100+ Mile May

For the months of May and June I’ve challenged myself to run over 100 miles each month. I’ve currently got 115 miles on my schedule including a surprise half marathon on May 31st! I wrote down a schedule on a blank calendar, which I haven’t done in a long time and didn’t do for my last race. But I need to start again because I looooove checking things off – I mean I make a list for every grocery store trip. 

I wanted to do this 100+ for several reasons: 

1) I’ve never run more than 75 miles in a month according to my Nike+ stats and I would love to increase my mileage for 2014 to 750+ miles for the year. My goal for 2015 is 1000 miles. 

2) I won’t have access to the gym after next Tuesday until I get home at the end of May so I need some motivation to keep me running. 

3) I think that if I crank up my frequency I can improve my speed. (my 2 short days are always 3 miles and I want to focus on speed those days) 

4) It will help me stay in race training shape consistently. I think that if I can maintain higher mileage all summer that training for my 2nd and 3rd marathons this coming fall will be easier. 

I work out and run a decent amount. But other than training for my marathon I’ve never really had 25 mile weeks frequently. I’d love to eventually get to 30 mile weeks. I also love how my legs look when I run 6 days a week. My legs are pretty muscular naturally (I love them no matter how they look btw) so when I was doing CrossFit and not running as frequently my legs bulked up a bit. When I was running constantly my legs leaned out a bit and I really liked the definition that I had. 

In addition to the running I will be doing yoga 3 days a week, with one of those days being a rest day, and on my 2 short run days I’ll be doing Nike Training Club workouts (mostly upper body and abs). 

Mileage – 3 miles, arm workout 

QOD – The best way to predict your future is to create it.




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