Why I love Saturday long runs!

I really love doing my long runs on Saturday morning. Many training plans make Sunday the long run day, but as a musician and a Catholic Sunday long runs just don’t work for me. Aside from just the time available there are quite a few reasons why I love Saturday runs. 

1) I don’t spend the whole weekend thinking about the run. I get it out of the way Saturday morning and I feel like I have so much more time to run errands and have an open weekend schedule that can be flexible. 

2) I normally don’t have anything to do Saturday mornings. Very rarely are there gigs, performances, rehearsals, or hangouts going on early on a Saturday morning which means I don’t have to reschedule my long runs very frequently. 

3) There are tons of families and people out and about on Saturday mornings. The local Striders club runs their long runs on Saturday mornings, the park is full of people so the bathrooms are open if I need them, and I just enjoy being around other people while I’m running even if I’m not running with them. 

4) It keeps me healthy on Friday nights! I can’t drink too much, over eat, or eat anything super spicy/fatty because it ruins running for me. I used to be able to run long distances to stave off my hangovers, but as I creep towards my mid-20’s my ability to wake up and run anything more than 6 miles after a few too many drinks the night before has greatly diminished. Eating healthy on Fridays is important too, I used to give myself a free pass to eat whatever I want Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast and that just doesn’t cut it. 

5) A little reverse than most people, I’m motivated to eat a lot healthier after my run too. I’m not a super sweets lover and my stomach can get pretty upset when I start running over more than an hour and a half, so I haven’t really ever been a “reward yourself” kind of person except on long race days. Race days I’m motivated by the clock so I know I’ve pushed myself harder than average and a small treat is deserved. AND I normally get pretty dehydrated so I don’t drink as much the night of a long run. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely nice to be able to get the side of fries instead of a side salad and a good glass of wine the night of a long run, but it’s not a whole day affair for me – I keep my breakfast and lunch the same as always usually. 

6) It means my Sunday workout is a short recovery run and I have more time to grocery shop, cook, do homework, and most importantly practice. That’s the day where I just get everything ready for the week so only having a short run makes it a lot easier to fit in. 

Saturday long runs RULE. 

Also I’m sorry I missed Fitness Friday. Sunday Grubday will happen, I promise. My computer will be fixed soon! 

Mileage – 10 miles, Yoga for Runners, foam roll 

QOD -Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.





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