Work Sucks….(also 3 months til MCM!!)

So I finally received my schedule for next week, aka starting Sunday, at approximately 10-11pm last night. I was scheduled to work 2 mornings in a row at 3 AM…yes 3AM!!! for resetting the store nonsense. This just throws off everything. When I can run, when I can practice, my eating schedule. I am so over this whole summer job thing. I just got an awesome new book on running marathons and my hip feels great and I just want to keep up this motivation but NOOOO. I have to work in the dead of night on folding clothes that will only be ruined by stupid people not even hours after I leave.

On a less ranting note, my hip feels back to normal and thankfully some hot baths, ice, ibuprofen, and stretching seem to make the inflammation go down pretty quickly. So while I would love to run today, I don’t know if I want to risk it and also I need to do other things, since to get 8 hours of sleep tonight before work I have to go to bed at 6:30PM. Also, my marathon is in exactly 3 months from today. HOORAY!


Mileage -??

QOD – Run hard when it’s hard to run.

Hip Bursitis

So Wednesday evening with only 1.75 miles left in a great 8 miler for me, I stopped to use the bathroom real quick and snag some water. As I stood up to leave, my left hip seared with pain right inside the hip bone area and I could barely walk. Fun right? So I obviously didn’t finish the run and laid down to stretch before I walked to my car. I was reeeallllyyyy not happy about this.

Yesterday I went into the physical therapy place in our gym and asked them what they thought it could be. It took less than a minute for them to tell me that my hips were rotated way out of alignment and I probably only had some hip bursitis. It’s when the fluid filled sacs against the hip joint get inflamed. Thankfully she said a one time instance is really nothing bad and I only needed a day off from running. While I’m taking 2 days off from running just to be safe and taking ibuprofen and icing it like she said, I’m also going to do some hardcore stretching and a little strength training to protect myself. I’m not really sure how my hips got out of alignment though…but they’re back in it now. It’s really the least horrible of all the things it could have been so I’m very relieved about that.

Mileage – elliptical and strength training

QOD – Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or a day, or an hour, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take it’s place.

Sarah: 2.5ish vs Sun: 1

So today was my long run day….well ACTUALLY yesterday was my long run day, but it was still supposed to be in the 90’s yesterday so I pushed it to today where the high was only supposed to be 85. That temp is totally manageable if it’s not reached until, ya know 2pm, however, it is already 87degrees at 10:30am. I needed some rest after a 7.5 hour shift at work yesterday so I didn’t wake up until 6:45am and that was apparently too late. So I didn’t finish all 16 miles, that’s where I give the sun his point, however I did knock out 9.5miles and I’ll take that. I kinda stopped sweating which can be a sign of dehydration so I didn’t finish up on the treadmill, like I had originally thought I could.

Last week because of the heat I ran every one of my runs on a treadmill. I hate the treadmill, I want the heat to go down. That’s my little rant.

Mileage – 9.56 miles

QOD – Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.

14 miles!

So, I continue to suck at keeping up with my blog. But with the marathon 3 months and 11 days away I figured I might as well just keep going. There’s so much I failed to post! In the time that I’ve been absent from my blog I have:

– Gone to Italy!

– Worked JMU’s Summer Band Camps

– Ran my first long run LONGER than a half-marathon!

My 14 mile run on Sunday was a huge morale booster for me. I was more than the halfway point, and that really showed me I can actually finish this marathon. I definitely had a lot to figure out before that run, and am continuing to figure out. I had to go buy a water belt, figure out how to space my water refill stops on my run, pick out an energy gel/chew, and figure out how to eat the day before a long run. Recovery was not something I thought I’d have to read about, but I guess that’s my next research topic. I have learned that I love Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews (pomegranate flavor was awesome) ¬†and that I should probably rest more after and the day after my long run. Working a 6 hour shift in retail the same day as my 14 miler is probably not the best choice for my legs. I also really love practicing after I run (after I shower of course) because my arms feel very loose and I’ve lost a lot of tension in my right shoulder especially. I am also trying to apply some things I’ve learned in my bass playing to my running, particularly when it pertains to the natural movement of my joints. Finally, I’m getting a hang on the nutritional aspect of a runner’s world – although I did gain a few lbs in Italy, the amped up training schedule and sticking to my veggies should knock those and then some back off.

Oh – and to be honest… I really feel like a “runner” now.


Mileage – 6 miles

QOD – Find your strong.