Monday Motivation

I’ve had a few people ask recently how I get/stay motivated to work out and I have to say, there is never a single reason that motivates me. It varies from month to month down to day to day. When people specifically ask me what they can do I take it on a person by person basis by evaluating other parts of their life to see what I think would do the trick for them. 

For example: A good friend from school is incredibly budget conscious, one of the ways I motivate myself is by paying for a race early on in my training. For me the financial commitment was enough to get me training and training well. This logic applied to CrossFit too; “I paid for that class I will wake up at 5:45am no matter what.” So I recommended my friend incorporate fitness into her budget to keep her motivated. 

Other ways I stay motivated are: 
1) Setting time, distance, or weight lifting goals 

2) Writing down a schedule on a calendar (I love checking/crossing things off!) 

3) Having an outfit or dress to fit in in the future. 
   – I’m not talking anything crazy here, just 1 size down or something I’d like to better in. 

4) Reading other fitness blogs regularly

5) My massive stash of motivation pictures and quotes
   – I have 2 folders of them on my computer, Used and Unused Fitness Photos, the used are ones I’ve put up on this blog before and I
     keep them to keep motivating myself and the unused are ready and waiting to be put up here! 

Mileage – Elliptical, Rower, weights workout 

QOD – Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.



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