First Camp Gladiator Workout

This morning at o’dark thirty (5:30am) I went to my first Camp Gladiator workout. The workout today was the fitness test – which we will do again in a month at the end of this “camp” or session. I can’t say I love being referred to a “camper”, it takes me back to summer nature camp in elementary and middle school. However that was really the only thing I didn’t like about todays workout.

We warmed up running some laps and then did some moves similar to almost any aerobic class – fast feet, high knees, and butt kicks. We put in some ab work with planks and hands to elbows walking planks. Then we wrote down goals on some index cards and started the AMRAP fitness test.

The test involved running, squats to push press’s, V-ups, plank row with weights, weight lunge, burpees, hand release push-ups, and a few other moves. We had 20 minutes to complete as many rounds of these exercises as possible. I completed 6 rounds and barely into the 7th round. While I didn’t feel like the workout killed me, I felt like I worked hard and got a good burn. The classes are clearly designed around working to your level/potential which I can see makes it a great jumping point for people who may have never worked out or fell off the fitness wagon. It’s also an encouraging environment from what I can tell – very friendly and supportive, with cheers (a little campy-for me) and all! 

As someone coming in with a lot of fitness experience, today’s workout required me to motivate myself to move with a lot of speed to get my heart rate going and make sure I had moderate to heavy weights to feel “the burn”. This contrasts the workouts I was used to at  CrossFit where the workout was intrinsically hard and I had to scale down just to accomplish them. While I think the CrossFit workout style is more my preference because I enjoy being pushed beyond my limits, I definitely think the CG way of working out is a great place to start and even continue once you may have reached your fitness goals especially if fitness is farther down on your totem pole. 

I’m definitely intrigued to see how more of the classes are structured! 

Mileage – CG Fitness Test, Yoga for Runners video, foam roll 

QOD – I’m a competitive person and I love the challenge of mastering new things.



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