Puerto Rico Adventures!

Back in the spring one of my BFF’s Caitlin and I decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico in the fall. I saved a portion of cash from all my gigs last spring in a piggy bank to save up for the plane tickets (so it wouldn’t get mixed in with my Europe savings) and bought my ticket in August!

We only had 2.5 days together as Caitlin left early Sunday morning and my flight was late that afternoon, but we had an amazing time! We stayed in two different hotels in Candado in San Juan and really enjoyed that part of the city. We had beach access and were in walking distance of most things that we wants to do in the city!

On Thursday we checked into our hotel, showered, changed and went out to explore/eat. We walked from Candado to Old San Juan, which was a bit of a hike, and settled on the cheapest Puerto Rican restaurant we could find. The main meal was probably the worst of the trip but we were starving and the appetizer was really delicious. The first hotel was a little place, nothing special but a good price. After dinner we stopped at an Italian place for drinks, we loved it so much we went there the rest of the trip for after dinner drinks!


On Friday, after I went for a brutally hot run, we packed up and rented a car and drove out to El Yunque National Park for hiking, swimming in the waterfalls, and exploring the rainforest. It was about an hours drive and absolutely worth it!!! The views were gorgeous and we wish we could have spent more time there.

We drove home, showered and headed out for dinner closer to our hotel, we decided on a Latin restaurant. Our mojitos came and they were very weird and our least favorite drinks of the trip so we were very nervous we had made a terrible mistake. But the mofongo was AMAZING. It was absolutely delicious and we were relieved.

On Saturday we went to Old San Juan to shop around but lost of stores weren’t really open yet, which was disappointing. We had delicious mallorca sandwiches for breakfast and packed up at our hotel, and walked down the street to the La Concha resort. My dad had gotten us a night there with his Marriott points and it was an amazing hotel. I HIGHLY recommend it!

We sat out on the beach Saturday afternoon and then walked down to the lagoon and went stand up paddleboarding which was sooo much fun!


We had dinner at a fabulous Cuban restaurant and finished the night off with dessert and drinks at our favorite Italian place (di Parma’s).

Sunday morning Caitlin left and I ran on the treadmill and lifted some weights in the gym before an awesome breakfast and a last few hours on the beach.

It was fabulous and I already miss it!

Mileage – yoga, rest day

QOD – Relax.

Running in Paris and Fitness Friday!

Today’s run took me to the beautiful Parc Buttes Chaumaunt! The park features a man-made lake and waterfalls, and has a beautiful gazebo that looks over the whole city on an island mountain in the center of the lake! There are a variety of trails, hills, bridges, and roads (for the few houses and gorgeous restaurants tucked in the park). The great thing to me was that the park was filled with other runners!

If I live in Paris, I will definitely run here regularly because the hills are very challenging and the views are amazing. It’s nice to be nestled in the trees and hearing running water! Hopefully I will go again once more before I leave!


Since I’m doing a lot of hiking around with a backpack and hopefully will hike the mountains in Italy here are some Yoga Poses for Hikers! 

I don’t have too much time for strength training or access to weights so here is an awesome Yoga Move to work the whole body! (And yes it may take some time to get it!) 


Runner’s World the 25 Golden Rules of Running



I love kettle bell workouts and this is a great one from Pumps & Iron (Sorry if I’ve shared this twice I love it!) 

I’ll be back at the beach in July and August so here’s a great workout to get yourself toned for the beach! 

Who doesn’t love an ab workout?! Here are some flat ab secrets




Mileage – 4 miles, vacation workout challenge, stretching

QOD – “For me, running is both exercise and a metaphor. Running day after day, piling up the races, bit by bit I raise the bar, and by clearing each level I elevate myself. At least that’s why I’ve put in the effort day after day: to raise my own level. I’m no great runner, by any means. I’m at an ordinary – or perhaps more like mediocre – level. But that’s not the point. The point is whether or not I improved over yesterday. In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.” Haruki Marukami


Post Christmas Work-Out

I love coming to the beach during the off-season because the gym is pretty quiet and I can do whatever I want for a workout and I don’t have to fight anyone for equipment. Today I did a little bit of everything! Tomorrow Mama and I are doing Zumba with our favorite teacher and on Saturday Pete, Dad, and I are running the Surfin’ Snowman 2-miler (Dad claims he wouldn’t survive the 5 miler, I disagree). The beach is our family’s “happy place” – not that home isn’t a happy place, but it is a great place to unwind and spend quality time together in our small place and forget the stress of work and home and everything else. 

My workout today looked like this: 

50% of 1RM – 2 sets of 5
60% – 2 sets of 4 
70% – 2 sets of 3 
80% – 2 sets of 2
85% – 2 sets of 1 
90% – 1 rep 

Wallball Throws 
5 sets of 10 @ 8 lbs (It is the heaviest weight they have there) 

15 second hold 
30 second hold 
45 second hold 
30 second hold
15 second hold 
(I’m getting ever closer to my first handstand push-up HOORAY) 

And I finished off with some planks! 

Being home for the holidays has been amazing! I’ll post more tomorrow! 

Mileage – Lifting

QOD – Don’t stop believin’





Knees are an amazing thing. They basically are the junction of all the muscles, tendons and bones in your leg. However, this also makes it virtually impossible sometimes to tell where and injury is in your leg. Knee pain could be an ITB problem, quads, hamstring, patella, you just don’t always know. 

Yesterday walking in the sand my right knee felt a little funny. As the day and night continued with plenty of walking it seemed fine and didn’t bother me anymore. Today on my run, it felt a little….strange. No pain, no pulling, just strange feeling. I’m trying to be more in tune with these funny feelings because they can be a sign of greater injury to come and if I treat them immediately it could help to prevent anything serious. 

When I walk my knee feels totally normal, like nothing at all really, so hopefully it was just a torque in the sand and it’s no big deal. Only a day and a half left at the beach! I’ve had so much fun with my friends, it finally feels like summer and I can’t wait to spend more time at Bethany with my family this summer. We have a great time relaxing together and Bethany is a great place to run. 

Mileage – 1.5 miles, Squat challenge, yoga 

QOD – At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.




Also I ate some killer grapefruit today and I gotta post this adorable citrus photo! 


Sorry for my absence from my blog!!! Today I am typing away at the kitchen table of my parents place in Bethany Beach – I’m here for a week with some of my girlfriends from college! So far my running streak continues, and today is my vegetarian day so I’m staying on track.  

Yesterday my friend Grace joined me on part of my run before the derecho hit!!! It was disgustingly humid and we went to the beach towards the late afternoon, because the rain hadn’t come all day. On our walk back, the dark clouds rolled in and less than 10 minutes later we were in a full fledged storm. It was crazy!

Today I went on my run solo and got stuck in the rain BUT it was sooo nice and cool. Then Kayla, Catherine, and I went to the gym here where I was rudely glared at by several women during my workout. I was lifting today but I don’t throw my bar down because thats generally frowned upon in general gyms – however putting down my weights still sounded loud I guess and so these women glared at me. They could clearly see I was just putting my bar down gently and it was a lot of weight so it was just loud. Ugh. Rude. 

Tomorrow it is a 9 mile day for me, hopefully I didn’t push my legs too much at the gym. 


Mileage – 2.5 miles, overhead press, deadlifts, and squat challenge.

QOD – Never quit.