Since I’ve Been Home…

Since I’ve been home I have: 

– been to 2 O’s games, once with my cousin and once with my family. I love a great day in Baltimore at Camden Yards 

– performed in an alumni concert with my high school band. It was such a blast playing and catching up with old friends! 

– practiced my music for Italy and my next recital. 

– gone on some runs and walks around Centennial Lake with my mom and been on a run with my dad! I love working out with my parents and I’m looking forward to hopefully hiking with them and my brother this weekend! 

– been to Virginia and visited some of my family and best friends and had some of my best friends visit me!!!! 

– seen one of my favorite musicians live in concert FINALLY. Jamie Cullum is amazing. If you don’t know him – you need to listen to everything he’s done. It’s amazing. Also his live shows are just the best. 

It’s just been a great time home so far! 

Mileage – 3 miles, yoga 

QOD – There’s no place like home. 


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