Okay, I know I complain about treadmills whenever I run on one, but this time I’ve tried to research WHY it is so much harder for me. Last night I ran (on a 2.0 incline) 2 miles, walked a few minutes, ran mile 3, walked a few minutes, and completed mile 4 as speed increasing sprint intervals. It was exhausting and barely tolerable. 

Today I typed in google “why is running harder” and then it completed for me “why is running harder outside” OR “why is running harder on a treadmill”! I know runners have very different opinions on this subject but it surprised me how equal both sides seem to be and that there seemed to be science to support BOTH sides. Treadmill running appears to be more of a mental challenge, however there is also some evidence that running on a treadmill utilizes different muscles than running outside which may present challenges for those who run outside consistently. Part of the mental challenge is the physical feeling of propelling yourself forward while running outside, rather than staying in the same place on a treadmill. 

Running outside can prove more difficult to those who run on a treadmill because of the elements. Wind resistance and hills are difficult to replicate on a treadmill, which is why you should always run on a treadmill on at least an incline of 1%. This article HERE on Runner’s World even says that the treadmill is easier. I guess this just goes to show that my treadmill struggle, while shared with many others is not the same across the board and I’ll have to keep fighting the mental challenges whenever I have to run on a treadmill. 

Mileage – Rowing, Elliptical and upper body weights tonight, Yoga for Runners

QOD – Running on a treadmill shows me why hamsters are so crazy. 





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