Sunday Grubday! Clean Eating Recipe Links Galore!

Today I am meal planning for the next TWO weeks. Yes… two weeks. This semester is going to be insane and so to get myself ahead of the game and back into good habits I am meal planning way in advance and doing one large shopping trip. I’ll probably only have to run to the store to grab bananas and some lettuce. I am using 3 main sources to meal plan this time around and the goal is for everything to be CLEAN. 

Many of the recipes I post on here are clean; some are not, because I am also a huge lover of 3 ingredient/crockpot meals since I am indeed a poor grad student. So here is a quick overview of what clean eating is: 

I try to keep to this most of the time, however I am notorious for hoarding frozen vegetables which save me at the end of the semester when I have nothing but brown rice and frozen veggies in my freezer. My main source for clean eating recipes has always been The Gracious Pantry. I also have a Pintrest board full of clean eating recipes and for Christmas I received Giada de Laurentiis’s new book “Giada’s Feel Good Food” which has AMAZING recipes I cannot wait to try. Thankfully my boyfriend Ben is an amazing guinea pig and will try anything I cook for him which is great since we usually eat together 4 nights out of the week – most recipes don’t go up on the blog unless they are “Ben approved.”

This week I’ll be pulling out some old favorite because I already have most of the ingredients in my kitchen and they are quick or have limited hands on time. Some of the meals are:
– Breakfast Bread
Korean Beef (for this recipe I use lean ground turkey, I prefer less sweet so less than 1/4 cup brown sugar OR honey, and I serve it over brown rice and broccoli) 
Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas (to clean this up I mix up my own fajita seasoning and make corn tortillas myself!) 

Mileage – Rest, Foam Roll 

QOD – Food is the most abused anxiety drug, exercise is the most unused antidepressant. 





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