Fitness Friday!

In exactly 2 hours from writing this post it will be my spring break! It’s definitely need I’m starting to get maybe a teeny tiny bit burnt out this semester, it has been a lonnnnng 8 weeks. I’m planning on going for a run on parts of the course for the half marathon I’m running in a few weeks, as well as doing some speed work! 
A lot of the work I’ve been doing with my psychologist for my performance anxiety has been centered around my standard high level of anxiety and need for relaxation. Yoga is a great way to relax and helps me focus on my breathing which calms me down a lot and I really enjoyed this yoga workout from Shape! Stress Relief Yoga


Scare of weights or concerned about making a mistake?? Here are two great resources! 
Body Type Specific Workouts 
I’m used to seeing different workouts for men and women but despite constantly reading about what types of jeans/dresses/bathing suits work for different female body types, there aren’t a lot of workouts that differentiate between the variety of ways the female figure can carry weight. BUT this week I found two workouts, one for hourglass and one for pear figures, that take those things into consideration. (I didn’t find the other body types but perhaps they will be posted soon or were posted wayyyy back)
Cranking up the mileage? Here are some injury prevention exercises
I have had quite a few side stitches recently, especially on the treadmill so this article that popped up last month on Runner’s World on how to BEAT side stitches has helped a lot. 
Mileage – 4 miles, Yoga for Runners video 
QOD – Exercise is labor without weariness 

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