The Injury Break is OVER.

Yesterday I ended my self-imposed 2 week break for knee pain and a toe injury. I cancelled my CrossFit for the last 2 weeks and didn’t go running. This was a little difficult for me to do and it actually leaves me feeling way more tired then usual, but my toe feels totally normal and my knee pain is gone. 

I decided to go with an elliptical and kettle bell workout for my first 2 days back. The elliptical is easier on my knees but I still get my heart rate going, plus I always do intervals on the elliptical which is great speed training, and the kettle bell is a full body workout. I usually use two different weights in a kettle bell workout – 15 lbs and 35 lbs. The lighter weight I will do more reps per set, while the heavier weight will be 8-10 rep sets which are integrated with squats, lunges, and calf raises. 

I plan on doing a short run and A LOT of foam rolling tomorrow morning. I’m going to be doing CrossFit 3x a week instead of 2x for the next 2 weeks to use the classes I cancelled for injuries  – this will be a new experience so I’m looking forward to seeing if I can handle it haha. 

Thanks to the injuries I’ve decided against running the full Miracle Match Marathon in January. However I can run the half-marathon or 10k instead! I haven’t decided which distance I’ll run but I’ve also still got the Bearathon (which is a half) in March – so I still have a lot of running to do! 

Now that I’m off “bed rest” and the semester is winding down be on the look out for lots of recipes and workouts! 

Mileage – Elliptical Intervals, Kettle Bell, Foam Rolling 

QOD – “Injury taught me I need to learn how to face challenges.”







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