focused run I realize I don’t think about much else besides enjoying the run (I can do it with other workouts too but running is obviously my favorite). And I have to work on translating that concept to my playing so I’m just thinking about enjoying and playing the music rather than the results of my playing, judgement of others, or potential for failure. I’m not afraid of failing in running because I do it for my own personal enjoyment and no one else has any say in my running. Once again my running and music habits collide – it happens all the time. 

I also have to learn how to get rid of extra thoughts during yoga, I am still easily distracted by worries, cares, and distractions while I practice yoga.

In food news yesterday was Fat Tuesday and for some reason I planned on having salmon but that’s okay, I still indulged a bit because we had BBQ salmon burgers (yum) I even bought us some nice fancy rolls, had some nice wine, AND we got some FroYo for dessert. FroYo is the bomb – seriously it is probably one of the best dessert vehicles ever. I mean you can top it with fruit, candy, cake bits, brownie bits, sauces. Uhm yeah, it’s delicious. 
I’m so excited to see the temperatures rising this week because I’ve had enough treadmill for one week and I’ve only gone on it once! 
Mileage – 4 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.