Rain Running and Other Badass Activities

I totally forgot to mention yesterday that I joined Run Eat Repeat’s Pile on the Miles challenge for November. I set my goal pretty low considering I’m starting marathon training, 40 miles this month (haha yes I know I will run more than that), but I figured I should aim for something I know I can achieve. Plus it gives me a reason to run over Thanksgiving break, when I KNOW I will be eating a ton of delicious foods. 
I also forgot to mention my training schedule still involves CrossFit every Tuesday & Thursday at the crack of dawn, of course. Even better, not only did I get INTO a handstand at CrossFit but I managed to hold it for 40 seconds last week. It was pretty awesome for me….won’t lie. And there is some great evidence as to why CrossFit can really help runners, read about it HERE! 
Yesterday it was drizzling during the morning run and I must say, this photo is totally right. 
 I feel SO bad ass when I’m running in the rain. Thankfully it was only a light drizzle really, because when I opened my front door it sounded AWFUL. But it wasn’t that miserable in the end. It was however my first run (other than sprints in CrossFit) since the race and there was a fleeting moment where I thought to myself “Holy crap, I ran 13 miles? Why? This is miserable” followed by “Get it together, you’ve got less than 12 weeks to get your butt ready for 26.2” And yes, I frequently have conversations with myself in my head. Actually somewhere around this time Ben was telling me things and goes “Don’t worry, you don’t have to talk”….guess I looked like I was struggling. 
Not sure what my long run will entail on Saturday. I’m thinking 6 might be a  good re-building point. Depends on how my poor legs feel. After a stretch of only CrossFit and walking/biking, I think they are in shock today going back to the back-to-back run then CrossFit days. 
Mileage – CrossFit, yoga 
QOD – Running is real and relatively simple…but it ain’t easy. 

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