Sunday Grubday – with St. Patrick’s Day Recipes!

My 3 week meal planning project is 1/3 of the way complete! Yesterday was a cooking for fun kind of day and I made a recipe out of the Giada cookbook (this one!) that my parents gave me for Christmas! I made her ceviche and tomato-avocado salad! 
My thoughts on the dish:
1) I love ceviche, and while she recommended halibut I couldn’t find any so I used sole and I would have preferred a thicker fish. 
2) The ceviche “cooks” for 3 hours in the citrus juice and I think that was a bit too long – the lime was a little over powering! 
3) I LOVED the tomato and avocado salad, I don’t like tomatoes all that much and I still thought it was really fresh and a great vehicle for the ceviche 
4) Overall I would definitely make the dish again but I would hold out searching for the right thickness of fish and maybe marinate for a little less time. 

THEN to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day I made Guinness Extra Stout brownies! You can find the recipe HERE – I originally found the recipe through Pintrest. I wanted to make cupcakes with beer but the only recipe I had required a few too many ingredients and was pretty labor intensive which I didn’t have time for. These brownies do have a few steps – but they are totally worth it. They aren’t as cakey as other brownies which I love because I’m not a huge cake fan and they have the aftertaste of a dark stout which makes them all the better for St. Patrick’s Day! Gorgeous brownie photo:

While I didn’t totally plan on it I’m making all my lunches this week pretty green with my Weight Watchers Cookbook Split Pea soup (here’s a link to the recipe) talk about a seriously easy recipe!! Plus my dinner tomorrow and Wednesday (which is also out of Giada’s book) is grilled tofu with a beautiful green avocado cream sauce. 

I’m making some really delicious foil packets this week for dinner with Ben so be on the lookout for that recipe!!! 

Mileage – 7.5 miles 

QOD – Real athletes run, others just play sports. (I find this quote hilarious mostly because almost every sports player has to run at some point in their athletic career)




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