Fitness Friday (On Saturday oops!)

I know I’m a day late, but I’m out in Las Vegas with my family so I’m giving myself a little slack! Here are some fitness tips for your weekend!


Think Crow pose is too hard to achieve? Think again! How to get into Crow Pose!

Yoga isn’t just for flexibility – it can be used for weight loss too! Here is a great 40 minute yoga workout


Yes I run distance races, but I love 5k races too! Here’s why lots of other people love the 5k!




When I travel I don’t have weights and I don’t always feel comfortable enough with the area to run. But a hotel gym or room can provide some hardly bearable time on a treadmill and then I can do one of these power workouts: 




Mileage – Rest Day! 

QOD – No excuses. 


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