Finals Friday! (with 2 recipes!)

I know I promised a delicious recipe last week…and now I have TWO for you guys. Both are healthy and pretty dang delicious. The first one that I originally promised is – Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce. 

 Yes you read that right.  Alfredo sauce MADE OUT OF CAULIFLOWER.  My mother will tell anyone about my bizarre childhood (and somewhat to this day) dislike of tomato sauce. I didn’t like spaghetti, I have and never will like lasagna, and even red pizza sauce isn’t my jam. So when I discovered Alfredo – it was love at first taste. However it’s one of the worst foods on the planet for you made with massive amounts of oil, heavy cream, and butter. I found this way healthier recipe on Pintrest and waited ages to try it. I tried it last Friday and it was a hit. It was filling, delicious, and made almost too many leftovers. 
HERE is the recipe for the sauce. 
I topped my Fettucine Alfredo with some Italian seasoned chicken breast chunks and it was perfect. I did have a few issues which I will mention:
  1. Do not burn the garlic or brown the butter too much, it will discolor the sauce. 
  2. I had no idea how to chop cauliflower (I’d never worked with it before)  
  3. It didn’t all fit in my blender in one go. 
  4. My kitchen smelled like cauliflower for a week. 


This recipe is right up my alley. I love crockpot meals – especially ones with so few ingredients. 
1 sweet onion (chopped)
2 green peppers (sliced) 
1-2lbs chicken breasts or breast tenders 
3/4 cup salsa (I used spicy tomatillo) 
2 TBS butter 
1 packet fajita seasoning 
I layered 1 TBS of butter and the onion on the bottom, then the 2nd TBS of butter and the green peppers – which looked like this: 
Then I put the chicken on top and covered it with the fajita seasoning and salsa – which looked like this: 
I cooked it on high for about 4-5 hours and then shredded the chicken with a fork and BOOM chicken fajita deliciousnesssss. 
Just throw the chicken, veggies, extra salsa, and whatever toppings you would like in a tortilla and you’re ready to go. The meat would taste amazing on a salad too. 
Yesterday night Ben and I went for a run and he noticed at one point while he was behind me (which is almost never) that when I’m running slower, I move my torso and it probably wastes energy. So now I have a new form concept to work on while I’m running! 
Also while Ben and I were running we got behind a gaggle of girls jogging together (2 of them were clearly runners, 2 were not) and we watched a girl run into a sign. I’m not going to lie it was pretty hilarious. 
Today I turned my Power Clean 1 rep max into a 2 rep max! Alas I couldn’t quite get to a new 1 RM in the allotted time, but I was close… I’ll get it next time. 
1 final tonight, 1 final Monday and then I will be officially halfway done my Master’s degrees. Uhm what? 
Mileage – CrossFit, foam roll 
QOD – Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. 

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