Workout Wear

Sorry to my male readers, I don’t really have much advice or commentary on men’s workout wear (except protect your nipples on long runs, that just looks painful)! 

Today I made the terrible mistake of wearing a cotton t-shirt to CrossFit. Don’t get me wrong. In the winter or at an indoor gym with air conditioning I’m fine with my cotton tees, however running outside or working out in an open air gym in the muggy Texas weather makes cotton feel like the world’s worst material. By the time our warm up was over I had sweat completely through my shirt. 

I do enjoy wearing my race shirts in cooler weather, those shirts are not cotton and super comfy. But during the summer I prefer moisture wicking tank tops. My LuLu top is my favorite workout top ever, but alas I have to add to that collection VERY slowly with my limited budget. I also I have 1 Nike and 1 UnderArmor tank (with built-in bras) that I really like. However, those are also expensive. Has anyone found any workout tops in the broke-grad student budget range that they really like? 

When it comes to bottoms, I actually love Champion! I’m a huge fan of the line that is carried at Target! I have 2 pairs of their running capris and 3 of their running skirts. I also have a Nike skirt that I love. I’m a huge fan of running skirts and capris because they don’t ride up and I feel like I chafe MUCH less than in shorts. I also just hate those shorts with the built in underwear, they make me sweat more and almost feel like I’m wearing a diaper some days? 

I’m still in the search for the perfect running bra. I also know it’s time to retire some of my sports bras that I’ve ashamedly had for years. One or two for maybe even a decade – SHAME I KNOW. 

Today’s workout was brutal with hanging clean squats, burpees, and power jumps at a sprint pace for 4 rounds. But it was good because I think it kicked my legs into gear. They’ve been so stiff from all the sitting in the pit I’ve done for the musical. Last night I managed to squeeze in a run after the show and it was MORE than worth it. I have 17 days until my first half of the season, I can’t totally throw away my taper. Looking forward to a longer run and a nice comfy recovery run this weekend, which is going to be great during some cooler weather! 

Mileage – CrossFit, yoga

QOD – No one ever drowned in sweat. 





2 thoughts on “Workout Wear

  1. I have recently found that Marshalls and TJ Maxx actually carry great moisture-wicking tanks that are really cute and comfortable, and really cheap. I bought several that I’m very happy with that were $10 each.
    I prefer wearing spandex shorts that go to mid-thigh or lower when I’m running in warm weather because they avoid chafing and feel the most comfortable to me. The trick is to find a good pair that don’t ride up- usually the kind with rubber around the edges of the leg holes. If you know of any like this that aren’t expensive let me know! I hate to pay $50 for one pair of shorts. I also desperately need good, super supportive running bras. So hard to find! As of now I exclusively wear this one sturdy style of Champion bras but I can’t find them anywhere anymore. Let me know if you discover another good brand.
    My final recommendation is Under Armor running socks. They seriously never deteriorate. I’ve had multiple pairs for about a decade (sad, I know), and they STILL don’t have any holes or worn patches, and are not stretched out/misshapen. They’re magic.

    • Ooooo good to know!!! I’ll have to check out Marshall’s here! Alas I have yet to find cheap running spandex shorts, but I’ll be on the look out. I’ve never tried Under Armor socks, I’ll have to look into those when I get back east. I have no doubt they are great quality.

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