Post Christmas Work-Out

I love coming to the beach during the off-season because the gym is pretty quiet and I can do whatever I want for a workout and I don’t have to fight anyone for equipment. Today I did a little bit of everything! Tomorrow Mama and I are doing Zumba with our favorite teacher and on Saturday Pete, Dad, and I are running the Surfin’ Snowman 2-miler (Dad claims he wouldn’t survive the 5 miler, I disagree). The beach is our family’s “happy place” – not that home isn’t a happy place, but it is a great place to unwind and spend quality time together in our small place and forget the stress of work and home and everything else. 

My workout today looked like this: 

50% of 1RM – 2 sets of 5
60% – 2 sets of 4 
70% – 2 sets of 3 
80% – 2 sets of 2
85% – 2 sets of 1 
90% – 1 rep 

Wallball Throws 
5 sets of 10 @ 8 lbs (It is the heaviest weight they have there) 

15 second hold 
30 second hold 
45 second hold 
30 second hold
15 second hold 
(I’m getting ever closer to my first handstand push-up HOORAY) 

And I finished off with some planks! 

Being home for the holidays has been amazing! I’ll post more tomorrow! 

Mileage – Lifting

QOD – Don’t stop believin’





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