Why I don’t buy “I don’t have time”

I don’t believe people when they say that they don’t have time to take care of themselves. Not just fitness or eating well, but even de-stressing, spending quality time with family or friends, going to religious services, or just generally doing something that makes you happy is so important to our mental well being. Sometimes several of these things all align and that’s great!!! 

I didn’t think about this too much until Sunday. I had just gotten home from a gig rehearsal when a friend texted me and asked if I had been to Mass yet. I said I hadn’t and he said I should come to 9pm since he was playing. My first thought was yes. My second thought was “you have a paper due at 9am that you haven’t written yet.” It was only 3 pages, but still. So I responded saying I didn’t think I had the time, to which my friend replied that it was only an hour. I knew he was right and I’m really glad I went despite Mass definitely going longer than an hour since it was Palm Sunday. I realized afterwards that I had almost tried to pull my least favorite card of all time – the “I don’t have time” card. 

I firmly do not believe people when they say they don’t have time. That phrase actually means things like “I’m too lazy”, “I don’t want to make the time”, and occasionally “I have other things I need to prioritize higher than this right now.” Obviously it annoys me most when people say they don’t have time to workout. I understand my peers and friends are busy sometimes with other rehearsals, papers, etc when they can’t attend a concert or party, it matters to me when people are “too busy” to take care of themselves. 

Most people do have the time. They don’t choose to make time. I understand I don’t have children or a full time job, however I was raised by parents who were always going to the gym, running, playing tennis, playing golf, and doing all sorts of active things despite having jobs and two kids who enjoyed doing the most time consuming activities as possible (I’m sorry Mom and Dad….). 

Fitness isn’t my career. I’m getting two Master’s degrees simultaneously, working as a graduate assistant, playing gigs regularly…oh and giving a recital in 2 weeks. Despite all this I still manage to get 5 -6 workouts in a week because I MAKE time for it.  I understand making time for something isn’t instant and takes some building of new habits. It took training 7 months for a marathon to engrain the habits in me personally. But once you get there it improves your quality of life greatly, exercise is so important to our physical and mental well being. 

I think it’s all a matter of time management, choosing a healthy lifestyle over nighttime TV or afternoon web surfing. Maybe it involves shortening your shower and waking up a little earlier to squeeze in a morning workout (that’s what I had to do this morning). My dad packs a lunch and works out on his lunch break sometimes. It’s all about choices – you choose how to spend your time. Choose to improve your lifestyle! 

Mileage – Elliptical warm up, Arm Shredder Nike+ workout, rower cool down, abs 

QOD – Just do it.






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