Spaghetti Squash and Shrimp Recipe…and eighth blackbird!!!!

So tonight I tried spaghetti squash for the second time. The first time was many years ago at a friend’s house and it was made with a traditional spaghetti sauce, which is totally not my thing. It was probably really delicious because that friend’s mom is a great cook, but since I don’t like normal spaghetti I just kinda disregarded spaghetti squash until a few days ago. 

I was reading posts on PopSugar Fitness and I stumbled across this article with a recipe for spaghetti squash with shrimp and white sauce. “HOLD UP” I thought to myself and instantly saved the page because I knew it was something I needed to try. So this week I decided to try this whole squash thing again. I’m a serious pasta addict lover fan and think it is the perfect vehicle for veggies, sauce, meat, seafood, basically anything. I mean…look at all these options!!!

But I digress, I’ve recently tried to stop eating a lot of carbs for dinner, even some of my favorite complex carbs, because it tends to keep me up and give me crazy dreams…or nightmares. I also hate going to bed feeling bloated, so I’ve been sticking to small portions of brown rice, quinoa, or no carbs at all. Spaghetti squash seemed like a great option and I think I’ve found a new veggie based favorite! 

I didn’t follow the recipe in the link very thoroughly, but since I didn’t know how to cook spaghetti squash I followed those directions and think it came out great. I did roast the shrimp however I didn’t think they infused much flavor so I’d probably sauté them my usual way next time. I made a sauce: 
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice 
3-4 tbsp white wine 
2 cloves of garlic, minced
salt, to taste  
This is easily my favorite sauce for shrimp and pasta so I figured if anything could make me like spaghetti squash it would be that sauce and it worked!!! I made two servings, one is for my lunch tomorrow, and have another squash for dinner on my solo dinner nights next week. Ben isn’t a fan of spaghetti squash – which is totally fine because I’ve converted him to eating whole grain and complex carbs on the nights we eat together so I have a new dish that can be my thing. 

Tonight I’m headed to the gym for an elliptical workout and speed training on the treadmill. I was up later than usual last night (so I switched my CrossFit to tomorrow afternoon) because I was hanging with friends and the AWESOME members of eighth blackbird after their performance on campus. The concert was unreal, truly phenomenal music, and the musicians are super cool people. If you don’t know eighth blackbird, they are a chamber group that performs new music – and they’ve won 3 Grammys. If you want to check out some of their music they have partial recordings on their website or many of the recordings are on iTunes. My introduction to the group was through hearing Steve Reich’s Double Sextet which won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2009 and I’ve been a fan ever since. I encourage everyone to check them out and open their musical world a little bit! 

Mileage – 45 min elliptical intervals, 15 min speed training, abs, yoga 

QOD – After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. 


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