Sunday Grubday!

When I was a little kid my dad and I used to go on these grocery shopping trips called a “major shop”. They were usually on Sunday evenings and my mom would have clipped coupons on Saturday morning. My dad and I would each get a cart and split up the list and sometimes we’d end up with a 3rd cart! It was one of my favorite things to do as a kid – I felt like I was being given so much responsibility! We moved away from the major shops as my brother and I grew older because we changed how we ate as a family and there was a lot more “fend for yourself” nights as we reached the end of high school because my brother and I were both so busy.

Tonight was a “major” shop for me. I meal planned for the next 3 weeks today! While this week is going to be rather helter-skelter with leftovers tomorrow and hanging out in Austin on Wednesday, the next two weeks are back to the grind with school and practicing (lots and lots and lots of practicing). So I figured I’d get ahead and limit my Sunday night shopping to bare fresh produce essentials for the next few Sundays – easy in and out and I can check out in the 10 items or less line!

I’m trying a few new recipes this week from a variety of sources. Long before Pintrest existed I created a “Great Big Book of Life” that I filled with recipes I had torn out of magazines (as well as beauty tips, workouts, and gift ideas too). I pulled some recipes from that binder, my Weight-Watchers cookbook, and my Giada cookbook for the next few weeks. I won’t be posting any recipes today but I will post them along the way!!! On Saturday I’m making ceviche (Giada’s recipe) for the first time – which I am soooo excited about.

Also the weather was gorgeous so I had to drag Ben out for a beautiful long taper run!

Mileage – 8.7 miles

QOD – Here comes the sun!




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