Fitness Friday!

Here’s a new category for today: 
(I mean really who doesn’t need a few good ab workouts?) 
2 Week Crunch Challenge – I’m starting on Monday and it will take me all the way into Spring Break!  

Planks – The BEST way to get your abs into shape (I know I also just posted a crunch challenge but V-ups work you HARD)

As someone who has had surgery on both wrists, I feel like there is always some risk of wrist injury in everything I do. Articles like this need to be out there for EVERY activity. How to Protect Your Wrists in Yoga 



Strength Training
Now that I’m not doing CrossFit for the time being I’ve been saving these kinds of workouts more often! Here’s a Chest and Bicep workout from Peanut Butter Fingers! 

And here’s more reasons to strength train as a runner – I swear it’s made a huge difference for me! 


Mileage – Rest Day! (light yoga and foam roll) 

QOD – Make each day your masterpiece. 


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