At Home Workouts!

So it’s been chilly freezing cold the past few days – in case you didn’t notice – and that seriously decreases most people’s workout motivation. I love running in the cold, but not 2 degrees cold. In all honesty I didn’t pack enough of my cold gear to withstand these temperatures. So I’ve been going to the gym with my mom when I can OR I’ve been cramming in my workouts at home.

On Saturday my family drove up to Philly to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art so I didn’t have the time to go to the gym before we left. Instead I walked the dog early, did jumping jacks, and this quick but brutal CrossFit inspired workout:

Today, I don’t have a car and it is still less than 10 degrees outside, so I decided to try another CrossFit at home workout. This one I LOVE and it is a little more intense then the one above.

I love these kinds of workouts because I can do them in my apartment if it is too cold or too hot, or if I just don’t have the time for a full-blown workout or run but still want to get my heart rate going/work my muscles. I have a board of these workouts as well as some cool “One Song” workouts on my FITNESS pintrest board if you want to check them out! Workouts like the Feisty 50 and other body weight exercises are a great way to track progress too. Just time yourself doing the Feisty 50, keep up the hard work for a month, then do the Feisty 50 again in a month and see if your time has improved! 

Mileage – CrossFit Circuit, foam roller 

QOD – Nothing burns like the cold. 



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