Wind Running

I was woken up by the wind several times last night and I heard it all morning while I was reading, so I decided to wait until midday for my run today. Ben joined me and he wasn’t joking when he came in my apartment and said it was pretty windy. The run was ROUGH when we were running against the wind, it made my mouth and throat really dry and there was a lot of pressure against my ribcage. 

After we ran I decided to check the weather and we were running in 27 MPH winds!!!!! 

I know wind resistance training is really good for training, but I wasn’t sure what exactly it did for runners. So I decided to do a little research and found THIS article on Runner’s World. I guess we made a good choice to mix up the run both with and against the wind! It gets pretty windy in Texas in the spring months in general and preparing for a race here in a week and a half made running in the wind a good choice.

I run in the elements but not quite as frequently as I should. I do enjoy running in the cold and will often find myself the only person out running on the trail when it is “cold” by Texas standards – however I’m still pretty bad at running in the heat and am hoping to get more consistent this spring and summer running outside. When I ran last summer, I was frequently at the beach getting great breezes off the water, contrasting the very stagnant air and beating sun here in Texas. So hopefully after the half marathon, when the temps creep back up I can focus on shorter, faster runs in warmer weather!
Have you ever run in crazy winds or weather before?

Mileage – 3.75 miles, Yoga for Runners 

QOD – There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. 





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