Free Fitness Trials – Anyone Tried Camp Gladiator?

This week I found out that as a graduate student I was offered 1 free cycle/month with Camp Gladiator and decided to do some research. I’d never heard of the program before and read through the website as well as some other reviews online.

In a few minor concepts it reminds me of CrossFit but seems toned down in intensity, for example the most weights they recommend women lifting are 8-15lb hand weights – plus everything is done in a parking lot. What surprised me the most was the cost – despite being in parking lots with no access to showers, open gym times, or high quality equipment – a 6 month contract (you get unlimited classes) seems a bit pricey to me. Although like most gyms the longer your contract the cheaper it is. 

From a work out perspective, I haven’t gone yet – a friend who doesn’t work out regularly went and said it was a good workout but it didn’t scare her away either – I think I’m going to go on Thursday. However a lot of the reviews online about the trainers and workouts themselves are really great. Most people only complain about the financial difficulties they have with the company. I’m intrigued to see how much it pushes me and I’m willing to give it a shot because it’s free, I don’t have CrossFit anymore, and I’ll have just finished my half marathon so maybe some speed training to start my next race training will change things up for me. Because of the prices – even if I loved the class – I probably won’t continue beyond this month because as a broke college student I can’t afford anything right now. I was also a little sketched out by the number of reviews that say it’s really difficult to cancel your membership – I’ll have to investigate that further. I’ve got access to roads to run and the SLC for weights and since I’ve got plane tickets to Europe to save up for no extra fitness expenses for me right now. 

I’ve tried other gyms, not necessarily classes or programs, for free or highly discounted usually when visiting places or when I just moved to Texas and wasn’t officially a student yet. It gave me an interesting perspective on what I like at a gym and what I don’t. I used a free week trial at Gold’s and I also have been to Planet Fitness while visiting friends and I can’t say I LOVED either chain. I’m DEFINITELY more partial to Gold’s business plan, offerings, and overall experience, but they are pretty out of the way for me here in Texas and I would never drive that far to workout when I was so close to the campus gym. Planet Fitness on the other hand, kind of really offended me as someone who enjoys power and olympic lifting and training really hard – I felt entirely unwelcome there because I fit some of their “lunk” descriptions. 

Have any of you tried Camp Gladiator?? What are some fitness trends or classes I should try?! 

Mileage – upper body, abs, elliptical intervals, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – The best pace is a suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die. (Pre) 

*Disclaimer – These are all my own opinions and reviews based on my own research and visits, this is not a sponsored post.*





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