What it is like Working at a Gym on the Eve of Resolutions!

I have worked New Year’s Eve at my gym for 8 years now. Every year is almost exactly the same. 

Nearly every face is recognizable, all the regulars come in even if that might be their regular day off. The gym closes early, so all the night regulars join the morning and afternoon crew. The usuals gather around the coffee machine for what might be the last time for a few weeks as they will soon be crowded out by the new folk. 

There is a smattering of holiday guests still coming in with family members or parents bringing elementary school children to the pool to exhaust the children’s excess energy, but for the most part I know every face because I have worked here for 8 years. I often see friends from high school, families I used to babysit for, and long time family friends. In the coming days I will be surrounded by a sea of new faces. 

Some of the new faces come in today to buy a membership for tomorrow. 

Every class was full this morning, with a wait list a mile long. People who usually do their own workout are off of work today and get the chance to take classes again – this causes a commotion behind the front desk. I enjoy avoiding this fiasco because I am a “housekeeper” today. The people who don’t make it into their class may be annoyed today but they will always come back; they are regulars and know this is an exception to the rule. Next week the new crowd will not come back when 1 thing goes wrong because they don’t know any better – they will find another “better” gym they say (I always doubt this). 

This afternoon there are dozens of children running around, parents leaving it up to employees to chase around the children who are still damp from their post pool time shower. The parents will not supervise them at all times, despite what we ask of them.

Tomorrow will be like this – but 10x worse – it will be insane. I will not work tomorrow. I will go on a run to the gym, witness the insanity while I sip my water, and then run home. It will be glorious. 

Mileage – 3 miles

QOD – Success is often achieved by those who don’t know failure is inevitable.



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