Fitness Friday (I’ve survived my semester!)

Life Update: 

My recital was last Saturday, my family came which was SO wonderful, they even surprised me and brought my little brother!!!! The morning of my recital my brother, dad, aunt, and I went for a quick, fun run which helped me shake out the nerves and I had a great recital (if anyone wants to see it I have video) and then we went to Austin to celebrate!! 

Quick shout out – Thank you  Mom, Dad, Pete, Aunt Annie, Uncle Pat, and Aunt Debbie for making my birthday/recital weekend so wonderful! Thanks so my amazing friends and family that tuned into the live stream to watch too! 

This week I spent pretty much every waking hour, of which there were more awake hours than usual, on my term paper for my Baroque Music Seminar, I submitted my paper yesterday and presented today – which means I only have 1 test left of the semester!!! So I’ve returned to the world of working out and blogging. Now onto the good stuff! 



I’ve been stressed lately so I love these two sequences for my Upper Back and Neck

Gym Workouts Cardio and Weights! 

Treadmill HIIT workout from PBFingers! 

If the elliptical is your jam – check out these great workouts

YouTube Workout Channels! I’m starting to really get into YouTube yoga workouts and I’m sure it’s a great way to get strong at home too!

Pumps & Iron Lower Back and Legs Kettlebell Leg Interval Workout!  


Stretches for Runners 

Endurance for Runners 



Mileage – 3.25 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – Just run. 


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