Sorbet, Sprints, and Splits.

Even though it’s gotten a little bit cooler – aka September weather by my native Mid-Atlantic standards – Ben and I still love to get froyo. We are big fans of froyo and our favorite place does buy one get one free nights. But I wanted to limit myself on the candy toppings (and we’re kinda both poor college students) so I decided to blend some recipes together to come up with a fruit sorbet recipe for Ben and I to eat at home. This plan became an option since my parents bought me an awesome new blender! 

Some of the original recipes I looked at called for an ice cream maker, agave nectar, honey or maple syrup, or fresh berries. So I am “Frankenstein-ing” a group of recipes into one recipe that works for us! 
Raspberry Banana Sorbet 
1 container vanilla greek yogurt (0% fat) 
2 ripe bananas (in chunks)
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 cups raspberries 

Blend ingredients together and stick in the freezer for a few hours and you’re all set! Of course you can use any berries you like – I bet strawberries, banana and lime juice, with lime yogurt even, would be delicious!! 

Here’s what we’ll be trying this weekend! 

Yesterday at CrossFit we did like the perfect workout for a runner like myself – a decent paced runner trying to get faster – and it was killer. Like most days, I toned down the weight and reps for the strength portion, but did the maximum cardio option. I try to do that because it works my heart and I know I would be cheating myself if I ran or rowed a shorter distance just because the max weight of the strength portion was too heavy for me. The workout was an 800 meter run, 21 or 15 power cleans, and then subtracting 200 meters and 3 power cleans for 2 more cycles. I finished in under 14 minutes, which was my goal, and I was primarily watching the clock for my sprints. I definitely was a little fast out of the gate on my 800 but it pushed me and speed/sprints is something I NEED to do more often if my distance times are ever going to get faster. 
We did clean & jerks and snatches both days this week during the strength portion of the workouts , which meant I spent a lot down in a squat and my legs are definitely feeling it. I spent yesterday afternoon in some looonggg poses stretching everything out. I will also be doing that tonight on my day off. I’ve also been working on the yoga poses (below) for splits because I someday dream of doing a split. I couldn’t even do one as a child when I was in dance, so I’m not sure what makes me think I can now in my mid 20’s but…hey, a girl can try, plus they’re all still great stretches. 

Anyone have any good sprint workouts they could recommend?! 

Mileage – Yoooooga 

QOD – Strength of mind is exercise, not rest. 

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