I am home! Sortof… Currently I’m at Bethany Beach at my family’s place but that’s essentially a second home for us! I will really be home tomorrow. I was reunited with my adorable puppy who I haven’t seen in 4.5 months! 

Sorry for the lack of Sunday Grubday, my dad and I were driving 12 hours from Atlanta, Georgia to Bethany Beach, Delaware! Plus I honestly haven’t planned any meals since we’ve just been snacking on fruit, yogurt, and mini chicken salad sandwiches on the beach today and my dad is grilling for dinner tonight. 

This is just a quick check in – I’m off to enjoy a cocktail or 2 on the deck with my family! 

I did go on a warm run this morning up to downtown Bethany and the public beach this morning – it felt great after being in the car so long these past 2 days!

I hope everyone in the States is enjoying their Memorial Day and remembering those who gave their lives for the safety and liberties of our nation! 

Mileage – 5k 

QOD – Heroism is not only in the man, but in the occasion. 



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