Sunday Grubday!!!

My usual Sunday cooking started on Saturday this week because I knew I’d be busy cooking for and watching the Super Bowl today! (Go Broncos!!! Not like I care all that much) 

Yesterday I made this delicious smelling (haven’t tasted it yet) Tuscan Soup. I made mine without the chicken so I just started with the 2nd instruction. That’s my lunch for this week and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve really become a huge fan of making soup for lunch because I can cook my protein, veggies, and some carbs all in one pot or my crockpot and it uses less dishes to take to school. 

For dinner with Ben this week, I’m making a crockpot Tortellini and Sausage dish! Other than the cream cheese – which I’m replacing with Neufchâtel – it’s a pretty healthy recipe with spinach and tomatoes and it sounds incredibly delicious and warm. Which will be especially nice since it will be pretty “cold” (For Texas) again this week. 

For the Super Bowl party Ben and I are hosting I made a *hopefully* amazing jalapeño popper dip with Neufchâtel, 0% fat greek yogurt, sharp cheddar cheese, fresh jalapeños, and some panko bread crumbs. While I seriously love mayo and sour cream I try to make my dips like I would make the rest of the food I eat so I don’t feel guilty. I also made BBQ steak tip chili (all the fat drained and plenty of hidden veggies) and pull apart Cheesy Bacon Ranch Bread (this is the indulgence). Ben is making nachos and the famous queso recipe passed down in the percussion studio. 

I found a very interesting photo with a statistic stating that if you eat home cooked meals 5 times a week you increase your life expectancy by a decade. I’m curious about the other things that affect this stat, but it’s very encouraging because it doesn’t say eat clean, paleo, gluten free, Atkins, or any other specific diet. It just implies that homemade, semi-healthy meals are always going to be better for you in the long run than the mass amounts of sodium, processed fats, engineered ingredients, and unknown additions that are in the food you could eat while out. I like this because I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule and clean eating, but it means that what may matter the most is that I prepare almost all the food I eat myself in my own kitchen where I can control the ingredients – that has to be even better for me since it’s roughly 24 out of the 28 meals I eat in a week…right? 




I’ve found that the best way to eat at home (and save money) is by meal planning. I think meal planning is an amazing thing and it has totally changed how I approach cooking, grocery shopping, and food in general. 



Yesterday I got in a nice 6 mile run which made me feel a lot better about the half marathon I have coming up in March – I’m hoping they release the new race course soon so I can start running the hills of the course during my long runs! 

Mileage – Rest day! 

QOD – You are what you eat. 



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