Yoga Recovery and Soup Sensations!

Yesterday at CrossFit we did a fair amount of heavy back squats, squat cleans, and rowing but there was one move that KILLED my legs, front rack lunges. We did 3 rounds of 14-20 front rack lunges, I only had 55lbs and it was a brutal welcome back to CrossFit. I knew it was going to be rough this morning so I stretched out and foam rolled a bit last night before bed, but that did not help as much as I hoped. It was brutal today, my quads, glutes, and hamstrings are seriously sore today. I guess I need to spend more time on lunges on my own, I’m a big fan of squats but I don’t always balance it out so this workout may have been a little bit of karma. I was going to run today, but figured I’d recover and I’ll run on my usual off day of Friday instead. This is how I felt after yesterday’s WOD coinciding with the first day of classes:

Last night I finally went grocery shopping and started my cooking for the week and let me tell you, this new tomato basil recipe that I decided to try is AMAZING. It is on GimmeSomeOven and it is…wow. I did not use the onions since I’m allergic and I STILL think it is fabulous. I definitely recommend seasoning with salt – but the flavors are just perfect. I would most definitely make a double or triple batch of this next time just to have some soup on hand. I can’t rave about it enough! Tonight is Ben’s first time trying the Spicy Korean Beef/Turkey which has already been taste tested by my family so it should go over well. I “splurged” a little bit and we’re having salmon on Saturday; being from the east coast Ben and I are both huge fans of seafood but good quality fish and shellfish can be hard to find/expensive in central Texas. Luckily the salmon fillets were on sale and it costs virtually nothing to give them amazing flavor – lemon, butter, capers, dash of white wine all bundled up in foil and BOOM! delicious salmon. 

This is the yoga video I use sometimes when recovering – HERE. The reason I like their page is because the videos are usually less than 30 minutes in length and they have yoga for all sorts of people and needs (even hangovers?). It’s great to do in addition too some of my other favorite yoga poses like pigeon or double pigeon which I will add on at the end. BUT SOON hopefully I could be taking yoga at the new yoga bar that is going in next to the CrossFit gym where I work out! 

Mileage – Yoga, foam roll 

QOD – No pain, no gain. 




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