Waiting to Register for a Race

Tonight I registered for my 3rd half marathon….which is a week from today!!!! I know it seems crazy to wait until only a week before to register (especially since I would have saved a little cash) but I wanted to make bass playing my priority and if the running worked out then I would do the race. 

It is definitely hard to wait to register for a race however. So many races now have limits on participants, fill up quickly, or are even a lottery system. When I found out the Marine Corps Marathon went to a lottery system I was SO sad! The advantages to registering for races on registration day or far in advance are definitely good ones, for example:
– When traveling to a race it allows you to book plane tickets and hotel rooms that suit your schedule 
–  Plus you know exactly how much time you have to prepare for a race and possibly what the course will be like geographically 

Waiting can be a good decision also however, especially when you’re concerned about recovering from an injury or committing time to the proper training. When you’re a regular runner, but not a frequent racer, committing to a 5k, 10k or maybe a 10 miler may not be a big change in your overall lifestyle. But moving from shorter races to a full (or even a half maybe) for the first time effects so much of your life that it necessitates a big time commitment, so waiting it out to register might be a good idea. 

As a poor grad student registering early can save me money – and I totally get that – but waiting and finding a local race saves me more money in the long haul when I don’t need to save for gas. Thankfully this time around the waiting paid off and I was able to practice plenty and still get a good amount of long runs and a taper in before the race. Do I think I will reach my sub 2:00:00 goal on this race? Probably not because I know the hills will throw me some curve balls. BUT I have been running pretty fast lately so I’m hoping for another PR! So here’s to positivity and my last taper long run tomorrow and some great speed and relaxation workouts this week. Time to get my head in the game! 

Mileage – At home CrossFit, Yoga for Runners

QOD – Once you’re beat mentally, you might as well not even go to the starting line. 





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